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hey,guys! *carrying a platter of apple cinnamon muffins and cans of iced coffee & iced chocolate drinks

How's spring/ summer going for ya?

Hmmmm, how should I say this? Monsi-senpai was somewhat wrong about the second guy. He's a year and 4 months younger than me (i was born December 1997, he's August 1998), he's terrifyingly good in Math (he's a yearly quizzer and almost always wins up to the National-level),a top student and has an equally popular classmate who often tops their section and always sticks to him. For some reasons (history included), they've been classmates since kindergarten and until now, they're in the same class, only thing (or person) that gets in their way is none other than ME. Call me vain but I think that I'm nothing compared to the girl he likes. She's better than I am. I'm only good at smooth talking and feigning indifference towards the both of them, telling myself that I'm fine but I feel unhappy coz' the guy hated me and only toyed around me. I've almost broke down but a male friend of mine made me happy and helped me take my mind off those feelings that I try to bury down, hoping that they'd be happy with each other.

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there were not much talking going on in here ever since the active members started to die out... not to mention I'm on of them. But I will be active if I get more time in my hands.

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I just have nothing to say. =X

Then find something to Say :D

And @Cure-Kun

Imagine a world without language - It could b fun :D

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358 pages?! And I was at the founding... Geeez~ Well, hi peoples!

I guess I'm a technical graduate from this club.. but I made the logo and helped with starting it so I guess it'd only be right to stick around a bit... XDD

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