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  1. Perhaps that, even though that Amuro's tests forced him to conclude that Akai is really dead, maybe he never really believed what his tests were telling him. If he knows there was a connection between Shiho and Akai, then he would want to preserve the connection and use Shiho as bait to lure out Akai. Gin said it before that Bourbon hates Akai more than he does, and if that's true, he will stop at nothing to find and eliminate Akai for himself; even if it means going against the boss' orders. As for Gin's less than excited reaction to Shiho's "death", is that perhaps he doesn't trust that she had been killed effectively enough, and / or he doesn't trust Vermouth/Bourbon. That and he probably wanted to execute her himself.
  2. Or perhaps Akai knew that "Sherry" was Kid from the start and knew he would be able to get away. I was under the impression that Subaru / Akai knew that Haibara was safe and sound from the beginning. Back at the climax of the Vermouth arc when Vermouth made a run for it and took Conan as hostage, he didn't shoot her because he's the type of guy who doesn't want to hurt the good guys in the process of taking down the Black Org guys.
  3. Vermouth (and the BO in general) are very resourceful, since Akai is considered to be a threat, it makes sense to do research on him and his family, or people close to him in general. It wouldn't surprise me that Vermouth would be able to find this information. Scar Akai targeted Sera before, so he must have known that Sera was related to Akai in some way or another.
  4. Vermouth burnt down Jodie's house down 20 years prior and left fingerprints on her father's glasses. The fingerprints matched up with Sharon Vineyard's / Chris Vineyard's fingerprints proving that they are indeed the same person. Chris attended "Sharon's" funeral, so she's supposed to be dead, so how does Chris' fingerprints match Sharon's? They are the same person. Vermouth is an extraordinarily talented person, but she cannot split herself into two people This is the article on Vermouth: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Vermouth#Jodie.27s_discovery_Chris_Vineyard.2C_Sharon_Vineyard_and_Vermouth_are_the_same_person That probably explains it better than I do.
  5. I'd be pretty miffed if Okiya does turn out to be Yuusaku, besides, Ai shouldn't get a BO scent from Yuusaku. Anyway the time we saw Scar Akai during the mall bombing case, Vermouth was shown with Gin, Vodka and Kir, so we know that Vermouth wasn't Scar Akai before...at least she wasn't during the mall bombing case. Okiya was there too.
  6. Akai1412


    I'm not sure that Gin saying "Hmph, always doing as he pleases" is a response that he would give if he found out Bourbon convinced the boss to call off that attack. Surely it's not such an unusual thing for a member of the BO to talk with the boss, even via Vermouth to do such a thing. I'm still more inclined to believe that Gin is just really irritated at Bourbon disguising as Scar Akai and his method of attracting Gin's attention like that. Scar Akai also noticed Chianti and smirked at her. Assuming Amuro is Scar Akai and an undercover cop, would he make such a bold move to an organisation who could kill him just for looking like Akai? Would he know that Bourbon would call off that attack? Could he predict that? Although I am convinced that Bourbon is Amuro is Scar Akai, I would actually like to be surprised and find out that Bourbon is actually Sera...I doubt it though.
  7. Akai1412


    This, I believe if it were anyone other than Bourbon, Gin would have had him killed. Gin and the BO retreated pretty quickly after Vermouth spoke to Gin, and Gin seemed to be aware of Scar Akai's identity, so, if it were a cop in disguise or anyone who isn't Bourbon, he probably would have been shot there and then especially if he was investigating the Org, because the Org is known for not taking any chances, E.g. Gin would have had Mouri shot on the basis that he COULD have something to do with the wiretap being stuck to Kir's shoe, even though Conan made it clear that Mouri was listening to the horserace.
  8. If it helps some, there is already a Bourbon topic and it has a poll.
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