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  1. They all fairly dumb because why would you murder with the presence of the great sleeping detective?
  2. He is extremely rude, using Agasha's voice without permission.
  3. Vermouth, she is very experienced and the master at...well a lot of things. With guy like Gin I think he would kill me within the first 15 minutes
  4. No one is perfect so is Akai. He is a much better womanizer than Mouri for sure :grin:
  5. The Strange Gunshot. The episode where Yuhiko and Eri met each other. The butler killed the master of the house because the master wanted to remove the garden. Duh, it's his house he can remove whatever garden he wanted and got killed for that
  6. Anytime! (x Have fun bro~

  7. 1. Detective Conan 2. Doraemon 3. Dragon Ball Z 4. Naruto 5. Ranma 1/2
  8. I forgot to mention Jodie she could be a strong contender as well.
  9. Thanks a lot Kyuu Nye!! What a fantastic break down! I wonder if Kaitou Kid can fight, he surely know how to escape the best :mrgreen:
  10. Alright. (x Gotta go now. See ya later! :)

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