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  1. got an important exam soon! why, oh why am i on here? >.<

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Oh my.. Good luck!! >.<''

    2. Magic Katori

      Magic Katori

      You are here because you are in DCW XD

  2. So yeah, what are you doing? xD

    Besides of Detective Conan, do you watch the other animes? :)

  3. Sorry guys! I've got an exam coming up, so i won't be on. i'll come back soon~!

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    2. X-x-chyeah-Kaito-Kid-x-X
    3. Kid the Phantom Thief
    4. Detective Kyoko

      Detective Kyoko

      Bless you and hope you get a 100 . Dont stress or it will increase the chance to think you-ll fail and happen. you don't deserve to fail. if it was me 100 to everyone who came here.

  4. Nahh, it's fine~ :DDD

  5. You're welcome. Sorry for the late reply. :)

  6. suree~ mai-chan, nami-chan, sugar-chan, awesomeee (Y) anywayy, THANKS GUYS FOR THE WARM WELCOME :') <3
  7. You're welcome!

  8. Still, 24's really good! :D

    i have to go now D:

    goodnight~ :)

  9. Haha, thanks!! :D But, you should try to visit Officer Kaoko's profile, she's got a lot more than me!!! XD

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