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  1. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Okiya Subaru?

    i think okiya subaru is bourbon he is very supicious and is usually seen looking out the window to see conan doesn't seem like he is working with conan to expose or destory BO
  2. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    Now that I think about it I also think it is most unlikely, but I want to throw it into your mind that this is not the most unlikely to happen, it might happen, it is just not the most possible and is one of the least likely to happen I don't agree with the idea of Agasa being the boss of BO because he helps Shinchi so much, he also was like a father to Shinichi because when his father didn't take him places, Agasa did, why would Agasa want to hurt Shinchi, you could say Agasa could be acting dumb and friendly, but I think that the author wants him to be plain and simple so that the reader doesn't suspect what is coming, overall I do like Agasa how he creates those gadgets and helps Shinchi solve his crimes with information he feeds him via telephone or ear The best idea is definitly the idea of some never before seen character being the boss of BO
  3. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    well I know that all these theories all seem quite right and throwing another in doesn't help much, but sometimes I feel that some things are not quite right and the author is really pulling the strings maybe he wanted to trick people into believing they are good a double or triple agent isn't that far off is it? I understand the possiblility of the original kaito kido being the boss of BO, but what would be his point I like the idea of a completely different character that hasn't been talked about before
  4. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    what if the new character sera was the boss of BO since there was some discussion if I remember that was concerning Shuichi Akai being the boss of BO also in wiki they were talking about how Sera could be the younger sister of Shuichi Akai Just wondering
  5. Kaine-Sherlockian

    what the .. ?

    what is that about???? :?:
  6. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Ran vs Kazuha: Who do you think will win?

    Heiji and Kazuka are much stronger because if Kudo has nothing to kick with he can't really fight because he didn't learn and close combat skills just learned how to play soccer
  7. Kaine-Sherlockian

    What if conan aka jimmy or shinchii get caught by the BO

    I remember that in the Golden Apple case it said that sharon vineyard was learning acting from the same teacher Gin is probably going to kill Vermouth once he gets on the boss' favorite list and know about her relationship with helping Conan and not telling the organiztion about Kudo being Conan
  8. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Kaitou Kid (ONLY)

    I like watching Kaito do his tricks because it is amazing how he does it I wonder if he practices them beforehand so it is perfect??? :?:
  9. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Kogoro & Eri relationship

    Eri was a becoming a lawyer in the episode 472-473 when Conan was tell the class the story of Ran and Shinichi going on a mystery hunt that was meant for his dad
  10. Kaine-Sherlockian


    yeah he probably would and then Ran would take it away say he shouldn't have it
  11. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Best Way for Ran to Figure out Conan's Identity

    that idea is really good I would like this :shock:
  12. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Best Way for Ran to Figure out Conan's Identity

    It would be scary to see Ran threaten Agasa Shinichi needs to do it himself, I think that is what the story is leading up to
  13. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Kaitou Kid (ONLY)

    Kid is awesome I his tricks and he does seem like a detective he is the Gentleman Phantom Theif :grin:
  14. Kaine-Sherlockian

    Dr. Agasa & the Black Organization

    Maybe it is an FBI like James Black or Camel