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  2. Just waits for Next Podacast *nudge's CC*

    1. CarpetCrawler


      Currently working out some kinks. We'll figure out what we're gonna do and notify everyone ASAP.

  3. with others. But the BO pretend to be Town as well. (Town means everyone but BO) AFter night 1 it goes to Day 1. Most people dont have a day action but on the day's you can Lynch someone. So you send in your vote to the GM on who to lynch. Whoever gets the most votes to be lynched dies. When someone dies it says "Cheesus (Yuasku Kudo) has been lynched. YOu understand?

  4. http://forums.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=5764.0

    Link ^

    So. It starts on Night 1. Night 1 is the night where everyone can use their actions. You send in the actions to the GM when your ready before the time is up. The BO can Kill and Aptx at anytime. (Aptx means they have to know your role to use it and only get 3 If they get a kill with it they dont lose one.) Yea and so you try and ally...

  5. Youll get it fast.

    Im GM so ill explain.

    Show up on IRC between the start time and 1 hr before. 15 min to go ill use Random.org and pick a random number for people. Roles will be with numbers. So there will be approx 2-6 BO. Everyone gets a role (Last round i was Yuasku Kudo) Each role has different moves (Yusaku can use Deduct)

    See all the actions here


  6. Mafia <3

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    2. Cheesus


      no... DCTP. may come here

    3. tengaku squared
    4. IdentityUnknown


      Lol. Mafia is awesomeness. Remember when you tried to ally me when I was Anokata?

  7. Well you have to wait until next round :(

    My role is interesting :D

  8. You should play Mafia on DCTP.

  9. Cant make new thread at forum for General Questions :o

  10. The youtube channel is doin good. I Uploaded the newest episode as soon as released. Has like 800 views already :D Now its a matter of persistence with being first to upload ;)

  11. Well theres a lot of learning in it. :D

  12. You go on the IRC?

    Good work with the invation btw <3

  13. Thanks, its a way to attract members :D

  14. Hey so ive pretty much memorized Hiragana and the dakuten. I was reading a hirgana book (more like making it into romanji) and i was suprised on how fast i was translating it. So i just wanted to say THANK YOU KAOKO! (Now onto Katakana :D)

  15. You mean you were born before me?


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