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    DC poems

    Poem title: Gin's rock Author: artisticpoet Fandom: Detective Conan Character: Gin Summary: Gin prove his point he's a rock, but only rock vs him, he win. Word association: mob Genre: traditional poetry Disclaimer: I don't own characters. A/N: This website slipped out of my mind and shockingly depressed me realizing I have poems here. Anyone wanted to throw tv on me? I guess some does. This website allow old user return, and I had not read latest but figure DC had reach climax. Already? Sooner? Anyway, you're in Christmas treat, as I'm away so long. Bad me... I go for drink. I'm gonna take oldest word I hadn't cover, yuppers Russia Mafia- different alternate universe but same characters from DC Oh heck feck, just being annoyin' what you slacking, or Gin being rock Don't think Gin made of Russia as he- being Russian just want to mouth off- doing a favor, bite a bullet, spitting it What a life he had as Russian Gin, he breakneck, down to stupid pun of R.Roulette for any poker, just to win Am a mean badcore, ask anyone suck in up, born in America then ship to Japan Heritage go far to Russian Mob, Boss ask for Japanese style, annoy him up sky-high, Gin for badcore anyone ask for hitman he take the deal on but sulk wiv humiliation hit the floor fall- over rock.
  2. Miss Smiles

    DC poems

    Hi~ welcome to DCW. Haven't active nowadays but writing, and working.... it take me long. My apology. Hectic life. Have to find time coming here more as possible.
  3. XI A/N: actually I have plot in mind for this narrative poetry and often ran away. Want to create best, and.... totally drag, writing epic isn't easy. Being busy, and now come back, I have no intention to abandon, still working on this narrative! As detective's capture, and absence had them anxious, they had not rest, every moment of twenty four hours. Kogoro was busy, and Megure already traced and connecting dots. Two important cops, Satou and Takagi were not giving up, as they willing to work in team as supposed. Yusaku's appearance was not deceiving, meaning- he wasn't old to be actor, already have wife who was born actress. He sense, somehow, all will coming down... along with well connected friend, surely want evil's hide. The destination they were looking for, reminded survivor's hunt. A hope they were clinging, even faded dimly- but only one who was nearest, Vermouth, you thought, heartless she reminded of angelic girl, Ran, one who saved her. Pill to her now was sickening. Immortality mean no love but stir what keep The Organization going. Gin going to lose grip. She did what she going to do, out of character, pointing gun- when, Gin was resting, on sofa with eyes closed the moment, wanted it done.
  4. I won't repeat disclaimer, same thing! I don't own them. X It was Haibara's idea, of remembering Conan's shoe, that jolted her memory of their neighbor, was on their side, telling them he also was worried. Heiji was told by him, as she asked to be discharged. Doctor insisting she should stay overnight. She said "Have no wishes in the dark hide away from confrontation." She already resigned, after having long conversation with professor. Professor then took her home, but to rejoin by Saburu, they weren't alone, Haibara was still scared, with hand trembling. "I have many thing to say to you both..." he confessing as Heiji and boys looked apprehensive at him. Heiji and friends watched defensively but Shinichi's best friend won't let Saburu in easily. Professor told them Saburu was their ally. They looked at him with shock, and Saburu smiled, as he owe them explanation. He did. They later learn he had Conan's shoe was planted with bug, professor turned surprised of relevation being told but accepted his participation was essential to rescue their detective.
  5. In Sato's mind, really, do I have to restart introduction? I can't now as unable to reply this week it's going to be like reading thousand of tears jerky poems, no single words, shun aside like slamming door, it's what happen when try talk to friend here and best friend while relatives don't count as they have family and friend to confide when someone die... I'm that twitchy now when return learning of it which is nerve wracking. Continue on without me!
  6. If I don't know who give up, whether be, the moment I see her name is still in list, come in time to say happy belated birthday.

  7. happy belated birthday, I'm sorry for not showing up early! Saw you in my profile, it's hard to find good friend nowaday, if you're lazy to remove, but I'm grateful that I'm not forgotten. That's what I'm scared of. I hope on your birthday it's memorable, nice to see you again in profile, or else I don't know... good thing I drop by and want to say: Happy belated birthday!

    1. Tsukiko


      It's alright. I don't visit here much either. School is taking my time and I'm more sround DCTP nowadays.

      But thank you for the birthday wishes.

  8. I felt many don't understand will thought of first asking mods, I like your answer, as everyone like to have tutorial but thought it wasn't needed, suggesting ideas at suggestion thread. It already gone far that every new aware of what to ask for navigating, instead of writing guide and tutorial, Q&A is good idea of having common questions that bug staffers and get off their chest. Not saying asking question is bad thing but true nature of curiosity to get in right direction, do you feel you can navigate around with tips and answers? I also felt from start and never ask with benefit of doubt on first day I joined, can compile question and answers staffer given to member in the forum here?
  9. I know this is old thread but I like to revive as I can't duplicate title and newcomer has great minds. This thread can be for any wishes to start new topic since we can use existing thread. I'm not a mod, just like title. Can have Q&A compile together if one wishes to consult? If any one ask questions about wiki and forum, and don't think mod is receptionist; I just learn many changes and like to learn more instead asking questions, can have Q&As so any other newcomer won't make mistakes?
  10. If linger around, you'll turn inspector!
  11. He's my idol, he's the one who play Aladdin's genie who love crack jokes, an animation. I'll miss him.
  12. A/N: I had not read any latest manga so going to catch up soon, don't forget this narrative is complete AU! IX While investigation was still on twenty four hours, kidnapper kept on driving, planning not to let down his guard, but never thought of what next few days will bring. The place he heading to, first thing he do was to open boot to find his young captive, carrying him to headquarter where he put him on big table. Meanwhile, Vermouth found Gin, who didn't suspected was the one who killed Conan's first captor earlier, telling her kidnapping is last thing in mind, which pricked him of irritation as reason not to let it rest on his assumption. Gin figured on his own, realizing their boss also involved as well, suspecting Vermouth after a long conversation. They went to second headquarter, but Gin knew he was followed- she was behind him, as they on same route, she found on gunpoint, he played dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Interrupted by Vodka, who did not suspecting her much while Gin holding his reservation, bringing in authority. Action moved forward to ask their boss, when Heiji and friends picked up Agasa's laptop, that can traced to Conan's shoe as it was bug-planted.
  13. I got to stop feel like Rip van Winkie as I am for dropping out of DC world axis, get myself crash course how FBI and NCIS work, just realized Sera sound like NCIS federal cops.
  14. Hmm, we can have FBI involved, it's not BO, they had other things in mind. Two episode arc, Bourbon is invited by Sonoko, saw Shinichi-like but figured out it's different person. A murder happened, one of other high school teacher died. Sera showed up, did not being recognized as she often passed by, hover protectively around Conan, and Sera take credit but actually Conan already solved on his own.
  15. A/N: Urgh, I didn't forget this story! My mind is up to where the story leave open end for climax and rescuing, I hope I got numerals right, everything in future will be lot intense of this novel writing and poetry, everything will be coming down soon, it's totally new to me I'm getting into drift to have story up soon to satisfying end of contemporary poetry writing. IIX Everything is in haze, Haibara watched anxious faces but doctors did not take any moment asking detectives to leave, she had her round face buried under blanket as no one could see her either crying. She was fortunate, not kidnapped, but time did not spare what will happen to Conan, detectives knew they can't dawdle and delay. Time is now by Yusaku's side as he was now in plane which taken him away to homeland, frowning, while could not ask further aeroplane can sped up in bullet of light, would be helpful, when it landed, first thing he did, was taking taxi to his best friend scientist who was awaiting after receiving his call, Yusaku made call after exiting arrival check out. The police department finally picked up new lead, despite higher ranks asked them not to, she was told and head to tail Yusaku with curiosity, Takagi wonder why but did not questioned any more when told not to vying on Megure- he changed his mind joining to investigate off book. "Aware of spy, I'm not the one you seek for tip off." Satou looking up in wonder, as Megure vowed to take responsibility if investigation gone south.
  16. I enjoy reading it! Thank you for writing incredible poem.
  17. Hey there! Sorry for late reply.... consumed by RL

  18. Miss Smiles

    DC poems

    Poem title: Kogoro's bad encounter Author: artisticpoet/tzswei Fandom: Detective Conan Characters: Kogoro Summary: Kogoro dislike his life Word association: Strot Genre: irregular ballad Disclaimer: I don't own detective conan characters A/N: Hi, I haven't go online coming here, urgh, I have no excuses but in your mercy- Kogoro did not fare well. Strot Kogoro lazily into store with goofy smile may led you think he's up to no good. He paused, looked below at button on desk looked left and right for no reason, out of curiosity before pressing the button, with glee, finger on button- whacked, goes the board on chin For not discovering it's facade!! A/N: The store manager did say sorry afterwards because his assistant is actually murderer intending to unhinge him with hopeful thought he can make Kogoro dazed a moment.
  19. Actually he can act, he improved a lot. I'm looking forward to Capaldi, he's my respected idol. He play funny and quirky Leonardo Da Vinci, won awards for his quirks and sense of humor.
  20. I felt it is. How many of you had watch British modern show, Sherlock? It's just one type of interest Shinichi would love to watch. Did any one watch Cumberbatch's version?
  21. Blimey, they come out fast... o_O hello, I come back after long hiatus... *sweat roll down* I wish I have the patience translate them in one go, everything look exciting from 880 onwards.
  22. thank you Jenny. As every one is out of dangerous water, since this thread is created to bring attention, I know I wasn't a mod, but I want to bring up to every one when talking about. It is concern about internet and personal information safety. I have no problems every one is open up telling their sexuality, after we've gone through thick and skin understanding each other here, as adult I am going to put ground rule for every one to follow when every one is adapt to follow in debate form but I wasn't disallow freedom of speech, every one has entitled with right to defend or is open to say. No matter what every one say is true but it isn't right to be a troll incite any hatred or condemnation speech, I may reveal to prove point of this labelling Jenny said, I do really don't want to see much of label, stereotype, or bringing religion in, I expect all teenagers express maturity tackling this sensitive issue nicely instead inciting other few feel it's little unfair as some may feel uncomfortable to address worid is weird. Since mod isn't here, but as adult here I'm putting serious ground rule: Do not incite or provoke reaction no matter what you say it is right it make your inner self a troll unless you speak maturely of this topic. Thank you.
  23. Well, they are not forthcoming of who they are. Don't be mistaken why I defend my sexuality, that I told I'm heter-sexual and defend homo for no reason, because my story is deep and it concerns about my best friend long ago. I keep one eye shut, one eye open when figure out my best friend is not easy person, it take long time until I find out she's bisexual. I'm not having hard feelings saying all this, you have this right to judge any person should not be racist and I agree, but what make my life is difficult that person I once have a crush with is gay and my best friend turn out to be bisexual. If I ever is upset about, is when Akakata is so quick to think every one should hate, never give serious thought any one's life is that complicated and miserable, not really enjoy because some people think simply while there is complicated story if wrongly mistaken. My best friend stop contacting me because she boldly make a move on me in public while we are having dinner, if I was not ready, every one has their own shadow whether did they had terrible story. For my case, before I return homeland, I'm against for any one who likes to make fun or bully girls for their good looks. I'm one of the victim. You can judge, but if you're so against, they're happy for you to think that way, why I defending both sides because I choose to be bold want to fall in love and have my own family. I know I sound screw up. I'm openly said about it. What I don't enjoy much is last thing for one out of hundred may have complicated story and get misunderstanding for hating but it's not. In first few pages here few people admit they like same gender they don't get support from opposite sex. My old best friend any time can turn lesbian and if ever freak out it will be darkest fear for my looks, because I once told by a girl I look like a china doll. Do you know how few lives' can be disturbing if this continues on to issues you said? I know your words are not headed to me, I only speak out to those who unable to speak up when few has this troubles like me go through, your words can be little unfair. ADDED: I know your words are headed to racist people. My best friend, stop talking to me thinking I am while I'm not because I once is hurt by love of misfortune like victims hearing bully's words. I don't want to be misunderstood. I never be ready in love. It doesn't mean this kind of person is racist. Whether it's guy or gal, I'll still shrunk away, despite liking guy. Whatever Akakata feels I suddenly turn emphatic because I relate love is hard to catch.
  24. Hey Ren! You also with DCTP?

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