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Officer Kaoko

Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

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Here you can talk in Japanese and practice what you learnt.

Here're the rules:

  1. Avoid using English as much as possible. Only do it when you can't express the things you want to say in Japanese.
  2. Only Romanji are permitted in this thread. For a more advanced level (member who knows hiragana, katakana, and some kanji. Also requires amount knowledge of Japanese grammar and the vocabulary), go to this thread -> yet to be created
  3. When correcting other members, use soft words, and avoid violence.
  4. Enjoy¬
    Watashi wa Kaoko desu th_113_.gif. Yoroshiku ne th_102_.gif <3
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What is odagini misa-chan???

Ah, gomen Kid-chan! Konran sasete gomen ne! (I didn't mean to confuse you!)

It means "Get Well". SInce your head was hurting and all, I wanted you to get better! BTW, I asked my mom, so please don't think I'm awesome at Japanese or something... -.-;;;

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