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  1. May 18th, the birthday of Ran that set by Chinese fans. Maolilanba on Teiba.baidu has many suprise for fans: doujinshi, fanfiction, fanart. AMAZING!!! >.<

  2. File 921, Ran GIRL and Shinichi BOY are so cute >.< That file becomes very famous on Facebook ^^ proud of that

    1. nis-aihara


      I know xD

      I hope the translators would translate the chapter fast.

    2. anhnguyen98


      The English translation? Hope you will read it soon :D

      I read it in Vietnamese, my language, the translate team trans it very fast because it's sweet and cute, everyone waited for that

  3. Did any one watched movie 19?

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    2. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      or winter kenzi

      maybe even spring or summer

      its not imposeable

    3. Kurara-chan


      where it aired (excluding japan)?

    4. anhnguyen98


      Wait for the eng sub :)))

  4. Hi there! I noticed your birthday is the same day as my friend's!

  5. News from Gosho postcard for Chinese fans *Hope you like it* 1: Amuro and Gin will be in movie 20; 2: Sera and Akai will meet each other; 3: After the Detectve Boys Case new series will be the first time Ran and Shinichi meet other :))

  6. You have a nice profile picture \(^ω^\) Nice to meet you.

    1. hopes


      thank you very much!!! nice to meet you too!! uwu

  7. How to have the reputation point? Help me please!

    1. Kitty Paw

      Kitty Paw

      If you're asking how to give reputation points: Beside each post, there with be a light green box with a white arrow pointing up. Click/press it, and you gave them a rep.

      If you're asking how to earn reputation points: Well, people give out reputation points when you post something good, reasonable etc. They also give out reputation points for drawings to you drew. (create an art topic first)

      Hope this helped :)

    2. anhnguyen98


      Thank for your help :D Now I know

    3. Kitty Paw
  8. When the movie 19 don't show yet, the information about movie 20 from Aoyama has a lot and I will update later(if mdidn't know) I jealously with chinese fan, they have the postcard from Gosho

  9. Oh, do you know today March 1st the Conan airport start?

  10. :D I'm also a Vietnamese ^^
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    2. anhnguyen98


      E học lớp 7 chị ạ! Hi e cũng chuẩn bị kiểm tra 1 tiết sợ chết được :((( Chị có biết tiếng Nhật không chị?

    3. phantomlady1101


      Thôi, lớp 7 thì chưa căng lắm đâu. Lên 8 mới bắt đầu phải nghiêm túc nhiều -.-"

      Ko em ạ :v Em biết à :P?

    4. anhnguyen98


      Ko chị ạ, định học cơ mà lười quá :v

  11. Hix, I want to translate a doujinshi, but I don't know Japanese

    1. Moonlit Flower

      Moonlit Flower

      I know some Japanese, but I'm still in the middle of learning it, so I can only read very little of it.

      My advice would be to try searching for the doujinshi in other languages you know. Hope this helps. :)

    2. anhnguyen98


      Thank you for your help, I try to find the english translation but I didn't find :'(

  12. Yo! I am very happy now ^^. I helped DCW to update 2 character in TV Special The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Day in History. Hahaha. I love all of you. I love DCW

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    2. Akazora


      Oh my gosh, that was in reference to one of my posts, wasn't it? We hadn't started talking back then so I didn't even realize you had done that, haha.

    3. Kenzi


      Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

    4. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      Ohohoho. MH getting friendzoned :P

  13. @Moon Kid: Thank you @Moonlit Flower: Oh! Why don't you buy it? You cann't
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