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  1. Reozen

    Who is the best detective, Shinichi or Heiji?

    Shinichi is by far the better detective.
  2. Hey how have you've been? I haven't been on in a while since I've been busy but hopefully you're doing great.

  3. Reozen

    DCW Alumni List on Twitter

  4. Reozen

    Steam -- Let's Create a DCW Group!!

    I made my Steam account recently my Steam username is Reozen.
  5. And Happy Late Birthday.

  6. Hey Aeyra, have you've streamed any of your art lately?

  7. Happy late Birthday!

  8. Reozen

    Detective Conan World Podcast

    You weren't the only one who missed it we'll just have to wait until the next podcast which will probably be the first or second week of January.
  9. Reozen

    Conan Collections

    You could buy some online.
  10. Reozen

    DC File 812 (Spoilers)

    If you haven't already you can read file 812 at DCTP. File 813 will probably be released tonight or Saturday.
  11. Reozen

    New Moderator: Unrequited Hope

    You've might of also seen her around here using the names Chelseaj500, and Akakata.
  12. Reozen

    Hello! I'm NEW please Add me~!

    Welcome to DCW!
  13. Maurice is the admin of DCW. http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/user/1-maurice/
  14. Reozen

    [DCW + Chibby] Nonchalant Lupin (Released!)

    Here is a mediafire link to replace the broken one if anyone still needs to download it.