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    Translating Interviews

    Good to know, thanks!
  2. forcezer

    Translating Interviews

    My take on translating some of the odder-sounding Q&As (from Chinese), lol. Q28: Any recommendations on how to relax yourself? A: K-Kancolle (laughs) Q30: How do you solve the cases in Detective Conan? A: By pretending you're Conan! (laughs) Q100: My friend says that the Boss is Shinichi! A: Please tell your friend, "Congratulations, you've got it wrong!" Q101: I'm dissatisfied with the way I'm living. How can I lead a happy life? A: Please don't accidentally become an 'educated idler.' (The kanji used here is probably 高等游民 koutou yuumin, who's educated/knowledgeable but doesn't have a job, and spends his life pursuing knowledge. If any of you watch jdramas, a Spring 2015 drama, Date ~Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira~'s lead male is an educated idler.) Q102: Hi, Aoyama-sensei! My father named me Yuria because he likes the series Hokuto no Ken. I like Detective Conan, so when I have a child in the future, I want to name him Conan. But if I do so, I can't write it in kanji, so do I have to write it in katakana? By the way, I have kanji for my name. A: Feel free to do so according to your own interests ... (laughs) Q121: Which character was the hardest to design in terms of background and appearance? A: I spent a lot of time working on Sera-chan. Q122: Do you own any consoles? A: Yep. Q125: Which murder method is the one you like best so far? A: Recently, I think the blogger actress murder case in Volume 87 uses an interesting way to commit murder. Q132: Who do you like best in K-On? A: Yui, of course! Unrelated, but there's been discussion about what actually Q77 means despite it not seeming that important (but then again, Gosho loves his pairings). The raw was posted up in one of the baidu threads, and there was another discussion going on about just what exactly it refers to ... I think it's because the wording for it was rather vague. Including the translated Chek included above, I've read at least five different interpretations of it -- whether the person being silent is Akai or his ideal girlfriend, and similarly, whether the chatty person is Amuro himself or his ideal girlfriend. To sum it up, though, the idea is that neither Akemi nor Jodie fits the type of girl who is quiet and/or able to maintain her presence even without anything being said, so does Akai actually like ... Haibara?
  3. forcezer

    Translating Interviews

    Just something I thought of when rereading the interview: How exactly does Sera know Conan is Shinichi? Is it just because of childhood memories? Could it be possible that in America, she met Eisuke ... Just thought about it because Gosho said in Q88: Q88: Won't Hondou Eisuke reappear again? A: Things will be interesting if he does! I mean, there's the Akai-Kir relation, so it would be possible that their younger siblings could have something that relates them to each other, too. Also, I think some questions weren't translated (but they're not very important, so that's probably why lol): Q46: Mitsuhiko's pretty bright. Is it because he used to be a third-year middle schooler and was shrunk by the BO? A: Nope! (laughs) Q49: How much does Takagi know of Conan being Shinichi? Or rather, what does he think of Conan? A: Well, he thinks that Conan is incredibly smart, but hasn't noticed anything else about him. Q57: Is it possible that Gin is actually a good guy? A: Impossible! (laughs loudly) Q61: Araide-sensei hasn't made an appearance! Please let him appear! A: Ah! I completely forgot! Sorry (laughs) Q62: Are Sera and Haibara cousins? A: Stop asking in a roundabout way, I'm not going to get tricked! (laughs) Interestingly, in Q5: Q5: Miyano Elena and Akai Shuichi/Sera Masumi's mothers are sisters, right? A: Why? Why?! I really want to know what it originally says in Japanese ... Well, they could be cousins if they were related on their father's side. It's not impossible for the dad to take the mom's family name, especially if the mom is from a more illustrious family. Or dad and mom were siblings. Q72: Before Akai came to Japan in Volume 29, did he investigate or solve any cases as an FBI agent in America? I'm curious about what happened during the two years Akai was in America after he left the BO. A: He investigated normal cases and also cases involving the BO. As for why/how Akai became an FBI agent, I can't tell you right now. (laughs) Q78: To have the real Okiya Subaru make an appearance, without it being Akai or Yuusaku in disguise ... Would that be possible? A: I don't think it is. I had some time after finals today, so I took another shot at it.
  4. forcezer

    Translating Interviews

    Someone beat me to the translating punch, lol. I skimmed, but anyway I'll make an attempt at some of the stuff the DCTP translator wasn't sure about? They mislabelled Q41 as Q42. Q41 is the question about the mysterious girl: Q41: Why does the sister from outside the domain seem like she has a weak body? A: I wonder why, hehehe ... (laughs) Q100: My friend says that the Boss is Shinichi! A: Please tell your friend, "Congratulations, you've got it wrong!" Q42 and Q69 are related. Q42: Is there anything the perfect human Akai bad at? A: He's tone deaf (laughs) Q69: Please tell me if there is anything surprising about Akai, Amuro, and Sera! A: They're all tone deaf, or something (laughs) Later on in the thread, someone clarifies that the original says オンチ in both cases, which in that context can mean anything from being tone deaf, or completely hopeless with directions. Gosho never used kanji to write that word, so it could mean that they're all horrible at something. Q43: Who would win in a match between Kyogoku, Subaru, and Amuro? Do you have plans for a match between them? A: Probably not all three of them at once, but I really want to have a showdown between any two of them! Q70: Does Akai have any sort of gun preference? It always seems like he uses guns obtained from the BO. What was the gun he used to snipe Gin? A: I'll have to ask my assistant, Yamagishi. I can't access dctp so I don't know what the situation's like over there, so I might be repeating stuff that's already said there lol.
  5. forcezer

    Translating Interviews

    No kanji, so it's hard to tell, but: "The re-serialization has old art, so it's embarrassing." Probably a reference to how old Conan files are currently serializing.
  6. forcezer

    Did you ever get scared watching DC?

    Yeah, as a kid, the library murder definitely left an impression. The Night Baron murder case, too.
  7. forcezer

    Unresolved plots in Detective Conan!

    In hindsight, it's File 892. It's probably foreshadowing for what went on in Raiha Pass.
  8. forcezer

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    Completely wild and incorrect speculation coming, but I just wanted to get this thoughts out of my system. On a Japanese speculation site, apparently RUM could possibly stand for: R = Ran U = ??? (Personally am inclined to say Vodka, because ウオッカ uokka, and have we even seen his eyes ... he's also super observant) M = Masumi Chances are it's not really true (because it only barely fulfils the categories of feminine, old and buff/muscular), but it's a funny/interesting idea to think about. Something that nags at me is how Air Gear once had an important member of a team that was comprised entirely of its grunts who made its decision after a vote of general consensus, and presumably acting on their decision after that. The grunts's opinions were all collated on a massive computer screen ... so there's this small part of me wondering if RUM is the same thing, because it'd tie into the Org's programming/computer stuff and explain the variation in physique. The real Rum would be the guy running the RUM program, and would be the guy who has the prosthetic. I'll admit upfront that both possibilities are pretty impossible, lol.
  9. forcezer

    Unresolved plots in Detective Conan!

    I'm not sure if there has been more than one occurrence of 'You German,' but in the case that I found (File 892), they were looking at the photos of the test papers. In the Chinese translations, Amuro says "You German-looking person, what do you think?" In the Japanese raw, it says そこのドイツ系の君はどうだ?, which is something like "The German-looking person over there, what about you?" Basically, I think it implies that Camel is German, or at least half-German, or he just looks German, lol. But: If the Japanese community thinks it's important, maybe it is? Have we had other German characters? ... German secret police? What ...