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Kon'nichiwa minna-san!! Housoun-chan desu. :) A proud to be pinoy otaku. 13 years old. Second year highschool. Detective Conan fanatic and plan to be a detective in future. I REALLY LOVE THE ShinHo Couple. ♥ Hope ya 'cause i'm just new here. Umm. Not that newbie but this is my first time in Forum but I always open this page for the update for the released episodes of Detective Conan. Shinjitsu wa Itsumo Hitotsu! ^.^V

Please give me some advise. :)


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Welcome :)

ShinHo referring to ShinichixShiho? *begins plans to make you read my fanfics* *evil laugh*

Either way, welcome to DCW and I hope you enjoy your stay. Most people here seem to be staying here for over a year once they get active on the forums, so you might want to do that. And you could always read my AixConan/ShinichixShiho fics whether or not that's what you were referring to.. I'll stop now >3>''

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I have brought the Welcome Wagon~! *a hearse pulls up*

.... Uh, it's- the only one they had ^^"

Well, enjoy the randomness, mystery, and daily murder I mean, uh... yeah, have fun.... ^^"

*POKES* :3 See ya~! *hops in the hearse and leaves quickly*

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