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    Deeper Connection with the Akai family

    I don't think they're related though, despite how much Conan and Shuichi were practically on the same wavelength during the 'Clash of Red and Black' arc, they would have recognized each other. If there is something going on with the Akai family that is part of a bigger part of the story, I just want to know if Shinichi and his family are connected. Also, did anyone else notice how fast Okiya came to the conclusion that Conan was Shinichi, the same with Masumi? Just a thought.
  2. EllanPoe

    Black Organization's Reaction to Conan

    If the Boss was really Shinichi's dad, that would be awkward and saddening. Although Gosho Aoyama said he would have a happy ending to his series, there is a chance that it could be him.
  3. EllanPoe

    Deeper Connection with the Akai family

    I was thinking the same thing about Akai's father, all we know is that he's dead and his second son looks like him. Maybe if the father had a connection with the BO, it could be the reason why the family moved to America and changed their name and maybe he only told Shuichi since Masumi didn't seem to be aware of them or the other agents. There is something else I have been thinking of, when Ran mentioned when she looked at Masumi she thought of waves, Shinichi's parents have been living in LA, a city by the ocean, right? This may be a long shot, but what if Yusaku and Yukiko know the family. Yusaku did mention have connections in law enforcement agencies, why not the FBI and it would explain how Conan was able to convince his mom to help with faking Akai Shuichi's death.
  4. EllanPoe

    Unrevealing the Boss Identity

    I wonder if someone did make a list of all the names mentioned in the first twelve Detective Conan chapters, how many names would that be anyway?
  5. EllanPoe

    What is the message the author is trying to convey

    What if its something like 'the truth is always out there, you just need to take a look at all the possibilities no matter how impossible or bizarre they appear to be'.
  6. EllanPoe

    The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth!

    Vermouth in the series always kind of looks sad, like she doesn't care if something happens to her, maybe that's why she is letting Conan to look as deep as he wants into the Organization without actively stopping him. Maybe she was an original subject for a project relating to immortality and that's why she maintains her youthful appearance.
  7. I think there might be a deeper connection between Shinichi/Conan and the Akai family. Think about it Shuichi Akai was in New York the same time Shinichi and Ran were, Conan and Ran both believe they met Masumi before, and now it seems the middle Akai brother has met Shinichi before as well. Now in the series it is possible all three of the siblings are in Japan and have met Conan at some point. I just think there might be a deeper connection with the family and Shinichi, I don't know what that is, but a lot of paths that Conan/Shinichi cross lead back to the one of the Akai siblings.
  8. EllanPoe

    Akai Shuuichi's Death Theory!

    If Akai is revealed to still be alive, I want to know how he and Conan faked his death with a limited amount of time for planning while Kir was under so much surveillance from the BO and how it was hidden from the FBI so well.
  9. EllanPoe

    Black Organization's Reaction to Conan

    If the Boss knows about Conan then I wonder why he hasn't revealed it to the other BO members yet, unless he is someone who is close to Conan and whats to see how far he can go.
  10. EllanPoe

    Black Organization's Reaction to Conan

    Yeah, but what kind of situation would lead Gin to Conan?
  11. EllanPoe

    Black Organization's Reaction to Conan

    Then again a child detective is strange for anyone and would be disproved when they meet Conan.
  12. EllanPoe

    Black Org's Phone #?

    Oh yeah that would look rather suspicious
  13. While I want both Haibara and Kir to survive until the end, I think the one who would end up dead is Kir. Vermouth suspected her early on of being a spy, idk if she knows she's CIA, but its only a matter of time before the others catch on as well, especially if proof that Akai is still alive is still out there
  14. EllanPoe

    Black Organization's Reaction to Conan

    Well Vodka did say one of the guards outside the station saw a kid run in.
  15. EllanPoe

    Akai Shuuichi's Death Theory!

    Gosho Aoyama does a good job of that, making new allies appear to be enemies at first glance then wham! the moment of revelation has them being good guys and help defeat the real bad guys in the end. Best example I believe is Subaru Okiya, all us readers were lead on into thinking he was Bourbon from the clues that made sense at the time, but in comes the mystery train arc and wham! again, his eyes look exactly like Shuichi Akai's. I'm betting revealing Okiya is Akai will be the wham!, but i wonder if he will add in a new ally with the early suspicions of being an enemy, maybe that will be the middle Akai brother, who we haven't seen yet.