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  1. I am. We always have a little reunion. It's just that I really feel stressed and depressed this year. How about you?

  2. Well... We're having a little family reunion.:D Family Tradition. :D

  3. Merry Christmas Akako!!! :D

  4. Well... worst Christmas ever based from my past experiences... really bored. :(

  5. Merry Christmas everyone!! :D

    1. Valkyrie


      Merry Christams to you too! :D

    2. hopes


      Happy Holidays~ :D

  6. Yeah!! That's why I hate Ran! It's taken her so long and she hasn't realized that Conan is Shinichi! -.-

  7. Thanks Erza! Gotta go look for Zeref! :D

  8. no. I don't mind... yeah. I noticed the same thing. Even our group on Facebook has members that are mostly Filipino. Well, Detective Conan is one of the most famous animes here in our country. :D

  9. Well... I go with you. :D I also like Ai for him. :D They look so good together!

  10. Why is your name like that? Don't you like Ran for Shinichi?

  11. Well... I'm a Filipino. What's your real name?? You're just a year older than me! :D

    (oh! before I forget!)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. LOL.. so you like Fairy Tail too? Do you know where can I watch it online? :D

  13. Hi everyone! Pls. add me up! I wanna make Friends!
  14. well... You seem popular around here. as for me, i'm studying for school. though Christmas is approaching, i need to. How about you? Do you mind if i ask what's your nationality and other things about yourself? i just got a little curious about you. :D

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