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  2. Hmmm nice hamster ....... •\\\\\\\\\•. Can I ask you some thing clover kite ?

  3. Ooohhh, you're here to bury the bodies? That's great!! They're out back, lemme know when you're done and I'll leave you a tip. 8D

  4. ...You're pretty easy to lead off subject. That's good. Means it'll be easier for me to hide the bodies.

  5. *dons Toad outfit*

    ... OK, so maybe this wasn't the best comeback costume.

    *dons Quicksilver costume*

    ... wait, Quicksilver is a douche.

    *dons Ant-Man costume*


  6. Nooooo. Lobotomy does bad things... and I am forgetful enough as it is D: *dons Magneto helmet for protection* >|

    ...Wait. This doesn't cover the eyes. o__o

  7. When my loyal fans, in tribute, decide to make fanart of me, how can I not show off to the world how beloved I am in this community? :D

    So anyway. Gab crazy. You straitjacket. Lobotomy time. Hop in. ;D

  8. Says the guy with a My Little Pony version of himself drawn by her repeated all over the back of his profile ;D

  9. D: D: D: D: D: OH NO!! She's really ruined your brain!! We have to force you back to normal!!

    Get the straitjacket!! :x Relax, Cloverkite, you won't even feel the lobotomy. ;D

  10. What if I don't want to be saved? D:

  11. Oh no, I see she's already brainwashed you. D: THERE'S STILL HOPE, WE CAN SAVE YOU~

  12. YES SHE IS, and I am incredibly lucky to have her as such! :D

  13. Gabapple is really your friend? OMG, I feel so sorry for you. D:

  14. eating! There's a zombie on your...
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