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Who was the 1st person you talk to on DCW???

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The first to welcome me was Pyre.I even nicknamed her as Yamamura-Kebu xD and the the first person I talked to was Edogawa-kun.

My username before was Edogawa-Kun1430. :P

Wait, didn't i talked to you first before Pyre did?

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I think it was in the Forum Games section to Mohorovicic... We had this huge argument on being "specific" and then... yeah xD


Huh...if we're talking about outside of our profiles...I have no idea. :V Don't remember who I held a conversation with first. Probably occurred in the Forum Games section though.

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here is the list.

the first person who welcoming me is Patronus Charm. followed by Nur M, Moonlight Magician, Aoi Nogami 1101, Metantei Kaitou Kid, Nobody, Spectra, kuroba kaitou, HalfAngel, Miwako smiles, Black Demon, Heiji1412, Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief, Lady Irene Adler, Southpaw, chiro, Manga 93, JiKudo, gabapple, Akakata, Cammy3131, Kid the Phantom Thief, Kiel - Number 1 Kiyokian, Aeyra, Stopwatch, Vi Graythorn, Hano, Forever Lost, ikg, heartlessghen, Maurice, Detective Rohit, Sayomi, Berumotto, Monsi, Mohorovicic, Chekhov MacGuffin, JoJoColman, Magic Kaitou, xXEdogawa-KunXx, IdentityUnknown, AiLoveConan, Anti-APTX4869, BK201, CarpetCrawler, conankoibito, Detective Kudo, Good Nazo no Kage, JustaL, Misaki-chan, Parkur, Vicha, Wildheart888, XxxMiss-AixxX, and the rest are in my friends list.

the 1st person i talked to on DCW was Metantei Kaitou Kid. i think

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