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  1. Dear you, No. I already thought the better of it. If I killed you or my teacher, I have one less awesome person in my life. ~Me
  2. Hey Empress!!! *HUGS* <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  3. Liar! You LOVE spicy food! xP I have blisters on my hands.
  4. Welcome to DCW! Do introduce yourself in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum so that other members can welcome you as well! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! :)

  5. It's pretty good! I agree with snowflake though, the face is a little off-shape but I am not one to speak. I can't draw either. Well done and PS: I'm Muslim too! xD
  6. Chemistry Theory Paper for 2.5 hours. Chemistry Practical Exam for 3.5 hours. Maths Mock Exam for 2.5 hours. History Lecture for 3 hours.
  7. WELCOME TO DCW! Have fun and drop a word at my profile anytime if you want to chat!
  8. I regret not working out. My timing for my run is 20 sec more than my last timing.
  9. Don't go around looking for death. Death will come soon enough.
  10. Dear anonymous, Thanks for the MIND-BLOWING exam. Yeah, it is just WONDERFUL to sweat so much even when the air-con's at 20 degrees Celsius and it is just WONDERFUL to figure out whatever weird thing you put in the paper. I swear, if I hear you say "Chemistry is so simple/easy" again, I will shoot you. I mean it. Love, Your student-who-can't-draw-diagrams
  11. There are so many people's birthdays today... O_O

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    2. -The Rising Angel-
    3. A L

      A L

      Ah, that is considerably not anymore, but crazy as in climbing up a three story building in the dead of the night o.O"

    4. Valkyrie


      That's not crazy. Any normal person would do that if they have the time. xP

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  12. Macam mane ya? Bagus tak? :)

    Pasti bagusnye... Kamu ni kan pandai! xP

  13. You'll do great. :) Don't worry about it.

    The judges are fools if they don't choose you as the winner. xP

    If I am them, I'll give you first place! :D

  14. Hai lagi! :D

    Apa khabar? Dah Dapat result tak? :P

  15. Sorry lil sis...

    I am hating every exams now. And I hate the fact I am actually stressed over them. Dx

    Sorry I wasn't here...

  16. Bye... Dx

    We can talk next time. :)

    Have a goodnight rest. <33333333333333333333333333333333

  17. Then don't delay. You need your sleep so you can have more fun later one. :)

    Don't worry, you know we still can talk next time.

    Go to sleep. <3

  18. Why must you leave in the first place?

  19. Oh you're leaving... Dx

    I am so upset...

  20. Do you WANT to be a lawyer/doctor/engineer? O.O

  21. Hmm... why do you think you suck at writing essays?

    And you can get to an arts college instead... Do something you wish to do and don't suck up writing essays just cos your parents want you to do medicine or business. Dx

  22. Suck at writing essays or your handwriting sucks?

    And it doesn't matter which. You're good at drawing so you don't have to care about doing well in essays. xP

  23. Goodbye Detective Gin. We never talked but it is still sad to know someone's leaving. All the best on whatever you wish to do after this.
  24. That is what happen if you take History for a national exam. :P

    And that isn't much. I written even more words for a Economics paper before. >.<

    My pens ran out of ink after that...

  25. Oh, good luck! :D Kamu pasti dapat markah baik!! xD

    Okay, aku blaja baik2. Kalau tak, mak and bapak aku bantai aku. Dx

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