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  1. Jewel

    happy birthday!!! :D

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Very nice avatar (:

    Of course it has my sweet kaito xP

    Hi,nice to meet ya (:

  4. Happy birthday! You're 21! Have fun!

  5. Hi, Hiko! I'm randomly going through people's profile pages...

  6. Really cool! When I draw her it's more like I have draw Kudo with long hair.
  7. Hiko

    Paintings. :]

    Awesome. Wish I can do something like that.
  8. Hiko

    My drawings :D

    Those are awesome drawings. Why can't I draw like that? :cry: I really like Haibara, Kaito Kid and Black Organization. You have a huge talent.
  9. I know how you did it. And you know what? That reminds me of Kaito Kid. He would have done something like that too (If he were a Detective Conan fan that is) Oh! And here is the proof I know how to did it.
  10. Hiko

    Your Movie 15

    I have a new idea. In the start of movie we have a scene of some little girl killing a Policeman. Then she turned back and voice is heard: - Sake. Anokata is furious. You have to give him a report. Immediately. - Nice to see you too Gin. (Irony. Of course.) I know that. I was waiting for a moment that there will be something to report. And that police guy was having some interesting things to say. I will made a full record of information I gathered and send it soon. - Good. "I still don't understand why did 7 years old brat will be on such a high position in Organization." (His thoughts.) - I'm Anokata's apprentice after all. See you Gin. Sake walk away and we have intro. Conan is blabbing about his stuff and friends. Intro ends. We have a scene of Conan walking home with Detective Boys. They are talking about Kamen Yaiba on live in park that will be next day. Of course they are making Conan come to. Conan has a strange dream that night. Little girl shotting at him while trying to run away. Then around the corner Gin is pointing his gun at girl and making a shot. Suddenly he wakes up. That day in class they have a new student. Conan makes scared face. It's girl from his dream! And she is very interested in Conan and Detective Boys. Conan thinks that she may have to do something with Organization. Ai is telling Conan that she can't be a shrunked member because they would have allready been dead. The six of them are going to the park at Kamen Yaiba show. Somebody is found dead while performing it. Little girl gives officers important clues about crime and it's solved. Conan is even more suspicious about her. Next day. At school girl seems to be really bored. Again Conan is getting really suspicious. Then we have an information about kids getting kidnapped from their schools. There is no connection between those kids. And what is weird they all are found next week and only thing they remember is a little girl asking them questions about a lot of things. But every child is describing her different. Suddenly the one to get kidnapped is Ai. Our prime suspect is new girl. When Ai isn't found next week Conan follow girl to the dark alley. Then she turn around and asked: - Why are you following me, Edogawa-kun? - It's you isn't it? The one who kidnapped Haibara? - Great conclusion. I understand you would like to get back your little scientist? - You... Who are you really? - Hahaha! Sake at your service. I'm a part of people you are calling as Black Organization. - So I was right. Why are you kidnapping children? - Oh! This will stop now. I have found both of you, Kudo-kun. - Have you allready told your Boss about me and her stucked like that? - I don't really wanna get killed you know? Where is your logic? Hello? I was poisoned by APTX too. Quite logical don't you think? Child wouldn't have guts to killed somebody. - You have told me that if they know you would have been killed. How so? You aren't nice welcomed as an adult? - Nope. I'm a CIA agent. Vermouth have get me into organization after she saw me shotting to the criminal. While talking none of them have seen some guy in black getting close to them. - So you are CIA Sake? This is just awesome! Thank you. Now I will kill both you and Kudo this will be just great. Guy is pointing gun at Sake and shot her. Bullet gets into her stomach. She get the gun out of her backpack and shots guy in head before he is killing Kudo. Conan runs to her and is trying to take her to the hospital. She refused saying: - No. They will kill me anyway. Gin would have been on cloud nine if he could. - Hey! Don't say like that. - Heh. Not giving up huh? Sherry is in Haido Hotel. Knocked Down by stun gun in basement. Keep coming after them Kudo. You are their Silver Bullet. - I can promise you that I will. SUBTITLES Of course all kidnapping case is longer. Same as murder at the park. It's just some random idea I came up with while watching Movie 13. There is also more crime and characters in it. This is just most important moments and characters. No romance in it for a change. I like it but not to much of that stuff! I prefer a lot of crimes. And after the subs: Conan is in basement of Hotel. He finds Ai waking up. - Haibara, are you alright? - Yes. At least I think so. Did you catch her Kudo-kun? - She's dead. Some guy from Black Organization killed her when he overheard that she's CIA agent. With lasts of her strength she shot him in her head. - Looks like we have lost our lead to them. - Yeah. But I have to fulfill my promise to her. "Some day I will reveal your existence to the world just you wait! All of you are going down next time we meet!" - Black Organization in the background and dramatic music. THE END
  11. There is high possibility that she is his mother. That's my opinion. But knowing Gosho Aoyama it's possible that Phantom Lady is... I don't know but somebody we don't suspect at all!
  12. Operation will be good. But with 99% of death. Sorry but I'm a bit dramatic. But in the end he will live and Ran will be his girlfriend. How about that?
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