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  1. Wonder who'll be last.
  2. Turns out I'm wrong. The 3rd Yusaku is probably just Kaitou Kid thanking Yusaku for saving him in a case.
  3. I too think there is only one Rum. The spoiler pics also showed three Yusakus (the real one, Yukiko in disguise and a mysterious one). I think the 3rd one is Akai or Amuro in disguise.
  4. I think it'll probably be released later in 2021, say September or October.
  5. Plus I wasn't expecting much from a movie done by Sakurai again, but yeah, there might be miracles.
  6. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrate. still active out there on the wiki.
  7. maybe this case: The Beauty, The Lies, and The Secrets (episode 826)
  8. America is not a country but I believe you mean United States? Anyways, welcome
  9. Welcome to the wiki then Twiggy Chenmae!!!
  10. I agree with you. I haven't seen Maurice or Chekhov since last year and Max hasn't been there for 3 years or so and the only one who comes from time to time is Skyechan but I only see him doing minor edits. We really need to change them...
  11. Welcome to DCW then or Salam Aleykum perhaps
  12. Well in fact, (in my opinion), it is about Heiji having told to Momiji that he'll later take her as his wife (the statement is kinda representing the letter and crimson is the color of love). Even if he does try to make it clear to Momiji that this statement was false because he in fact said ''Later, I'll be stronger'', it is still hinted he likes both of them (Kazuha and Momiji) and that it's difficult for him to make a choice.
  13. To answer why he didn't use the choker is because he already predicted Rei Furuya, Bourbon or Tooru Amuro will search to see if Subaru Okiya is Akai or a fake person since he already had suspicions on his activities and his passion for turtlenecks so he used the mask so when Rei (or Watsoever you call him) will move the turtleneck, he won't find out the choker and his suspicions will fall.
  14. Hey everybody! I don't know if you'd be able to help but I have a problem with the voice casts of Episodes 536, 602 and 627-628. I added the voice casts for these episodes but when I go on these pages, it doesn't show up the voice cast. I already asked Skyechan to do something but she (or he) is not replying. Thanks!
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