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  1. a series on BO would be good at this moment(internal workings, HQ, members and their missions and end it with the face and identity of rum)
  2. i want to see the face of RUM.. and I hope Gosho will plan a new series just on the internal workings of BO without conan ,FBI etc.. NEED A CHANGE..
  3. in your spoilers. what is the third one with conan and heiji..?? which episode?
  4. I would also go for Japanese(subs). And it will be a big headache for the makers to translate the actual content in English version and as usual there will be many inconsistencies...
  5. With a keen eye for details, One Truth prevails.

  6. How do you think secret services and other agencies(FBI ,CIA etc) find about Black Organisation given the fact that they never leave any evidence behind ?
  7. Cant wait for the english version....BTW when does the manga gets updated, sometimes its weekly and sometimes it takes two weeks... How do i know?
  8. truth(two mix) and secret love..
  9. i think 4th one would get most rating on my list...... has one of the best scenes.
  10. any ideas which one i should read?? which isnt that famous but very good.. p.s- i am following most of the major ones.. any help would be appreciated...
  11. i would go for movie 11. it's not a typical DC movie.... watchable once.
  12. rei is my fav... coolest guy in the series.
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