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  1. Hello DCUniverseAficionado, i want to ask your opinion on amuro statement that he said haneda killer in this farm, we know for sure that amuro is aware that the BO is behind Haneda Murder bc amuro together with vermouth investigated the "ASACA" song, so the fact that amuro still say haneda killer i do think is very important to the main plot in RUM Arc and not a red herring, also Kuroda flashback which you agreed that Kuroda saw haneda earlier than Rumi bc of the lack of blood, now i think that there a big plot twist in this Rum Arc, and it might be RUM not the one responsible for Haneda murder, but someone frame RUM maybe Kuroda, that Why Gin said that RUM screwed up i guess.
  2. Gosho said in SDB Black 2018 that RUM is indeed amog the Trio : Wakita, Kuroda and Rumi.
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