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  1. hey u have another person with the same bday my IDOL Taylor Lautner!!!! i envy u dude;))

  2. hey u have a friend na kasabay ung bday ni Taylor Lautner!!! un lng:)) PS: taken na un Vermouth kaya Chianti na lng

  3. hey where do u live Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

  4. kasi i was reading some chapters in Onemanga then nakita ko si Chianti tapos nagustuhan ko cya dapat nga vermouth eh

  5. oh it's ur bday well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! sori if it's REALLY late! :))

  6. in Luzon eh... but ur place i know it's close to SM u can buy there

  7. i love ur story in Fan Fiction but how could u let Kogoro die?! no it's k Sleeping Kogoro Asleep 4ever how ironic

  8. hey Phantom Thief uzta bago na user ko nakita mu na b?

  9. Rachel: Courage is a word to give yourself strength to do what's right u shouldn't use it as an excuse to kill people for me that's my fave line
  10. ahhh... where do u live?? manila?

  11. yea i read an article about that on yahoo i think it's sad that they"re going bankrupt
  12. umm i think it will end in 2011 there's like 70 or 68 mangas i dont know yet
  13. wag ka maghanap xa National Bookstore look in FULLY BOOKED or COMIC ODYSSEY AND PLANET COMIX they always have Case Closed on stock :))

  14. haha pinoy ka pala :))

  15. hello welcome to dc :))

  16. nice about me page

  17. tnx! i had an old account though but i can't log in :))

  18. DUDE Chianti na ko d na ung phantom kid ahhh!!!! TEAM JACOB ROX!!!!

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