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  1. I am a little bit lost about this topic. Has it been resolved or not yet? If not (which I think so), my guess is that the P.S. was something like "take care of/protect Shiho". Akai has showed interest in protecting Shiho many times. I actually think that, since he had met her before and she is his lover's little sister, it would be natural for him to care about her. But if this words happened to be Akemi's last words, his "love" for Shiho would have become a kind of special mission instead of natural concern.
  2. About why didn't Yukiko disguise as Subaru instead of Yuusaku, thus having 1 person in disguise instead of 2, I am not sure, but I guess that they foresaw that Rei was suspecting a lot of Subaru and maybe he would try any kind of physical contact to detect a possible prosthesis. Rei is also a disguise master, so it would have been easy to foresee that. The same goes for the face mask instead of the choker. Rei already suspected about Subaru always wearing turtle neck jumbers. Actually, he was focusing on that and it was one of the things he checked. See images in spoiler:
  3. Well, first of all. I think that she would be perfectly fine "alone" (without a couple). She is an independent person and, probably, she is going to be emotionally shocked during and after the final resolution of the BO stuff. She maybe needs some time to accept her new life, or maybe she almost-immediately feels released and willing to start social relationships (please remember that she is not a super sociable person). If she happens to end with someone, which could maybe just be a little sign of interest or something similar, I would like him to be Tooru Amuro. They have many things in common:
  4. Chapter in English is out! Gosho will take another few weeks break... I guess a big arc is coming... Do you have any other theory? Now, kind of changing the topic, do you think that Ran will have a meaningful paper in this arc?
  5. Gooood! Looks like we are going to have pretty interesting stuff this time! Are we finally going to see what happened in the Kudo's house?
  6. I don't think that she is just "good" or "bad". The thing I like most about her is her complexity. We know she is "bad", since she has done and tried to do bad things, but she has also shown a really human face. Plus, I think that we can assume that she was a kinda cold-hearted woman until the NY incident with Ran, that changed her into what she is now. My theory about her is that she has always wanted to be "good", but probably her life circumstances (which we don't know yet) didn't let her, and now she is allowing herself to release/liberate her "good side" with Ran.
  7. I totally agree with this list. Actually, I would say that right now the Gosho Boys and the 3rd group of men are kinda tie, but we need to take into account that the 3rd group is made up of older men than the Boys. This means that all of them have had way more experience in deducting and strategy things. Plus, all of them (except for Shukichi) are actually professionals related to the crime (some committing it, some solving it, some both). So this makes me think that if the best professionals of the crime field (including police), that have a lot of experience and high-level training, are in a tie with one or two high-schoolers, it seems very clear that the high-schoolers will be much better than them very soon!
  8. Hello everybody! I am Lambrusco, nice to meet you! I am a big fan of DC, probably like the rest of the users xD. I actually entered this site some times before, but I was too shy to register... until now! I started watching DC when I was a child, since the local television of the region I am from broadcasted it every evening. When I entered high school I stopped watching "child cartoons", until when I was around 14yo, when I started watching all of my childhood anime again. This brought me back to DC, of course, and also made me decide to major in East Asian Studies. For this reason, anime in general (specially DC, InuYasha, and a few others) have a very special meaning to me! About the series itself, I have to say that I like almost all the characters, and I am specially interested in Vermouth's secrets and the Ran-Shinichi relationship development (specifically Ran's suspicious on Shinichi's secret). I am looking forward to participating in this forum! Yoroshiku~
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