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  1. I'm doing alright. How are you? :)

  2. I'm fine. :) How are you?

  3. http://websunday.net/download/wallpaper/1101a_s.html LOOOOL. Seeing Conan like that just makes me think of A Christmas Story. (Conan could totally be Ralphie. xD;; )
  4. I'll be at Katsucon in Washington D.C. in February. Hope to see some of you all there if possible! http://katsucon.com/
  5. Yaaaaay! Icka's here!!! :D

  6. Mmm....think back about oh...9 years when the fandom was young and hardly anybody talked about it and before DCTP project and whatnot existed. Our guest even if you don't recognize her name, you might recognize some of the things she's done for the fandom.
  7. "By the way, Skyechan... do you know how to speak Japanese language? :D "

    A little. Not much though.

  8. kkslider is. I go to both sites. Don't forget about me! (Especially after all the edits I've done for the wiki. =w=;; )
  9. skyechan, same as here.

  10. No, I'm not a staff member.

  11. I do not post very much because I post more over at the DCTP forum. :)

  12. Transcript of Episode 0 now available! ~Episode 0 Transcript~ Introduction (CarpetCrawler) What's going on guys? This is CarpetCrawler of Detective Conan World and I decided I would try to make some sort of Conan podcast of some sort. Well, it's an idea I want to do and I figured I would do this little test run and see what everybody thought. Now typically there's going to be more than one person involved in this. It's not just gonna be me flying solo here...wasting dead air, you know? But, I'll have a couple people volunteering to help out every week and who knows? Maybe you guys would even want to participate every now and then. I mean, I'm sure we could really use a couple people for this thing. Usually on this thing I figure we would talk about news---the latest Conan news whether it's about the manga, the anime, or other odds and ends. And then I would also talk about the site, Detective Conan World, which, I'm a moderator of the forums as you already know, and I'm an administrator on the "Weeki". Or the "Wiki". ...I dunno. I dunno, they call it something different every ten seconds. So basically I figured, why not try it out and see what everybody thinks, you know? And if I get enough positive feedback I'll continue doing this and I'll probably do it with other people. For example, Southpaw-chan of the forum decided she---"Southpaw-chan", I can't believe I said that---has decided she also would like to participate, and I'm sure other people would like to as well. But anyway, let's go on to business. Conan News Conan news-wise, as you already know, File 745 came out a couple days ago. Normally I'm not a viewer---I mean, a reader of the manga. *Normally* I'm not a reader of the manga. But, after hearing what everybody was saying, I bit the bullet. I had to read this one. Because, there's a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff went on. Not just case-wise but also for folks that are---have been waiting for Ran to finally confront Shinichi, who, by the way, *spoiler alert* does return. I won't say how, I won't say why, but for those of you who've been *waiting* for Ran confront Shinichi about certain things, and I won't say what kind of things, well, this latest chapter really, really goes in that direction. And it ends with a *gigantic*, gigantic scene and all I could say was, "Took ya long enough, Ran." Seriously. Ugh. "Took ya long enough, man". But if you haven't read it yet I highly recommend you check it out and read it. It's fantastic stuff. It makes me want to---it makes me wish I just say, "Forget about waiting for the manga---episodes to come out." For the anime adaptation of Conan. Like, I should just start following the manga now. Because, at least with the manga you don't get the crap filler episodes that don't make any sort of sense at all. Speaking of the anime though, the latest episode aired last night, Episode 585...I think? Yuuup, Episode 585: "Timeless Sakura's Love". As you can imagine it's about Shiratori and it's the third part of the Shiratori x Kobayashi storyline. Sooo, expect some---it's the third and final part---so expect big-time developments to come out of that one. At least I think so. Has to be, it's the final part. But after that case, Kaitou Kid fans, you got---there's a Kaitou Kid story coming up. "Kirin's Horn". I think that's how you pronounce it, I dunno. I tried. "Kirin's Horn" which is based off of the manga of course and I've heard many things about that one. I've heard it's actually a very, very good case and probably---I've heard from people---according to people... General opinion is that it's either one of the weakest Kaitou Kid cases or one of the best Kaitou Kid cases. And I dunno about you, but *anything* is going to be better than that one disappearing one-hour special that aired a while ago. The one that was called "Kaitou Kid's Disappearing Act" or something like that. I didn't think that one was very good. I mean, I'm not the world's *biggest* Kaitou Kid fan anyway. I mean, I like Kaitou Kid, but after a little bit of him to me it's overexposure and I get tired of him. He's one of those characters that I like in small doses pretty much. Just small doses. Like, I know people that are like, "Why don't they make Magic Kaito a regular anime series, a regular manga series?" I'm telling you, if they made a regular---if Gosho really started to work on the Magic Kaito manga and made new chapters it wouldn't last. The anime wouldn't last that long either. I mean, if you're looking for a 13 episode, 26 episode series, yes, it could last. But if you're looking for something going over 50 episodes, 100 episodes, 200 episodes like some of the other animes they're doing right now, I don't think it'd work, personally. There's just so much you can do with a character like that. Other than Kaito's magic tricks he does, you're not going to have a lot of those. It's kinda hard to think up a lot of certain tricks that Kaito can do. I mean, you could continue the story but even continuing the actual main storyline with Snake and his father---that's gonna---it would end too quickly. That's just what I think. Anyway, I kind of went off on a tangent---I kind of went off on a tangent there, my apologies. But, on the other bit of news, Volume 69 of the manga topped the weekly manga charts in Japan. It sold over *330,262* copies in the span of a week. Very, very impressive although I've heard that they've done that before. That comes courtesy of Detective Conan Fanclub.com, that little bit of news. And also DCTP translated and released a page of the latest Shounen Sunday manga which talked about Gosho Aoyama's trip to France and England and his visit there, and what he did there. I thought that was pretty cool and it's on the Facebook page, the Detective Conan World Facebook page if you wanna check that out. It's pretty cool in my opinion. And of course it helps that I know some of the people that were involved in that. Anyway on to the site discussion. Detective Conan World Wiki The Wiki is still going strong. We've got a lot of good stuff going on even though some folks have been busy lately. I myself have been guilty of that. For example, skyechan, or Skye, she just started doing heavy work on the Kaito and Aoko page for their relationship development and she's doing a fantastic job right now. I really think you guys should check that out and read it at least considering she's only worked on stuff that was in the first volume of the manga. You can imagine there's going to be a lot more stuff added when she keeps going with that page. I want to do Satou and Takagi's page myself. I really---they're my favorite---they're probably one of the coolest couples in the entire show. It's kinda hard to disagree with that I think. They're just so goofy I think that's what---it's what makes the Kobayashi x Shiratori current romantic development hilarious too because it's just as goofy as Satou and Takagi were. And I'm of course really---speaking of police relationships I'm real disappointed that Chiba and Yumi didn't hook up, of course. They should've hooked up. They're the only two cops left that hadn't hooked up. So, hence, Gosho decides to bring in another childhood love. Of course, we all know the real police couple: Megure and Agasa. Had to plug that, unfortunately. I apologize for anybody with *stomachs*. Detective Conan World Chat Well anyway, other than the Wiki, also like, a couple---like a month or two ago I brought up the idea on the forums and on the Facebook page of changing the chatroom from ChatTango, I think it's called ChatTango something like that, to an IRC room, and I actually think that an IRC room would be *so* much better than doing a ChatTango room because it's so much easier to moderate for example. There's---you can set a topic there, you can set moderators, you can just hang around in there the entire time, you don't get really---if you get booted you can set it so that you can re-sign in. And, it's---I think it's a lot simpler, I mean, some of this stuff I understand, some of this stuff is kind of...it's very tricky. Certain things are tricky, but if you're going in there just to chat in an IRC room it's not---there's nothing difficult about it. We'd even set up directions for you to sign up so that you could register an account, you could figure out how to use an IRC chat client, things like that. Facebook Followers, Wiki Work But, I didn't get a lot of response from it. And I don't know if it's from a lack of interest or if people didn't notice it, so what I'm going to do in the near future is probably not right away, I'm going to ask again, especially now that on the Facebook page we have over 200 people. Man, I cannot believe that. The final count right now is 251, we went over 250 today, *wow*. You guys, thank you very, very much. I know I can speak for Maurice when I say that this is *fantastic*. That you guys signed up. I mean, I'm sure a bunch of the people that signed up don't even know what the website was. They probably just followed what their fellow Conan friends said, but it's still fantastic to see that many people are involved in the community. I mean, even if only 10 people had visited for example the Wiki, and---but those 10 people had said, "Wow, I learned something" that to me is an accomplishment. Essentially an accomplishment. And, that would make me very, very proud of the work I did, 'cause I know I did a ton of work, Maurice did a ton of work, skyechan did a lot of work, Ryo did a lot of work, a bunch of people did a lot of work. Some people come in for a little bit, some anonymous users that have come in and done a big edit but didn't do anything else, and, this is all gonna pay off in the end, I think. All of our edits, because this Wiki is going to be fantastic. It's going to be absolutely fantastic. I mean, it's great right now but when it's got all the important information in it it's going to be a fantastic sort of resource for Detective Conan. As least I think so. Movie 14 Question Rant Now before I go I just wanted to discuss one thing and it's one thin that really *bugs* me. It has to do with Movie 14, "The Lost Ship in the Sky". Now, a lot of folks keep asking me over and over again whether it's on the Facebook page or else, "Is Movie 14 being subbed in English yet?" And I keep telling them, "No, it hasn't been subbed yet." Because first of all, you guys don't understand, it *has* to come out in Japan *first*. You would know if it was out in Japan on DVD. The Conan movies, usually on DVD, come out in October to rental stores and that's when the raw comes out. But people don't understand that and they keep saying---and I guess their logic is, "Well, maybe they subbed it and I missed out." I'm telling you what, I'm going to be honest here right now. Even if you're *barely* following the Conan community you're going to know when the movie comes out right away. You are going to. You can barely follow the Conan community and you'll just know when the movie comes out. So, I'm just saying I don't want to hear the people ask that question over and over again anymore. Because it's like, folks, it's not coming out yet. It's not going to, and even when it comes out on DVD you gotta think about it. It's gonna take the folks a month to sub it, and to translate like signs and things like that. It's gonna take a while. So, hang tight. Just wait out a couple more months. It usually comes out late October, early November or mid-November. Somewhere in October and November it usually comes out. Mostly November. So basically that's about two more months. Two, three months. That's all you gotta wait. So, we just gotta be patient and wait it out. I mean, I know, since it's Kaitou Kid and people like Kaitou Kid it's just there's---it takes a lot of work. And then of course they gotta juggle---the people in charge, DCTP---they gotta juggle subbing the new episodes as *well* as that. So, it's just a lot of work. That's one of those things where you can't---why complain? It's *free*. I mean, it's not like we're all paying a fee. We're not paying a fee to watch the episodes. I mean, I understand some places, some certain places and even the Conan community is guilty of this, the fansubbing community, sometimes they take longer than they should but it's very rare, but sometimes it's like---it's just---they really don't have much of an excuse. I mean, I'm talking like when it's not school, when it's just like they didn't feel like subbing it. Which is very, very rare. It's even rarer in the Conan community. Usually in the Conan community the folks are very nice and they're not really the lazy kind of type. If they can't sub something---if they're a late sub there's usually a legitimately good reason. But sometimes they're just busy. They got other things to work on, so if it takes a while, it takes a while. It's going to. It's a *movie*. They're gonna try to make it as perfect as they possibly can. I mean, look at "The Raven Chaser", the movie that came out---the subbed version that came out last year. Was that fantastic or what? That was fantastic! A really crappy version with English subtitles came out on YouTube pretty quickly. I mean, if you really want to see the movie that bad... I mean... I don't know. When it comes to the movies I would prefer---when it comes to the episodes and movies I would prefer accurate translations. And I don't understand the argument where it's like, "Well, you can have accurate translations or speed". You can have both, folks. I'm sorry, you can have both. And as the communities have proven before you *can* have both, it's just a matter of whether they're willing to do it. But anyway, I kinda sidetracked on my rant there, basically my main idea of that rant was I don't want to hear people asking questions about it anymore. We'll let you know if something happens, we'll let you know in the near future if it's a status update on what's going on with the group and what they're doing. Really. We'll let you know. Closing Remarks So basically that's usually the podcast. I don't think they'd be this quick. I mean, I'm only at 16 1/2 minutes right now. They're not gonna be this quick. We're usually gonna have more discussion, especially more discussion, they should be half an hour, 45 minutes, an hour, I guess it depends. But they definitely wouldn't be this short. But basically on the forums and on Facebook tell me what you think. For example, was I too loud? I think I might've been too loud. I apologize, you guys. I think I was talking too loud in this thing. (*laugh*) Was I too loud? Is there any sort of specific topics that you think would make great discussion in the future? For example we may just do a discussion on who we think Bourbon is, and what's the story about Haibara's parents, things like that. I mean, if you got any ideas just feel free to say so on the Facebook or on the forums and tell me if you liked the podcast. Tell me if you thought this was a good idea. I saw the German---the folks on the German DC, Detective Conan Wiki, that the German one they do this podcast thing and it's *awesome*. Which is why I wanted to try this out. And I wanted to see how this would look. So basically it's my final word, basically tell me what you think on Facebook and on the forums. This is CarpetCrawler and yes, this is how I sound like, believe it or not. This is CarpetCrawler saying "See you next time".
  13. Thank you kindly! (Hard for me to picture myself as having an "accent" though. xD;; )
  14. My rough draft work on the chapter is completed!! As a teaser, here's the Volume cover page which includes the work I did creating an English version of the MK title. (If you'd like to compare my work with the original, here )
  15. skyechan

    Case Closed on Wii

    Played about 4 hours (?) worth of the game on my boyfriend's hacked Wii. The PAL English release of the game enables you to switch between English and Japanese voice acting at will (thank god). I think the main gripe I have with this game is the atrocious camera control: you're permanently stuck at Conan's height level (which is impossible to really see from).
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