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  1. It's okay... Misunderstanding happens. And thanks for thinking that I'm smart. :)

    But you're right. I'm stubborn as hell.

  2. I think I fear many things though I don't know about them and even if I did, I try to ignore it. But there is one thing I know that I fear though. I fear dying without a purpose. Sounds weird no?
  3. ....

    No need to get all insulting. I am just saying. It's never goign to happen.

    No need to make it sound as though I have no brains.



  5. Nope. I am sooo hard-core ASIAN.

    But I'll vote for Obama if I have the choice. :P

    I saw your status ^^

  6. -continued-



    But I like pink diamonds though. :P

  7. Sorry for late reply~

    Anyway, what do you mean 'TOMBOYISH'?

    I am a tomboy- I fight plenty and I have a very loud and angry voice when I shout (blame it on army training).

    But I still enjoy being a girl though~ Dresses, skirts- no problem though I don't wear them excessively. :P

    Make-up? Sure. Jewellery? I like them!


  8. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :D

  9. Finally got a new broadband... The last one was roasted. <_<

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    2. A L

      A L

      Sure, so I can somehow read the future and copy what you will do and do it before you </3

    3. Valkyrie


      Sorry... Was just a joke mate! Don't take it too seriously! </3

    4. A L

      A L

      If I was a girl, I'd go moe and say "urusai! bakaxmultiple" and throw books at you. :P

  10. Aku tak skolah kat skolah biase pe... Aku ingat Bahasa Arab tu kalau nak ambik boleh, tak nak pun boleh. Skolah aku Sekolah cina. Aku blaja bahasa Cina, tak Bahasa Arab.
  11. If you have the strength to die, why don't you have the strength to live?
  12. Kau blajar Bahasa Arab??? WAH! BAGUS NYE! Nis pandai seh... Bahasa Jepun senang ke??? Aku rase Bahasa Arab lagi senang. Alif, ba, ta... Hey semue! Apa khabar semue? Baik tak?
  13. Dear anonymous, Honestly? Stop this talk of suiciding. STOP. You have a bad life, we know. Your parents insult you and nag at you everyday but then again, whose parents don't? You say I have no idea how your life is and you're right. I don't. But what I do know is that you are taking everything too harshly. So what if you are not top of the class? So what if your parents are being jerks? There's always another day where everything will get better and you just have to live to reach that day. Dying won't help. You tell EVERYBODY that you are going to die and then, you don't. Then, you apologise but do it again. I really want to ask you if you really mean it when you say you won't do it again. Because, to me, it really seem that you want somebody to either push your off the building or to pull you back in. So which is it? I don't really understand you. You keep everyone on their toes, praying that you won't do anything stupid and then, when we are relieved that you didn't commit suicide, you say that you are again. And you say nobody cares for you and that you have no social life. Open your eyes girl! You have FRIENDS and they all CARE for YOU. When you are sad, there is someone there to make you smile and when you have no money to eat, there is someone there to buy you lunch. When you say that you want to commit suicide, there are so many of us who tell you not to. And when you go to school even during the holidays cos you don't wanna be at home with your parents, there is always someone who is willing to forgo their own holidays to sit with you and keep you company. You know that I will always be there to stop you from commiting suicide. I prevented that THRICE already. You rage at me, but do you see me stopping? I will never stop. I won't let you. I might be selfish, trying to keep you alive so that I won't suffer a heartache, but I really don't want you to die for something that will end soon. You have probably another 80 years ahead of you so PLEASE, don't kill yourself for something that happened in your first 16 years of your life. I really don't know why I am writing such a long post about this. You are never going to read this anyway. But by any chance you do, I really hope you start to see that there is more to life than just studies and parents. There is always a shining star, even in the greatest darkness. Hold onto that star, that ray of hope, and never, EVER let it go. ~Your friend for life
  14. That's discrimination! The guy-est girl??? HONESTLY? Who is that boy to say such things?! Dx

    If I ever happen to drop by your school, I would show him how a guy-est girl behave! >:D

  15. Not really. :)

    I am happy if you are so if you think you like it, I'll support you. xD

  16. Yep, me too! :)

    So is it your hols now?

  17. O_O

    How are you talking to me when taking a bath?

  18. Betul... Tak de ramai orang yang berbual BM. D: Kalau ada lagi ramai orang, pasti thread ni macam thread Filipino tu.
  19. I like baths too but danger... I think I have my fair share of it so I'll take no danger anytime. :/

  20. Don't. I don't wanna get anyone involved in my... group's business. I don't wanna get anyone I care about hurt.

  21. Thank god you are. :)

    I nearly drowned that's all. Bad people tried to pull me down so...

    I live dangerously.


    The last time somebody did CPR on me... was a bad experience. He nearly broke my sternum. Dx

    Thank god for strong bones.

  23. Oi oi... I'm not making another lesson for you. I got better things to do. Dan Hi semua! Kenapa thread ni diam aje?
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