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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I'm a newbie here. Nice to meet you! I've been a fan of Detective Conan for years, can't remember well when it started. I think it started when I was still in primary school, but now I'm already an adult! So yeah, it's been years! English isn't my mother tongue, so you probably will find me using incorrect language sometimes. Please forgive me if this happens. Anyway, thank you for your time. Let's get along!
  2. hello everyone hajimemashte im new here yuroshikuu
  3. Heyyyyyy... so just a little info on me; I first knew DC years ago when i used to just watch random eng dub episodes on youtube when i was a small child and basically forgot about it over the years (i think most people started off like that too lol) One day, as i was looking through animes to watch, i came across DC and was like "wow i didnt know this was an anime, i thought it was some random mystery english cartoon" (oh the cringe, i know) So, to go over my childhood memories, i decided to start all over and watch it for good now because i used to watch random out of order eps when i was a kid. I thought it would just be an anime to pass time (considering the long dooming amount of episodes) and didnt think i would become that obsessed with it haha. And so after becoming a hard fan and binge watching really hard, I have just finished all of the episodes, movies, and OVAs, and am currently on my way to the manga. And its only been exactly 2 months. Yep. No, im not lying. Yes, i did mark it on the calendar. BUUT, having no one to speak about this anime to, (considering this is a very popular anime, I surprisingly couldn't find anyone in "real life" that has watched it or even heard about it) I found a couple of forums and stuff online and decided to make an account here and join and talk about it with other people!! So yeah, im the "newbie" i guess, but I'll try my best to become active and supportive of this forum and participate as much as possible!!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new here. I'm Safinatunnajah Tsana. You can call me Fina. I really a big fans of Detective Conan. For you all, Nice to meet you!
  5. Hello, I'm new here and new to Detective Conan. Well, a long time ago when I first saw a trailer of the show, I never really showed interest in it, but it all started a few weeks ago, when I saw a few openings and endings of Detective Conan by my favorite J-Rock artist, Breakerz. I decided to give the show a try, and so I watched a few episodes of the first season in English, and I started to like it. So, yeah. I'm new to Detective Conan. And I'm a little behind in it. Um... My real name is Marina Brignoni, and I like J-Rock. My most favorite J-Rock artist is Acid Black Cherry. I like the colors Black, White, Pink and Aqua Blue. I also enjoy J-Pop, K-Pop and Vocaloid. Anyways, I'm a newbie here. (I feel weird. lol.) And I'm a bit new to the Detective Conan series, so I don't know much about it yet. (I'm only on like episode 19 or so.) Hope I feel welcomed here! ! (Seems like a pretty cool place to hang out and such. )
  6. I've known DC for a long time now and I've been watching it since.... i dont treally remeber. lol. right now guys i am obsessed with Vermouth! like a lot!!! and this might sound a bit off but i also like gin
  7. Hello! I'm a newbie in this website I just retrieve my account here, hoping that I could gain new friends and people to spazz with Just recently, I am back to DC Fandom, my one and only fandom when it comes to the world of anime. Done re-tracking the episodes/manga chapters that I missed. So, currently I am now on the 735th episode and 816th manga chapter Oh yeah! I would love to meet more DC Fans
  8. Konbanwa minna-san! My name is Berl and im from Philippines.. Anyone who's from my country? Hehe. It's so nice being here, i got to know new updates about my first love anime. <3 About Detective Conan, i havent been able to read the manga since our city is as small as a pebble, no manga shops anywhere. I have only watch the anime and im currently on EP 720 and have watched all the movies. I am in love with Kaitou Kid, since he is so cool.. Haven't watched his own anime yet, but i will. Hihi. btw, im a 92liner, you may think it is not old, but it really is. Haha! Omo~ i dont know how to introduce myself, so please, anyone, ask me anything and i'll be glad to answer you all.. Again, it's nice to be here, i hope people here are welcoming as it is. And please take care of me. Let's all be friends! i do NOT bite, rarw!
  9. Hello, can i introduce my self in here? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ My name is Tina Novyanti and my Chinese family name is Oey (Hanzi: 黃, hanyu pinyin: huang), and Hwang (황) for Korean. All of you can call me Tina or HCF (hardcolefan ) I was born in Jakarta (Indonesia Special Capital Region) 15 November 1991 and live in Jakarta only with my mom (my dad passed away at August 2009), and my older brother have moved to France since he graduated high school (have been 25 years since he moved). My major in university is Graphic Design and now i was in my 4th year. My favourite character is Conan, Ran, Eri, Sato, Ai if you want to know something let me know, just send a PM or reply here
  10. Well, hello there inquiring reader. My name shall be Haibara Ai z here... although I cannot use that as my display name atm apparently. Fundamentally, I am Haibara. In our angsty views, awkward grins, and impenetrable masks (which only one tiny detective has the will and ability to penetrate), we see the world as a particularly challenging level- anxiety and obstacles keeping us perpetually alert. We will bargain, smirk, taunt at will. We are called too aloof, too cynical, too withdrawn... we hide within ourselves. Detective Conan is an ephemeral thing to us. He shall never be ours (according to legal statements -_-') but hope still persists to prod endlessly in the very back of our minds. Outwardly, I am Ran. Enthusiastic, hot-headed, musically inclined, and particularly skilled at giving well-aimed kicks. Called naïve, unintelligent. She is the mask. Yet she too has become a part of me. Another facet, another bi-polar aspect. Tears flow despite the sardonic voice of the Genius- the intelligent, analytical mind. I am often driven my emotion rather than logic, by impulse rather than reason. I hate it. Nevertheless, I am. And that is me. *sardonic grin* Did I frighten anybody? XD ...Age? Consider me twelve. I seem to have stopped growing past that: my maturity level resembles the one of a typical 12 year old. (I'm not much older than that anyways) Other fun facts: -French is my first language -Haibara is my favourite character due to her complexity and similarity to me -I write fanfiction -I ship Aixcon (the "why?" list is much too extensive to post here) -Conan, Sera, Heiji, and Kid are also part of my "favourite anime characters" list -OHSHH and Avatar the last Airbender (alright, it's not exactly a legit anime) are shows I am currently engrossed with despite having watched most- if not all- of their episodes about three times -Sherlock Holmes, Chevaliers d'Emeraude, the Bible, and Artemis Fowl are my favourite books of all time -I have a weird fetish for child prodigies -Shinichi/Conan is the only anime/tv character I find... extremely compelling... alright, I mean attractive XD -I am a paradise-seeker (phrase borrowed from Daru9317) So, hello everyone!
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