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  1. Just caught up to this chapter. like the TL Notes said, why not a more hardcore drug? Unless they don't know of anything worse?
  2. Any known rom hacks/mods of any Detective Conan games or games edited to feature Detective Conan characters? One I noticed is from a few years ago: Ace Attorney X Detective Conan From the team PWLib. They have a discord but I'm not joining because I'm in enough channels.
  3. Catching up to Conan as it's my Detective Conan week. But if you're like me who is a reddit r/manga subreddit user, I'm currently following a lot of series. You can see a few on my MangaSyndicate twitter handle.
  4. Free donuts with a giftcard i obtain online
  5. Recently Nintendo won a 12million lawsuit towards a family providing free games online, making money via torrents. How do you guys feel about roms that a lot of companies refusing to release to their updated console and trying to sue others for distributing them for free?
  6. This is an anime lol, Yes Detective crime solving show that uses every day plot devices to kill someone but they still appeal to the younger audience, which apparently attracts a lot of bad situations that end up in a "Happily ever after relationship"
  7. GTA V and Super Smash Bros Brawl with Sonic the Hedgehog and Fox
  8. Buuuuut I've been on this website for years so lets sign up. KnightMare's the name, Detective Conan is to blame, been on him since I've seen a head get sliced off of a roller coaster Even Dedicated a Facebook and Twitter page to the whole thing, so I'm sorry if I steal some pictures , I won't claim them of course, not my style. So yeah, favorite character is actually Kid/Shin then Heiji then Conan, kind of a fan of the whole cocky iknowitall attitude if he can prove it. Lets see how long the show goes before we find out who the big boss is, kinda hope its not anyone he's really close to, I feel like that would be cheesy lol btw hi everyone lol
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