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  1. DTCP, a sub group compiled the main stories in the following pages: http://anime.dctp.ws/arcs.html http://anime.dctp.ws/category/story-releases/ So if you are missing something, then you can bold the necessary ones.
  2. IBYea

    Favorite pairings?

    To be frank, I think Ai and Conan have more things in common than Conan and Ran.While there are many factors which brings people together, one is commonality, believe it or not. Plus, I like the Ai character better, especially because it seems like the author bothered to develop her more than he did to Ran. Another reason I kind of don't like Conan's relationship with Ran is because of one of the cliches of romance I hate the most, that is, the whole childhood friendship thing. This device is a fantasy, probably something that makes people feel good, and while Detective Conan is a show mired with fantasy, the childhood friendship fantasy really grates me. Also, relationships are dynamic, and the roles that a character fills in the web of friendships and relationships are always shifting or morphing in some ways. And those changes are unconfortable, and probably it is the reason why people latch on to such devices. It just feels so much better if you were meant to be with someone, no matter the obstacle. But staying separated for such a long time ought to change things. Yeah yeah, I know, I am applying the realities and complexities of life to an enjoyable detective show for a general audiences of kids and teenagers that wasn't meant to be serious. It's just that when I examine works of fiction, the ones that confront such realities almost always turn to be more enjoyable and rewarding. And it can be done even in children's story, like Bridge to Terabithia, which was a movie that I really enjoyed. Yeah yeah, I know, I am just dragging on and on.
  3. Actually, I think he figures it out in the movie.
  4. I don't think Detective Conan is the best anime or anything, but it is addictive. Mystery is my second favorite genre, after sci-fi. So this show appealed to me. It is basically an entertaining way to pass my time. One thing I really wish that would happen for this show, though, is more character development. It is something these characters don't get enough of.
  5. @lashedcheek I do Kuk Sool Won, which is basically an agglomeration of Korean martial arts. And blogging, I do it to get people interested into science. If at least one person gets interested, then I am happy. Of course, I occasionally post random stuff on video games, piano, and rant on the many problems of society. @HxH Well, for math problem, trust me, none of the ones I do during free time is like the problems we do at school. The kind of problems I solve are, in my opinion, more fun, and it has more to do with proofs. Some are easy, and some are hard, it depends. As for the science lectures, I am not talking just about college lectures, although I enjoy some of them. There are other talks on new discoveries and things that basically change one's perspective on how the world works, basically. Those are the kind I like. As for school, I have found math and science class mostly boring, so...
  6. Let's see -Read: magazines, books, blogs -blogging -martial arts -TV shows -solve interesting math problems -watch science lectures online -video games -occasional skywatching -hang out with my brother, sister, friends -piano
  7. Because there are many gramatical and lexical similarities between Korean and Japanese, I have been able to pick up more than an English speaking person usually would, I guess. Of course, that is still not much.
  8. Say... This page http://azfansubs.ucoz.net/news/2009-06-23-45 is subbing some missing episodes from the early 200, so you should watch for that.
  9. In ep 221, Heiji's mother is introduced (and is he moving temporarily? he brought a bunch of luggages). Hey, by the way, wasn't Sato's first appearance in ep 130 of the Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case, with official introduction in Metropolitan Detective Love Story ep 146 along with Shiratori? Also, with a bit of research, I found out Takagi is introduced in ep 21: On location tv drama murder.
  10. These are more of character development episodes, but I will mention them just in case. Ep 217-218 Meguri's Locked Away Secret: Explains why he wears his hat. (yeah, 218 is not available, but I know Spanish, so I had to watch it in a Spanish dub) Ep 212-213 Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detectives: Mitsuhiko likes Ai!
  11. @la vanille Cool, you are learning Korean! I am a Korean, so I know the language myself somewhat. Well, somewhat because I don't use it a lot so my Korean is really rusty. Anyways, what do you think of it?
  12. Just saying, I accidentally submitted videos from another episode in ep 195, and in 192, instead of submitting part 3, I submitted part 1 of the next episode. Just a few pointers.
  13. For some reason, I feel like Sonoko's first love is a milestone (ep 153: Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story) Plus, it seems long term, since he appears in another episode.
  14. Ep 162: Sealed Chamber in the Sky because it is Shinichi's first case ever.
  15. Talk about worst nightmare ever. Having to grow up into a teenager again, redoing elementary school gruntwork, establishing a different life and identity, cutting relations with the people he knew (what I mean by this is that he had to establish himself in a different role in their lives), abandoning his childhood friend, Ayumi still having a crush on him (it is still 10 years of difference in age, you know), and an overall blow to his ego (and poor Ai having similar problems, including guilt in having been the cause of the problem)... It just sucks all around. And poor attention deficient Shinichi, Hattori overran his spotlight. Overall, I thought it was an interesting examination of the future if Shinichi and Ai didn't succeed in getting the cure. Although the part of Ran wating that long was unrealistic, but hey, it was a dream, which in part was supposed to show Shinichi's fears and desire. Plus, dreams have a knack for being incredibly inconsistent. What I am thinking of, though, is that if he found out he could never go back as Shinichi, he would probably find a way to make others think he is dead, or something like that because in his thought, it would be selfish of him to make everyone wait forever or reveal his ID just so that the syndicate can get them. Other than that, I wonder how things would be with people who knows his identity: Agasa, Hattori, and his parents, when they learn that he could never go back to his old self again.
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