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  1. ...............................................hi
  2. i'm backk~~ ahh, it feels good to be back~ ^-^

    1. phantomlady1101


      Yes!!! Welcome back, sis!!! ^^

  3. g-dragon? ✓ yepp~~ u-kiss? ✓ i've heard one of their songs... t-ara? ✓ sure have~! Big bang? chyeahh~ big bang fan~ (Y)
  4. i won't be active for the next *two or three days*, cos i've got TONS of projects and they're all due the same day TT^TT so yea, see ya soon~!

  5. you have a cute profile picture~~! :)

  6. Our gringo was lucky and survived. On his way to the pub he met three aborigines. One made this statement: "We are all Swindlecants." The second one concluded: "Just one of us is an honest man." Who are they? is it that guy (the one i underlined) ? cos if he is the honest one, then he is stating that he saying that he is honest himself...
  7. YESH~ a taemin fan~ ♥ really? i think the rest are pretty good too~ going crazy-- by Song Ji Eun? yea, it's good [even though it's about some stalker ^-^]
  8. Nicee~ (y) some of the ones i listen to are: - girl's gen (SNSD) - SHINee [taeminn~ ♥ o ♥ ] - cn blue - the korean vers. super j. - t. o. p. - 2ne1 - beast - big bang - Song Ji Eun - taeyang and the list goes on... ^-^
  9. Yep~

    nice to meet ya too! :D

    how are you?? :3

  10. This topic is gonna be about K-POP~~ ♥ To all k-pop lovers out there, this is the topic for youu~ LOL, you can just post whatever you like on this topic (can be pictures, music, links, etc) so yea ^-^
  11. sunshine+light rain= rainboww ♥

    1. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Yea. I tried to create a huge one by throwing buckets of water out of my window...

    2. Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief

      ...oh... did I forget to mention I live in an apartment that time... and suddenly I heard someone shouting from downstairs... XD

    3. X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X


      ^ hahahahhah ^-^

      nicee (y)

  12. you keep double posting.. >.<

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