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  1. Yeah!! same here!! Do you know what? As I know it, she's gonna release her 4th album in 2012. :)

  2. No Prob! :D

    Uhmm... What's your real name?

  3. Yeah! Me, too!! How about 'Teardrops On My Guitar?"

  4. not that bad.. She didn't have much exposure.. I like her song " You Belong With Me". Have you heard it?

  5. yeah. I noticed. :D

    Do you know her song Today was a Fairy Tale?

    She also had a movie.

  6. Yeah! Do you know any other songs of Taylor Swift?

  7. oh... It already has 111 episodes as I know. Was that the part when they just finished Nirvana?

  8. Sorry if it's late. :D

    You've got nice choice of songs there. :D

    I also like Love Story and Because of you but for me, I think Because Of You is better than Love Story. :D

  9. I prefer Indoor games especially the games in which you think to win. :D I don't like getting tired, actually.

    What's your fave song/s?

  10. So you're a sporty one?? Which one do you like better? indoor or outdoor games??

  11. I like The Script, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift, too! I also liked MCR (if you're referring to My Chemical Romance) but that was before. :D

    What's your favorite game?

  12. Why do they always have childhood friends as their mate?!! I want to be Aoko Nakamori!!!

  13. No. :D I'm referring to singers like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. :D

    They're famous here. :D

  14. I love to play chess and other board games. I also like to study Math(it's my favorite subject). :D Sometimes, I also try to write love stories. But the best is surfing the internet. :D

    Do you know American Singers??

  15. I can't decide between Shinchi and Kaito!! >.<

    1. Cindy-Chen


      Thanks for the add •\\\\• still new but getting the hangs of it thank you :)

    3. JoJoColman
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  16. That's not Mory. Sorry.That was supposed to be more. :D

  17. currently addicted to Fairy Tail... but I also like Code Geass, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Special A and many mory.. :D (doesn't fit)

    What's your hobby that's not related to Anime?

  18. Janela. but my close friends call me by my nickname.. I actually hate my full name that's why I use this anime character's name. Anyway, it's kinda close to my real one. :D

    Aside from Detective Conan, what other animes do you like?

  19. Huh? I don't know. :D What's your real name?

  20. Oh! Thanks. What episode are you watching?

  21. I'm from the Philippines. How about you?

  22. Yeah. Thanks. You made me feel a lot better!^^

  23. I don't really know... Maybe it's because of what happened to my fellow countrymen in the Southern Part of my country..

  24. By the way, do you know who's Purehito? from Fairy Tail?

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