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Ang tahimik na ng site.. nakakamiss yung bago pa lang halos lahat na active dito xD Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga pinaggagawa(puro spam at pangaasar) ko dito lol. Anyway magandang umaga!

^Same here  :mellow:

Grabe,15 pa lang ako at napaka-immature nang una akong sumali sa site na to

Tapos ngayon malapit na akong mag-18 at malapit na ring maging ganap na guro.

Major milestone talaga sa buhay ko ang DCW. <3

How about you, guys? Kamusta?

Tao po! May tao pa ba rito? :)

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ahhh... the good ol'days.

btw i wanted to share something interesting.
i was at this 3-day anime con last weekend and i got to meet yamaguchi kappei-san. 
i got an autograph which is cool enough to get a thread of its own. i got to talk to him in very awkward japanese...lol. i also got to take a picture with him which was not easy for me because not only it cost me, i also ran all the way to the con just to get there on time but i have yet to see/have the picture... i was also at his 2 Q&A panels which was fun because i asked him a question unrelated to DC :PP...
but the best thing about meeting him was that i was able to handshake him 5 TIMES!!!!
anyway, here's what i got...






i forgot how to link a youtube video...


here it is anyway...



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Huy. Meron pa bang pilipino dito?

August pa ung last na post!

Kakasalinko lamg sa DCW at nahanap ko tong chatroom na 'to, pero tahimiiik.


P.S. Wala akong sinabing Pilipino ako!

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