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  1. hi! nice to meet you :)

  2. I was just joking. I think that Sera, though, is the 2nd prettiest girl in DC. Like Sonoko said, she is very petite, and her look is... a little unique. (In the times when she isn't drawn to look too much like Sato. )
  3. Ai, Yukiko, Sato, and Sera. As for the second list, Minerva, and of course onii-chan (parkur) who's a pwetty pwincess.
  4. Uh... okay, guys... I know that Gosho said that 'that person' was only mentioned in passing, but... I've just got finished watching 187, and you know how at the very end of the episodes there's that picture and then you hear the charas saying something funny/and/or relevant to the case? Well, after this case starts the 'Desperate Revival Arc' and Genta says something very weird... "If you watch all of it, you'll be able to meet that person." I'm confused. Does Genta mean Shinichi, or The Boss? (And sorry if this is off-topic, I just figured that this would be the right place to put it rather than making a whole new other topic. ^^')
  5. Hm... so, by the looks of things, Okiya is in this case, and seems to be taking Agasa's place. Also, more Haibara. Yay! And why does this thread say 809-81? I'm pretty sure that it won't be lasting 72 chapters.
  6. This <3 And you just earned yourself another watcher, madeline.
  7. Oh... okay... Well, then, let's all research through all the volumes to see who was mentioned in passing! (This is a joke. Sort of. Don't do this. But if you do, I'll love ya forever.) .... Ah, man. What if it's Shiho's dad? O.o
  8. After thinking all of this over, I came up with a theory... So, Gosho has hinted that Anokata has appeared in the early volumes, right? (Remember, the series was probably going to be around 8-10 volumes originally) and I think that there's another reason other than to have background info on the suspects in the regular cases. What I'm saying is, that the suspects from the past cases- not the ones who turned out to be the culprit- are still suspects. For one thing. Anokata.
  9. Goodness. I hate suicide so much. And the sad thing is, it's happening so much lately.

  10. Thinking about giving Madoka a chance again, since it's on CR... but I dunno. O.o

  11. The voice-changing bowtie. That thing is friggin' awesome.
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