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  1. "Time is Money" Takaaki Morofushi AKA Rum
  2. Takaaki morofushi he is Rum,and i mentioned why i think he IS rum back in 2016 (He is the only one there who's never met Haibara yet, is it a coincidence?)
  3. Okay he is officially Scotch's brother as confirmed in file 1021 Rei and Scotch were confirmed to have met each other in childhood.I also take it for serious when Gosho said that Rum has "Already" appeared before file 906 and before all those others were introduced (kuroda,iori muga,wakita ,rumi) Chikara is a possible candidate but i don't see anything suspicious about him till now and we don't have much focus on him,i.e. Takaaki has technically appeared in more cases and with more screentime than Chikara See you when Takaaki gets confirmed to be Rum
  4. He is the only Rum candidate that still hasn't met Haibara to this day in any case. And yes he IS a Rum candidate as of his feminine appearance is one of Rum's claimed appearances.Plus Gosho or anyone in the manga has ever denied him being Rum,we don't have an official sentence that each BO member arc we are fixed to 3 suspects only,it could be more or less than 3 Him being Scotch's brother involves him automatically with the BO ,which means he is not one of those filler characters with a trivial side story like many others.
  5. Just reminding you guys that i called it 2 years ago that Koumei is getting involved with the Rum case, and i still Believe that Koumei IS Rum and he has something to do witht he murder of Scotch. I also belive that Koumei IS scotch's brother and Kuroda is actually Akai's father whose physical appearance changed in the last 17 years. Finally i did mention before that Dai Morobushi has something to do with "Morofushi" and i am sure that if Scotch is Rum's brother then Akai chose that name on purpose to infiltrate the BO. The 2 surnames (if Scotch is confirmed to be a Morofushi brother) were not chosen just for coincidence,there could be some reason behind the choices
  6. Even if Gosho didn't say that in the interview. This is the 2nd Friday 13th in the manga! If you check the calendar back to 1994~1995 you'll find that 1st friday 13th was in May 1994 (Clash of Black and Red arc) 2nd one is Friday 13th january 1995 (Current arc) And the shrinking incidence happened on 13th of jan. 1994 as you can see in the 1st chapter (Thanks to Spimer's translation) is it a coincidence?
  7. If this chapter is taking place on Friday 13th Gosho said in his latest interview that it has been a year since the shrinking incident took place (13th jan. 1994) So this means that it's Friday 13th of january 1995! I wonder if he is planning to make chapter 1000 happen on the same day (Friday 13th jan 1995)
  8. Before you get your hopes too high That ?? guy could be Vermouth in disguise
  9. Some feeling tells me that we are in another Detective Nocturne arc Rum will be revealed soon if that's true I think RUM is one of the 3 suspects,but he is in disquise as a female
  10. I don't care if Rumi is a red herring or not i just care about numbers! 2 of 3 now 1 more new character to go and we can say that RUM has already appeared Being a red herring doesn't deny she IS a Rum candidate,just like Subaru was a strong red herring but still a candidate to be Bourbon. I'm just comparing Rum's arc to Bourbon's,we had 3 candidates too (I'm not saying Gosho is going to repeat himself,at the end have 3 candidates and NONE of them is the real RUM,which means the theory that RUM is an old character is still valid)
  11. For Taka'ai's suspicion of conan ,it was not mentioned that he knew he puts Kogoro to sleep or has weird toys that he uses like the bug he used on Kir's door in 425. What i want to say is that Takaa'i himself used to be super intelligent and played the detective game at the age of Conan,so Conan's intelligence is no susprise for him. i think he admires conan Takaa'i ignores/doesn't trusts everyone and usually works alone
  12. He must be the strongest BO member i guess. away from that RUM discussion the pre-story episode for the movie includes some silly conversation between conan and amuro at the begining. I know Conan knows about amuro's identity,but is it normal to ask him about the BO & his work as Police and amuro answers normally? I guess that Gosho didn't notice that,he should get mad at the anime staff when he watches that
  13. Komei might not have been no.2 17 yaers ago,also Koumei is 35 so he might have joined the BO at 18 years For Kuroda i believe he was involved with the BO which caused the accident that happened to him 10 years ago The Previous no.2 was killed by Kuroda,the BO Infiltirated the police through RUM (i remember Gosho refusing to answer a uestion about BO infiltrating the police in this Year's interview) They got info about the one who killed no.2 and made their hit on Kuroda that caused him to lose his right eye.They thought he was dead,but he woke up after a coma ,with his appearance changed and his name also.RUM was promoted at that time so Kuroda is actually not RUM,but he is after RUM. For Koumei,his background story doesn't contradict with him being RUM,he could possible be leading a Double-life.His long-time friendship with Kan-chan could be more thrilling when Kansuke discovers his identity,we might see a showdown between the two friends.maybe one of them kills the other. It's more exciting than just a cute friendship that doesn't enrich the plot
  14. I am not even supporting the theory that RUM is a female.Just answering his uestion about the possible existing characters that could turn to be RUM. For Yonehara she could possibly have stopped aging as Vermouth.But i am not supporting that . For Elena everything is possible,even Vermouth sometimes sounds wierd, and the only one who could accept akemi into the BO is anokata ,maybe she couldn't gain their trust eventhough RUM is her mother. again i am not supporting this,but just telling that it's possible. For more female suspects we have got Fusae,Minerva,etc but these are just minor recurring characters who could possibly be RUM. I've already discussed before who i believe is RUM (Koumei)
  15. for the suspicious Mary For the unused characters there are so many but the most popular suspects :Yonehara & Elena
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