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  1. True, i never post a comment, but i always read and i appreciate ur effort!
  2. I have to say thank you for posting these, i usually dont post in the forum.
  3. I dont know if its only me, but sometimes when i reading im thinking "Im reading because i want to reach the end" more than enjoying...
  4. What you mean with "narrative and pacing"? Can u give some examples? I agree with you with the direction the series took after Kir introduction.
  5. It happens exactly the same to me. I am entertained by the cases, but I prefer the story to end, instead of continuing at this level.
  6. Yes, I saw on the wiki, but I remember a case of thief,s tunnel, Mitsuhiko speaks about it , and wanted to know if there was more...
  7. Hello, I would like to know the chapters in which appears a reference to Sherlock Holmes,beacuse I just finished reading all his books... THANKS
  8. mmm yeah .. also compare the 2 Eisuke scenes and also are a bit different .. (I had forgotten the last conans reaction in the anime!!) thank you!
  9. mmm it seems weird, because even fools the audience
  10. in the wiki, is the following sentence: "Conan notes the serial number is different which means that the police kept the original phone as evidence, and thus the plan was a success." but if you see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDPeI8KiWA4 ( 9:40) you are going to realize: conan is not happy, rather, he is sad and lowers his head and then answers to the guys in the best way to not display his sadness... i am right?
  11. in my opinion, happy borthday will be always the best
  12. I do not know if I am the only one, but I hate all the chapters are: "the tour ..." and have 2 parts, like 640-641, 594-595
  13. in episode 497, after reading Akemi´s message, Conan appears and says, "You Were Just thinking maybe, Exactly what I am" to Akai. Did he tell his truth? Does anyone know?
  14. hey how are you

  15. yeah i know, but i meant kaito kuroba
  16. in my childhood in Argentina, I saw the episodes ... dubbing really was bad enough, the only thing that caught was the fact that he was Detective Conan
  17. you have to substract 6 min of ope-end and the rest and the rest is the commercial
  18. I think the first 2 are the best (opening and ending) also i like mysterious eyes!
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