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  1. We really need to read a summary and your brilliant deductions every week!
  2. Hi! I can't really say welcome to DCW since you joined before me...

    *smiles anyways*


  3. Gort

    Black Organization's true plan

    I agree, and also the software thing must be about save a mind into a computer.
  4. Gort


    I believe Okiya Subaru is Akai, and He is Bourbon too! Scar Akai is someone else, like Calvados or Anokata
  5. Gort

    Akai shuuichi vs. Vermouth

    Shuu > All Only Anokata would vote Vermouth
  6. Takagi character is weird, because we don't know anything about his past or his family. I guess he has some importance finding the truth. Takagi has access to conan's fingerprints (cell phone). With that information he must to find out, or he is really stupid or he has lack of curiosity.
  7. Gort

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    I thought that person is Mitsuhiko's mom... Anyway, he doesn't appears again.
  8. Gort


    I like that theory, but i think Bourbon is Akemi and Shiho's older brother. In that case the shocking face of Haibara when she listened the tapes from his mother make sense.
  9. Gort


    Hi! i 'm a new member in this awesome DC World I really love DC, and i hope to read a lot of theories about the plot :mrgreen: