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  1. Savvy internet shopping for the most part. Japanese 1-67 (I think) came from Sasuga Booksellers before they shut down. They were at a few conventions I went to so I built up my collection from them. The Color Works artbook and Magic Kaito volumes 1-4 also came from their store. Special 1-35 was bought via a Yahoo!Japan auction through shoppingmalljapan.com. 36 was bought via YesAsia, if I remember right. English volumes and DVDs come from Amazon.com or were bought in Borders before they closed down their stores. The rest of my stuff basically was either bought via Yahoo!Japan auctions or CDJapan.
  2. Please vote! http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Talk:Characters#Keyhole_characters_-_Profile_pages_or_none_-_Vote
  3. Edit: Please vote for your opinion on whether or not all keyhole characters should have profile pages or not. Please note that newly registered users and anonymous IPs will not be able to vote. Sorry! http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Talk:Characters#Keyhole_characters_-_Profile_pages_or_none_-_Vote -------- Copy-paste from discussion on http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Characters: "Now I realize Maurice has previously stated we should provide info on notable minor characters, but isn't our list a little too excessive? Shouldn't a majority of the people on the list now simply be on the minor recurring characters list or something? Could we just make a page for Notable case characters? Here's who I think needs to be moved or removed entirely: Asami Tsuburaya - Minor recurring character Genji Kojima - Notable case character Inspector Momose - Minor recurring character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Chosuke Takagi - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Detective Kobayashi - Minor recurring character (I think?); Not notable enough to need a profile page Fumimaro Ayanokoji - Minor recurring character Misae Yamamura - Notable case character Reiko Kujo - Minor recurring character Natsuki Koshimizu - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Junya Tokitsu - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Samizu Kichiemon - Minor recurring character Fusae Campbell - Notable case character Kazumi Tsukamoto - Minor recurring character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Kyosuke Haga - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Maria Higashio - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Hikaru Yasumoto - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Ryujiro Uematsu - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Minerva Glass - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page Apollo Glass - Notable case character; Not notable enough to need a profile page My solution to our extensive Character list is to simply create a page similar to the "Minor recurring characters" page for "Notable case characters". Information currently on those with profile pages can be moved to this new page and the old profile pages be deleted. I understand we want to provide as much information as possible, but seriously, some of these characters I don't see why they need to be listed on the main characters page." Please voice your opinions on the matter here or on the discussion page of the wiki. http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Talk:Characters#Unnecessary_characters_in_the_list
  4. Just finished recording Episode 19! Look forward to it within the coming days. :3
  5. New episode of the podcast is ready! Please listen to it everyone! :)

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      Can't wait. *Listens*

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      Wow, already? I have to catch up at this rate...

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  6. You probably had been looking at a flipped translation. Looking at my Japanese volume Snake is definitely using his right-hand.
  7. Nah, I'm not awesome. I'm just a Kid fangirl. :mrgreen:
  8. Not a clue! I don't work on the DCTP staff so couldn't possibly begin to tell ya. Just keep crossing your fingers!
  9. Ticked, Boss man destroys the fake Blue Birthday as Kid throws the real jewel ala a baseball smack into the Boss's face and then explains how the real jewel has a police transmitter on it. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I----", oh sorry, wrong show. Kid then loudly proclaims that he won't stop until he finds Pandora before Snake and the others do and destroys it. The police arrive, Kid and the others split. Nakamori recovers the real jewel. Woo. "LET'S PARTY!" = "LET'S GET DRUNK!!" Realizing he only has a few minutes before midnight and the end of Aoko's birthday, Kaito, still dressed in his Kid outfit, scrambles around the city before getting a bit of inspiration while looking at buildings. Kaito calls Aoko only to have her, of course, shout at him and cry from frustration and worry. Luckily, Kaito manages to convince Aoko to look outside the window. Allowing Kaito to give Aoko a really cool one-of-a-kind magic show/birthday present. ...That wakes up the whole neighborhood. ...Including a certain little detective. Meanwhile... "Blue Birthday...Isn't someone's birthday today...?" Now for the completely original section of this episode and it's a doozy. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we're heading for an anime original plot! Snake's boss seems to be answering to a bigger boss judging from what I'm assuming is an apology video chat for screwing up royally. MK-Anokata seems to be based somewhere in America (anyone recognize the skyline? Chicago or New York maybe?) and makes a note to contact another member known as Spider, hinted at being the world famous illusionist, Guner von Goldberg II. (EDIT: Probably an misspelling and should be "Günter" (ギュンター = GYUNTAA) based on the Japanese subtitles on the screen.) And so ends yet another Kid special. Until next time!
  10. Meanwhile, Kid prepares to escape to head for Aoko's party... ...only to have his only means of escape shot at and broken! "Kaito's really late..." Kid turns to confront the man who shot him on the rooftop, realizing it's the same voice as the one he heard on the phone the other night. "It's been a long time, Kaitou Kid. No..." "Toichi Kuroba!!" Kid then realizes this man known as Snake is responsible for his father's death. Failing to hand over the jewel to Snake and having no escape, Snake shoots Kid and he falls off the roof, allowing Snake to pick the jewel up from the floor. Aoko puts on a happy face as the girls leave the party put becomes depressed of course once the door is shut. Oh look, we found the plot! Snake's boss explains the tale of the Pandora jewel and how if the jewel is held up to moonlight as a certain comet passes overhead the jewel cries tears and that whoever drinks these tears gains immortality. ...Yes, this is what Magic Kaito's storyline revolves around. ...Yes, we realize this plot has more holes than Swiss cheese. Boss man is ticked to discover the Blue Birthday in his hand is a fake created by Kid as the real Kid holds the real Blue Birthday up to the moonlight. Boss man and Snake are surprised to see Kid alive. Kid explains that the bullet hit the real jewel he was hiding in his breast pocket.
  11. It slowly dawns on Kaito what's going on after Aoko mentions her birthday and decides to tease her a little. "Aoko, are you sure you're not a guy?" Aoko isn't amused and says that she won't invite Kaito to her party then. Kaito stops joking around and says he'll come to the party and promises Aoko a magic show, much to her delight. Kaito asks what he should give her for a present, so Aoko says for him to capture Kaitou Kid. Joking aside, Aoko wonders aloud to Kaito why Kid bothers stealing since he doesn't seem to have a certain goal in mind. She comes to the conclusion Kid steals because he thinks it's fun and loves to make a mockery of her father. Kaito, unable to explain the truth to Aoko thinks about this on the way home, remarking that he isn't doing this for fun or to make fun of Nakamori. He won't stop being Kid until he gets some answers. Aoko's party begins and Keiko asks Aoko where her husband is, much to Aoko's embarrassment. Meanwhile, Nakamori explains his traps for tonight's heist to the museum director. Nakamori used Thundershock! It's super effective!! ...Except of course it's not. Kid drills a hole in the ceiling and drops a rubber dummy into the cage. Nakamori and his men freak out, turn off the power and charge at Kid, allowing Kaito to disguise as a policeman and snatch the jewel with his teeth and escape. Nakamori and the taskforce aren't too worried though since they purposely allowed Kid to steal the real jewel since they attached a transmitter to it in order to find Kid's hideout.
  12. Back yet again for another Kid recap! "The Blue Birthday of Fate" ("運命のブルーバースデー"/"Unmei no BURUU BAASUDEE") Note: Based on "Blue Birthday" from Magic Kaito volume 3, chapter 6. Overall I'll just get this out of the way that apart from the last 2 minutes or so of the episode, it's an extremely faithful adaptation of the original story, adding only a few extra little details here and there to flesh it out. The story starts with Kid stealing a ring from a Egyptian exhibit at a museum...and no, the manga doesn't specify what on Earth the ring is he's stealing either. Kid makes a comment about the police always falling for the dummy blimp trick before taking a better look at the ring he stole and remarks about how his next heist will go just as smoothly when suddenly a nearby pay phone rings. Kid answers and receives an ominous message from a mysterious man on the other end regarding his heists and a certain jewel. Meanwhile, Kaito sends out another warning message from Kid saying he'll be stealing India's largest sapphire, The Blue Birthday, for his next heist. Aoko however, doesn't share in Kaito's amusement, upset that Kid is stealing away her father from her on her birthday. Kaito doesn't help matters by calling Nakamori a lousy detective. MOP TO THE HEAD!
  13. Uber sketch. Source of text comes from a Chinese site. http://m.hkgolden.com/view.aspx?message=3352434&type=AN There's so much Chinese characters crossed with Japanese it's no wonder you were confused, but until I see an actual official website with this info (written in proper Japanese no less), it's totally and completely 100% fake.
  14. Happy Halloween everybody!!
  15. Hello to you as well! :)

  16. Maurice is the one who updates the Studio when he has the time to do so. It takes about a week or more before it's added to that section. Glad you enjoyed the episode!
  17. Unfortunately the image limit was reached for this topic, so check out the remainder of the comparison on DCTP! http://forum.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=7193.new#new
  18. As the girls walk back to class, Keiko explains that she's envious of Aoko having someone she wants to give chocolate to before commenting that all the boys seem to be focused on one transfer student girl in particular. Cue Akako surrounded by a flood of guys, just like the original manga. Kaito strolls back to class and there's a minor difference. In the manga Aoyama draws a picture of each of the girls Kaito mentions, but this version just shows his massive chocolate collection as he lists off the girls' names. "Hey Akako-chan! Give one to me too!" Kaito, it's Valentine's Day, not Halloween. You don't just ASK for chocolate. Akako not amused by the amount of chocolate Kaito's holding slaps him, causing him to drop the chocolates to the floor. "If you want a chocolate from me, you'll have to throw away all those ones first!" The boys back up Akako's statement, calling Kaito rude. "Then..." "I don't want it!" The teacher then decides she's had enough of this BS and calls the class back to order as Akako slowly realizes that because the only person who can resist her is Kid and Kaito resisted her, that the two must be the same person. As classes end, Kaito realizes he's missing his handkerchief and Akako begins her plan. It is at this point the anime stops being based on "The Scarlet Temptress" and switches over to "Would You Grow Up" from volume 2. An interesting addition to the anime is the inclusion of portraits of supposedly the long line of red magic witches Akako is descended from. She summons Lucifer and asks how Kid will meet his end. Lucifer gives a little bit of knowledge to Akako before asking her who she thinks she is to boss him around. In response, Akako tears up the summon seal and receives a powerful amulet/necklace from her assistant to aid her in her plan. Another anime inclusion is Aoko pondering what on Earth to do with her chocolate. "In the end, I wasn't able to give this to him today. Now what?"
  19. Back as always! Supposedly we'll get a few more MK specials before the year is up. I'm all for it! "The Witch That Doesn't Shed Tears" ("魔女は涙をこぼさない"/"Majo wa namida o kobosanai") Note: Based on "The Scarlet Temptress" from Magic Kaito volume 1, chapter 6 AND "Would You Grow Up" from Magic Kaito volume 2, chapter 5. "Oh mirror, mirror, who is the most wonderful in the world?" Cue ridiculously high-pitch voice. "That would be you, Akako-sama." Was not expecting the mirror to have an high-pitched voice since the original manga's text seems...dark and brooding, but okay then! The mirror explains how every man bows to her every whim...except for one, which upsets her. I cannot begin to imagine why... Of course, it's Kid. Our first diversion from the manga is that apparently this isn't the first time the mirror has told Akako this response. Her assistant walks in to inform her that he still hasn't been able to figure out Kid's identity, but Akako tells him to forget about it, since apparently she figured it out. The mirror image then goes from Kid to Kaito. Akako clearly isn't amused as the scene fades to reveal how Akako figured this information out a month ago, on Valentine's Day. The hallways are bustling with activity as girls give chocolates to the boys they care about as Aoko talks to Kaito by the shoe lockers. Aoko is attempting to skirt around her dilemma of giving a chocolate to Kaito. "Say, Kaito, do you like sweet things?" "Sweet things?" "You know, something like chocolate?" Kaito however, just like in the manga, thinks she only wants to do this in order to poke fun at the fact he had gotten a cavity fairly recently and she had taunted him then. That said, Kaito says he won't give her the opportunity to poke fun at him again. "What are you talking about? You know today's February 14th, right? All the girls are giving chocolate to boys." Aoko then continues her explanation, saying how she thought someone like Kaito might not receive anything today so she was going to give him a chocolate out of pity. (Haha, yeah right.) Unfortunately, upon realizing that, yeah, today IS February 14th, Kaito ran off to get chocolate from other girls, leaving Aoko holding a chocolate out to Keiko. Keiko explains how Kaito ran off before teasing Aoko a little bit, asking if she was going to give the chocolate to Kaito.
  20. *munching an apple and reverts back to accent from childhood* Well, I'd say the list sounds right to me, y'all.
  21. Sorry about that. ^^; Some is due to my curiosity (all of the Special manga for example), but for the main manga it's so I don't feel guilty reading the scanlations since I physically own the books. (And then buy the English so I can actually read them and see how they translated it. xD;; ) I'm a huge fan of animation in general, so I really love stuff like the artbook and those movie guidebooks because you can see behind the scenes and get more in depth info (assuming you can read Japanese, lol). As for D Conan's question... *think* Probably over $2000 US. HOWEVER! This collection was built up over a looooooong amount of time. I've been into Conan since around 2004. Majority of what I buy now is ordering the manga volumes as CDJapan tells me when they're available. Only occasionally do I splurge on buying super expensive things. (Like the Lost Ship in the Sky bluray.) I also buy in lot form when possible; I look at Yahoo.co.jp auctions and only choose the auctions that have a lot of stuff in them. Shoppingmalljapan does an import service fee of at least $6, no matter how cheap the auction is. (i.e. I could see a Mune ga DOKIDOKI CD and possibly get it for only 50 yen, but I'd still have to pay $6 on the import fee. Ick!) So pretty much all the CDs I own came from lots that had a ton of CDs. (This is why I own duplicates of a few CDs; I just didn't include them in the pictures.) The majority of the manga was bought in bulk for $6 each at an anime convention I attended and purchased them from Sasuga Booksellers, who, unfortunately, are out of business now. The artbook also came from them. Trivia for you: I've actually shown Jerry Jewell (Shinichi's English voice actor) a good amount of my manga collection. I happened to have the bag from Sasuga still with me when I attended a panel he was at. 1-35 of the Special manga was bought in a lot (see earlier explanation) from Yahoo.co.jp. I got a pretty decent price on them for buying all that was available at that time, but not going to lie, the shipping cost was murder. xD;; Later bought Special 36 through Yesasia. DVDs were bought either when they were originally first released at a video store (remember when you paid $28 or so for only 3 episodes??) or bought used through Amazon.com. Reference books I bought from a Japanese seller I trust on eBay specializing in anime/manga books. He'll take lower priced offers so I've managed to get a few books from him cheaper than his original listing price. ...Mmm, I guess that's about it. If anyone has any further questions or wants me to walk them through using stuff like shoppingmalljapan, just let me know!
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