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  1. Happy belated birthday! :D

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  3. Detective Conan has taught me quite a lot! Some of which I probably won't use in the real world. For example, I learned how to say the sponsor message thing that Conan says since you hear it most episodes! I've learned quite a few single words like the yes, no, hello kind of basic words. Then the ones for like Inspector, Officer, Detective and all of the -neechan, -kun endings (sorry, I'm not sure what the word is!) and who to use those for. Also from the crime part of the show I learned that locked room crimes even existed (I've lived a sheltered life ) and how to look at the details and how even if blood dries it tests positive with the luminol reaction. Another thing is that I learned to respect authority and I realized that people put themselves in danger just to save you and for your own well being. I know a lot of people who take that for granted. And some medical things that I can't really think of. I had no knowledge of Japan before this show and I didn't know that they had different accents depending on where they live like Tokyo vs. Osaka. And just to be cheesy, girl power exists! Ran and Kazuha can defend themselves and don't need any helping kicking the bad guys butts. There's many more things but I don't know if I could name them all! I got a new found love for Sherlock Holmes after discovering Detective Conan. I just really love this anime/manga. It's taught me to obey the law and that death should never be an option for a criminal, they deserve to be locked up and shouldn't be allowed to get out of it so easily.
  4. had a great day! Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

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    happy birthday!

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  8. "When I drop my toast, the buttered side hits the ground 100% of the time. When camping, I'm the first to get attacked by bugs. When everyone takes a picture, my eyes are always closed. I think God hates me." -Eisuke, episode 429 "Saliva can heal it instantly, right?" Conan "But we should put on a bandage just in case..." Ran (do it yourself) - Conan's thoughts. He says it to Eisuke, shoving the bandage in his face. ( from episode 430 where Eisuke cuts his finger and Conan sucks on it so Ran doesn't interact with him! ) "The right thing is... to have faith in life, until you're sure of death. That's what makes a great detective." -Koshimizu Natsuki, Episode 479 This one is a long one, but I liked it! "But why are there two different Yuki-onna stories?" Ran "It's because mothers tell them. The original Yuki-onna legend was used to caution people not to go out during snowstorms. When they tell the stories to their children, they sympathize with the Yuki-onna, and little by little they change the way they tell them. That's why the original story where making the exchange for the silver gown leads to death changed into the story where she returns to the snow without taking his soul. That's why there are a lot of Yuki-onna stories that are sad and seem real." Shinichi, Episode 490
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