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  1. I don't know you, but you seem to be a nice person... especially as one of the few Sailor Moon fans on here? :D So, happy birthday to you!

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      Calia Archer

      Yeah I heard that. I hope it will be faithful to the manga ^_^

      Thank you for your approval :)))

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      A happy new year to you! ^^ I hope you do well.

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      Calia Archer

      Thank you Cocoa ^_^

      Happy new year to you too.

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  2. After being away for a while, I bring to you... nothing new, just a little addendum to the previous Shônen Sunday Special Booklet posted by Chekhov: I noticed that some parts like the ones about Heiji Hattori and Kaitou Kid were missing and some time ago, the booklet was included in the german version of the 83rd volume of Detective Conan (including stuff like the "Yaiba Special Page", which I translated too, but not the three Kaitou Kid Special Pages... even though Yaiba never ever appeared in Germany XD). Therefore, these translations are based on the german versions. Nothing plot relevant, but maybe some interesting background info about how Gosho thinks and works for some of you out there. (And some stuff for the Yaiba fans, if there even are any on here. ) Heiji Hattori His father is the superintendent of Osaka. He is a high school detective. And he is so good, that even Conan/Shinichi respects him! Comment! The Anime just needed a rival... The highschool detective of the west He hails from Osaka and so he has a dialect - which is because a complete opposite just makes a rival all the more interesting! But the whole thing also has the background, that the leading editor from back then came from Osaka, so that I completely trusted him during the final approvals of Heiji's lines. Additionally, his dark complexion is also a strong contrast to Conan's/Shinichi's appearance. Concept At first I created a storyline which was designated for the start of the Anime series and should have introduced Ai Haibara, but this wasn't to be. And suddenly it was said that the Anime series needed a rival, so I created Heiji Hattori. It was evident to me that a rival would also have to be a highschool detective and one with a very contrary personality to Shinichi. Kaitou Kid Phantom thief and master of disguise. Nobody knows his real identity - but he is a high school student just like Shinichi Kudo and goes by the name of Kaito Kuroba! Comment! I needed a nemesis for my detective! Design He looks pretty cool of course, because he originally is the protagonist of another Manga series. But for every reader who doesn't know Magic Kaito, his guest appeareances in Detective Conan could feel a little bit disconcerting. I for one have the biggest fun while drawing him! Concept I wanted to have a powerful antagonist for Conan, someone like the Fiend with Twenty Faces from the works of Edogawa Rampo. And suddenly it occured to me that I drew such a character some years ago! From that time on it was decided that he would have guest appearances. Naturally I talked at length about it with my editor back then... who voiced his misgivings. So I tried to make Kaitou Kid's first appearances not too over the top. Bonus: Yaiba Kurogane Towards countless adventures together with his Thunder sword: Yaiba, the hero of the eponymous precursor series to Detective Conan! Comment! A shared appearance with Conan? At least his mother did herself the honor of showing up! Here you can see Yaiba, who Gosho drew for the first time after ten years on the occasion of this special booklet! I haven't drawn him for a long time. Somehow, I think he looks way to smart on this picture! Concept I used Teppei from Ore wa Teppei by Tetsuya Chiba as a model. I loved this Manga back when I was a kid! Teppei was also the reason why I started with Kendo. So Yaiba was kinda conceptualized as a Teppei with Thunder sword. On the other hand, it's fair to say that Teppei is way smarther than Yaiba! Similarities with Conan He never gives up and he doesn't cry. But that's just how heroes have to be! Especially in front of the Detective Boys Conan acts like Teppei, just like Yaiba. But when Conan turns into Shinichi he is more like Joe Yabuki from Ashita no Joe. How about a shared appearance with Conan? A shared appearance together with Conan? At least Yaiba's mother did herself the honor of showing up. Heiji's mother Shizuka got the second place in a Kendo tournament back at middle school - and the first place was taken by Michiko Tsubaki (maiden name), mother of Yaiba! Her face is the same as that of Moroha, the little sister of Yaiba. Whether Yaiba is also to be found somewhere? Probably not. Yaiba's mother in volume 28. Gosho Aoyama tells it all! Concept pages of the last case about Kaitou Kid, inlcuding comments by the master himself! How is Detective Conan made? On the next pages we will show you some concept art for the episode featuring Kaitou Kid from volume 82, together with some eye-opening commentary by Gosho Aoyama! I drew Makoto over the whole height of the page, because he had to look really cool. I don't really know who the people behind Inspector Nakamori are supposed to be, so I just wrote "Policemen". And because it was hard to tell the gem and the air gun projectiles apart, I provided them with some notes, too. Here you can see the finished manuscript! On the concept art there was only a simple circle, but on the finished page the gem shines in all its splendor! Makoto's gas mask is also pretty detailed on the finalized page. On the rough page it is hard to see that Ran and Conan are brushing their teeth, so there is an appropriate note. But you can recognize Ran pretty easily by her pointy hairdo, even on very rough concepts. And Conan is always easily recognizable by his text! And of course by his glasses and the crown. Even on the concept pages, the facial expressions are highly convincing! Here you can see the finished manuscript! The tooth brushing scene was pretty loose in the concept stage, but got a lot of details in the finalized manuscript. And the perspective from which the detective agency is seen has also changed - so its shown to its best advantage. The concept pages are always accompanied by a character overview, which serves as a reference! Every character is seen in a specific perspective. When Gosho Aoyama has decided about the looks of the respective characters he proceeds with the creation of the manuscripts! Here I used almost the same dialogue from a few pages before with other characters. Because this is a key scene, I kept the panel composition from the concept page in the finished manuscript. Conan: Looks like Kid stole the show from me in this story! The finished manuscript! Just like Gosho mentioned in his commentary, the panel composition often doesn't change from concept to manuscript stage. A character overview of the Suzuki family. An overview of every appearing character serves as a guideline during the production of a manuscript. This time, Sonoko's family gains center stage. Thanks alot for the exciting insights, Gosho Aoyama!
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