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  1. Intervencion

    Article of the month: March 2019

    March 1st, no? This year we'll be missing February but all other months will have a featured 6 more days to vote y'all!
  2. Intervencion

    Article of the month: March 2019

    Is new, yes. This way DCW users have more impact in the featuring, and it's more consistent (And anybody can do it! That's even better, it doesn't actually require administration :D)
  3. Intervencion

    Article of the month: March 2019

    Featured articles is not Articles of the month, hence the difference in naming.
  4. Make sure to vote in the next Article of the month poll! https://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan_Wiki:Article_of_the_month#Vote_for_the_Article_of_the_month_March_2019
  5. Intervencion

    Latest updates (2019-01-30)

    Yay, is back Thanks for the hard work
  6. Intervencion

    Where are the Wiki side Moderators?

    DCW needs new and active mods/admins :S Should take a look to the german wiki, which rotates admins and moderators when they're inactive
  7. Intervencion

    Hi, I'm Intervención

    Hi there. I finally decided to introduce myself here. I'm known as Intervención and I edit DCW from time to time. I've been watching Detective Conan since it was first aired here in Catalan. I'm from Barcelona, Spain. Cheers
  8. Intervencion

    Finances + Helping DCW :)

    I also want to help