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    Conan x Ai

    I love my parents a lot (I'm 19), but it would be very boring for me if my life consisted of nothing else but hanging out with them. I'm pretty sure most of the people would agree with me, can't see why you don't ? We all love our parents, but we don't hang out & enjoy life with them like with friends, do we ? & About DB, like I said, I'm sure she appreciates them & the friendship a lot, but she's like a big sister to them, their company will get boring too. Actually, when she is fairly a new character to the story, Conan asks her how does she not find being a kid annoying, she says that it's because Conan is with her, a person in the same situation. Well, you can see her interactions with them, she is mostly like a big sister/baby sitter. She's at a different maturity level, she thinks & acts & talks like an adult. Maybe there are some young adults who wouldn't mind having just three 7 year olds for friends (look at how ridiculous it sounds), but despite her horror childhood, I don't think Haibara is one of them.
  2. Silverbullet96

    Conan x Ai

    Just because she doesn't complain doesn't mean anything. They're different personalities, can you really imagine Haibara pouting & whining about being a child ? Also right now she doesn't have a choice, if she turns adult, she's in serious danger. Would you at 18 have enjoyed that your daily life consisted only of hanging out with an old man & three 7 year old kids ?
  3. Silverbullet96

    Conan x Ai

    Because right now she has Conan, won't be the case after he turns back into an adult. & obviously the fear of the BO is restricting her from doing much else with herself. Shiho is just a year older than him I think. And like I said, I'm sure she appreciates living a much carefree life, but no way will an 18 year old find enough joy in a life which consists no more than taking care of Hakase & babysitting DB.
  4. Silverbullet96

    Conan x Ai

    If she becomes an adult again she can at least go to high school with Shinichi & other kids her age, which she will like much more. Or get a job she likes. Btw Haibara doesn't have any more 'loved ones' than Shiho except for DB. I'm sure she cares for Hakase & the DB, & I think she does appreciate the school life for the reason you said, but I'm pretty sure hanging out with an old man & 7 year old kids whole day will get very boring for an 18 year old. And I think when the BO goes down the police would probably get all of the members, that makes sense for this show.
  5. Silverbullet96

    Conan x Ai

    What will she exactly do if she stays a child ? She's 18, going to kindergarten will be extremely boring, so will be hanging out with DB or any other 7 year olds after Conan's gone, hanging out with Hakase doesn't sound exciting either.
  6. Is there really a reason ? They don't have much chemistry, I know we have seen very little of them together, but I think we have seen enough, and its tough to see them string together decent conversations even in present, and imo it looked tougher when they were kids, Shinichi was the cool, talented kid and Ran was basically an innocent, cute, sweet young girl who clung to him with nothing else really to offer. They probably met through their parents, obviously Shinichi stuck with her because he liked her very soon after seeing her, but Ran really should have lost interest in him after realizing how different they are, no real reason to stick with him like BFFs for 10+ years. Or obviously there is no reason, just Gosho being 'eehh' at romance.
  7. Conan & Shinichi are the same person...his personality won't change when he becomes Shinichi again.
  8. Yeah, she acts okay, but nowhere near independent like Haibara does. We all know how the majority of her personality really is. She freaking offers to clean his room even when he is right there in the room. Whatever she does, she doesn't help at all to control his ego, she is just his flower to protect. If by "knocks that down a notch" you mean how she angrily breaks a pole, then that's not going to do the job at all. And we're not talking about just one action here, it's up to how her attitude is, and the things they should go through with each other. Her clinging and damsel in distress persona is only going to inflate his ego more.
  9. You're being blind if you really believe that Ran is just as good of a partner to Shinichi during cases as Shiho is. And also, it's true that Shiho is able to ground him better. He has spent all these years with Ran and yet his ego is big and he is selfish, he has obviously fallen a bit to Earth since he became small, and he met Haibara. All Ran has done is act as his pretty little flower and cling to him, that'll only result in stroking his ego, and there's not much she'll be to him even in the future other than his pretty angelic flower. Haibara can be a much better and more realistic lover for him in terms of his personality development, her being around has and will present a lot of challenges to him which will make him a better person. Not to mention she's probably a more exciting lover & person for Shinichi than Ran.
  10. That's the weird part. I can't imagine at all what they talked about with each other their whole childhood. Can you ? They have nothing in common. Also, I don't think Shinichi ever considered Ran a 'friend', she was his crush since day one. Anyway I didn't say they can't be friends, just not good friends or best friends. Just imagine, if Shinichi stops having feelings towards Ran, do you see him hanging out with her ? There's not much he can do with her, that's what I meant when I said she can only be his lover, or a casual friend.
  11. Iirc in the first episode during their 'date' their 'conversation' is Shinichi going on and on about Holmes, Ran couldn't add anything to that. Even in all of their flashbacks even as kids they didn't have a single conversation as equals, its just Shinichi leading their little adventures and Ran just tailing him around with a clueless face.P.S: I'm not saying they can't be lovers & I'm not saying its unrealistic for such people to have a romantic relationship. Not every couple, even in the real world, have good chemistry and they do just fine. Just saying that they don't have good chemistry, which some people can't see for some reason. They can't be best friends, just lovers. Whereas Ai can be a lot of things to him, they can help each other mature in a lot of ways, it'll be a better & also more exciting relationship for Shinichi rather than the jolly housewife relationship he'll have wih Ran.
  12. Silverbullet96

    Conan x Ai

    You should say them.
  13. You mention it on 90% of your posts. That's what's funny.
  14. 1. CoAi 2. Ayumi/Conan (Akako/Kaito if it was available in the poll) 3. Ran/Araide (HousewifeXHousehusband ? No thank you.) I guess so many people dislike CoAi just because they don't like the popularity the ship is getting, probably most of them are ShinRan fans.
  15. Lol ! Right after I saw your username while scrolling down I thought to myself, "Yeah he's going to mention how much he likes the childhood romance plot"
  16. For me it didn't make sense. What he said means that he doesn't know Ran's feelings because its not possible to deduce the heart of the woman he likes, but if Haibara is in love with him then he is even more clueless about that, which doesn't make sense because he doesn't like her, apparently. He's just dumb about romance. But it was a decent scene, I have to say. As for DC's romance, yeah its mostly just one childhood love story after another, but I don't really mind it if the couple has good chemistry, though it's unfortunate that the primary pairing in both MK & DC suck in that area. It just shows the pretty, kind girl tailing the cool guy around, though at least Ran knows karate. I too ship AiXConan and definitely prefer AkakoXKaito over AokoXKaito.
  17. For me - Long Anime - DC Short - Toradora!
  18. Silverbullet96

    Anime Couple??

    CoAi, unfortunately. Most of the times I end up liking the secondary couple. Sucks.
  19. Ouran High School Host Club. All the laughing attracted a lot of weird stares from people around me though.
  20. Just like Conan doesn't trust Ran enough to let her know his secret ? The mess with the BO is complicated, being 'besties' doesn't automatically ensure that she will tell him everything, maybe she isn't revealing them because of some complicated reason that we don't know about, not because she doesn't consider Conan a friend (do you really think Ai & Conan aren't friends ? :l). I never said Shiho 'should' be with Shinichi. I was just talking about how ShinRan rarely have an equal conversation and you throw a fit for some other topic. Ran & Shin aren't opposites btw.
  21. They haven't had one. All of their 'conversations' so far in the series have literally mostly been their mushy moments, fights, or where Shinichi is rambling about his cases or showing off his detective side (The Aquarium case), they rarely have a conversation as equals and can't imagine them having one, because they lack good chemistry and have nothing in common, the only reason they even hung out together since their childhood was because 1)They didn't have many good friends. 2)Shinichi liked Ran. Even in their flashback episodes you can really deduct how most of their interaction in their childhood went, it's just Shinichi leading their little adventures and Ran is simply tagging along with him for some reason.
  22. Do they ? You gave an example of it in your post itself, whenever Ran does/says some heroic thing, most of the times she says she did it because she thought "Shinichi would have done it" who knows what she wanted to do. I don't think that factored too much. Like I said, they both can barely hold a proper conversation, I doubt Shinichi got to know too much about her beliefs or personality. No they're not. If you want an example of two similar personalities then there's Hachiman & Yukinoshita from Oregairu. They're both the 'cool' type, but I don't ship them because they're so similar. Ai & Conan are not similar. Can't say they're poles apart, but the two poles are not the only two personality types out there, neither are sharks & dolphins.
  23. I just said if he started having stronger feelings for Ai than Ran then it would make sense & be better for him to go after Ai. It's probably not going to happen in the series really, but if it were real life I'd like to think Conan would have fallen for Ai by now, since imo the only reason he likes Ran is because she's pretty. He started liking her the 1st time after seeing her pretty face/smile, and their lack of chemistry suggests they couldn't really talk & interact with each other well enough for Shinichi to know too much about her personality except that she's kind & a good girl blah blah.
  24. I'm not even talking about that. I just said if you sincerely love the 'other' person more than your first love, then it would make sense if you go for them.
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