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  1. I feel like I'm being isolated in this site. ;(

  2. Happy Mothers' Day! :) sorry if I'm wrong. ^_^

  3. why does everyone think i'm having a love life when i'm just chatting to a fellow otaku? :\

  4. now reading: Kuroko no Basuke. <3

  5. Vacation so boring but I don't want to come back to school. :(

  6. Now Watching: Shinichi's first case. <3

  7. why do i say i hate someone when sometimes i really like that person? :(

  8. any game for pc suggestion? or an otome game perhaps? :)

    1. Maltavite


      Maybe you should try GTA IV or any of Call of Duty series...

    2. jellal103


      thanks a lot guys! :) i'll try those. :)

    3. jellal103


      hey guys. uhmm, do you mind if i ask for other suggestions? the games you suggested didn't suit me. i guess it's too much to ask this of you but thank you. :)

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  9. any game for pc suggestion? or an otome game perhaps? :)

  10. you're the only why I can't sleep at night.

  11. I wish I was a rich kid who can cosplay anything I'd like. :(

  12. anime is the ultimate painkiller for an otaku like me. :)

  13. i am and will always be.

  14. i wish a real person's love story is just like the one you see on anime. -.-

  15. midway part of vacation. -.-

  16. what a downright lie.

  17. what a downright lie.

  18. Finished 3 short anime in a month. :)

  19. So we have smile, special forever!

  20. watching anime makes me hungry. :(

    1. Shinichi Kudo forever
    2. jellal103


      yea. especially those related to food like yakitate japan. :DD

  21. It's the first time that someone whose face I haven't seen, whose name I haven't heard of and someone I haven't even known make my heart beat fast like this. I wanna meet him somehow.

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