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  1. Welcome to DCW! Enjoy your stay here!! add me as friend if you want!

  2. where can i find the details for this?? Note that you cannot view videos at this time. See the forum for more details (or announcements).The following list is currently for informational purposes only. (from the watch page) ^,^ hope some will reply..
  3. here you go! here's mine! https://twitter.com/#!/EzioAuditore198 pls add me!! ))
  4. here you go! here's mine! https://twitter.com/#!/EzioAuditore198 ^,^
  6. i want you to be my friend!! ^<^

  7. “You’re a tough, troublesome case, you know! With all these distracting emotions… Even if I were Holmes it’d still be impossible to figure out! The heart of a woman whom one loves… How can anyone accurately deduce that?” ~Shinichi Kudo to Ran Mouri
  8. “She should want to see me. If i had said how i feel about her, she would miss me even more. All this time, i’ve been breaking her heart by keeping her wait yet i can’t still appear before her eyes. I never want to see her cry anymore. Even if it means i no longer exist in her heart. How immature of me, right?” ~Shinichi Kudo
  9. “People can really change.When they’re far away from each other, their hearts will change. It’s so cruel that the only thing I can do is wait.” ~Ran Mouri
  10. I'm from the Philippines! and I love DCW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Vermouth: "Why did you save me? Why?" Shinichi: "Is a reason nesessary? I don't know why you would kill someone. But as for saving someone...A logical mind isn't needed, right?" This is from the episode 345 in a flashback of Vermouth. Vermouth remembers this, holding a gun directed to Ai and Ran, who is protecting Ai with her body. Such a cool thing to say.
  12. OH!!! I LOVE COOKING!!!!!!!!! BUT I MORE LIKE EATING!!!!! hahahaha! ^,^
  13. i will just fix my my right here!!! then i'll go to sleep ^,^

  14. talk to you tomorrow!!!

  15. :) it's nice meeting you.. ^,^.. well i have to sleep beacuse i still have a class tomorrow !! ^,^
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