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  1. ANN reported on the figures from Oricon: http://www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/news/2013-12-09/lupin-iii-vs-detective-conan-tops-box-office-with-650-million-yen
  2. Thanks. I actually find the wiki useful for keeping track of episodes, finding out their original air dates so I can match them up with movies, specials, OVA's, etc. It's also good to know when an episode alters Manga events. But yeah, I'm aware character pages would bring about spoilers, so I'm okay on that.
  3. It's gotta be the Original Japanese version . Although I first saw the series through Funimation's English dub, I can push through any nostalgia I had for it. The dub had major changes to suit an American audience; Something I very much disagree with in the dubbing business (Even the name of the series was changed! ). The acting is pretty corny as well. In Japan, voice acting is a very well respected profession, so even children's show like DC are of top-notch quality. Really I think the show was just unlucky enough to be picked up by an earlier, less experienced Funimation. They do better now, but I never watch English dubs anyway. It just annoys me that they did what they did and then just left the series for dead. Even the releases they did put out had issues. It's enough to make me wish that Funimation would just erase what they've done, start all over again and do it right. If not, just drop the license and have another company who'll do it justice pick it up.
  4. Heya, everybody! So, as the title says, I haven't been with this series for long. Having known of the series' long and successful life, as well as some interesting memories of its American airing on Adult Swim, I decided to give the show a go. This started some months ago but for whatever reason I stopped! (I think it's just my natural lazy habits.) So a couple weeks ago I made a resolve to continue and now I'm completely hooked. At this point I've finished up to episode 58, as well as the first movie. Anyway, about me generally... Yeah, I like other Manga and Anime, my favourite has to be the wonderful Dragon Ball series. I also play video games, including mystery games like Professor Layton and Ace Attorney. Most of the time I just hang about the net and watch things or talk to people, so it's not a very eventful or anything. Umm.... I think that's it. I'm not very good at talking about myself that much, haha. I guess I'll just end this by saying hello to the community and I hope to get along with everyone!
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