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  1. This x1000. I have not seen a lot of episodes with Shinichi in them as I am only on episode 352. I think I might have unintentionally skipped some of the episodes that feature Shinichi lol though I have seen some episodes where makes an appearance.
  2. I never really pay attention to the openings or endings though I really like the Detective Conan soundtrack. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi Ni is the only opening/ending to catch my attention so far. I have a tendency to skip endings and openings to animes though (unless it's sailor moon) but I am only midway into the series.
  3. I do not really have an OTP for this show, at least not yet. I'm rooting for ShinRan though since I am vapid and like the idea of childhood sweethearts even if it is overused I can understand why there are so many ConAi shippers though. I think it is easier to like Haibara because we know more about her personal life and she is a more tragic/complex character. Ran is... not the most interesting character and her main purpose is to serve as Conan's lady love. I do like Ran more than Haibara though, but that is mainly because I am not really into the kuudere type (or any dere for that matter). I do like it when Haibara shows her concern for Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Conan and Genta though
  4. I haven't gotten that far into Detective Conan. I am on episode 352 at the moment and I am also watching judiciously, skipping episodes every now and then because there are so many episodes and so little time. I do not know much about Gin (or Haibara for that matter) but I will give my 2 ยข anyway. I do not think they had a romantic relationship. I believe that If Gin loved her or harbored any strong feelings towards her he would not want to kill her... or he would at least be more hesitant? I think it is possible that he is obsessed with her, though that could be by virtue of her being a former BO member. I do not think it is a "crush" either because a crush implies romance and infatuation just at a more rudimentary level. Plus, I don't think Gin and Sherry were "lovey dovey" in that way. I ended up voting "something else" since I do not really know what I think overall lol! I do think that Gin made some sexual advancements though... but I cannot imagine him loving her or sherry loving him though it seems that even thinking about Gin has a traumatic effect on Sherry.
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