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  1. My most favorite is Secret of My Heart! Others are Tomorrow is the last time and Your Best Friend
  2. So the Train Mystery case just disappointed me >_>

  3. Hahahaha Ai and Mitsuhiko look cute together
  4. Trueee. I'm wishing Haibara to have her own happy ending too.
  5. Do you think Ran will have a role in the story?
  6. happy birthday!! :D

  7. Happy Birthday!!

  8. Sunnie

    Shinichi/Conan x Ran

    Yeah I know Gosho likes to tease a lot. But still, I'm looking forward to Ran's response which I badly hope there will be. Haha :grin:
  9. Sunnie

    Shinichi/Conan x Ran

    I'm still looking forward to Ran's response! Haha I'm excited, how I wish Shinichi will once again get his body back and then when they see each other, they will be reminded of that time in London. How I wish they'll talk about that!
  10. I went to the mall and all I see were couples everywhere..

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