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  1. O_O

    Ironies? Tone?

    OMG, I think I prefer writing out another 5000 word thesis about WW2 again. xP

    Good luck and I know you'll do well. You know why? :P

    Cos you're my lil sis and I am pretty good at tone, ironies and hidden meanings! xPPPP

  2. Do introduce yourself in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum so other members can welcome you as well! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! :)

  3. Okay! Aku blajar rajin2, kamu juga blajar rajin2! xD

    Jom kite dapat markah baik sama2! :D

  4. OH! Lucky you then! xP

    You're going to get full marks right? xPPP

  5. Welcome to DCW! Have fun and enjoy! Talk to me anytime and seeya around here! :grin:
  6. Khabar baik! :D

    Kamu? :)

    Sorry ah, reply lambat. Sekolah ni... <_<

  7. English test? Good luck and all the best then! :D

    What is it about? Normal grammar and vocab?

  8. Thanks for the add! :D

  9. I like Indian vegetarian food.
  10. You are going to thank me one day. I am making you suffer now so you will be prepared for more suffering in the future. Yeah, I love you too Mr. Sadistic-Economics-Teacher. <3
  11. Dear anonymous, Yeah, I know I should relax and sleep a little bit more. I know I look terrible with all thosse eyebags but I can't seem to sleep!! Dx Sorry but I don't think any amount of pills will help me sleep. It'll probably give me nightmares. Thanks for caring anyway. <3 ~Your room mate
  12. Hey hey hey... What's with the studying stress out? xP

    Relax and chill and don't skip the Algebra you naughty girl. :P

    But then again, I'm a hypocrite for saying that. I always skip Algebra too. xPPPP

  13. !???! Who's Aster? Aeleran said: We are all a pawn in the Powers' game... But why not enjoy the game while it last?
  14. Yeah I am so here's another one: Kresnik said: I am not evil. I am just particular.
  15. Giving quotes from books Eh? Fine, I'll go with mine. Kresnik said:
  16. Competiting is healthy but not too much. I would prefer if my friends and I leave out the topic of grades from our coversations but of course, this is not possible. When there is too much competitiveness, till the point where your best friends is seriously dampening your spirits by saying that they would beat you no matter what and showing jealousy and contempt, it is time to face your 'friend'. Maybe, they have forgotten what it means to be a friend.
  17. You will. :)

    You are smart, just like me! xPPPP

    JKJK... You'll be able to get it. :)

  18. You were here...

    Why didn't you say something..? T.T

  19. Oh, it's not a forum. It is the sister site for FF.net.

  20. Sorry? What Final Prophecy?

  21. You don't like Biology? O.O

    I LOVE it! xP

    So since now you know, you can ask me anything about Bio next time!

  22. I love the colours!! Wonderfully done although the noses are a bit weird. But the colouring and design totally overthrow the AWESOMENESS of this piece of art! Well done! +1 although you deserve more!
  23. WOW! A new mod! xD


  24. Why? :(

    Why are you getting enough sleep? What's wrong?

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