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  1. hello! thank you for adding me as a friend!

  2. lol just looked at your join date and never knew you joined at 2011 :P

  3. Don't you mind some stuff? (Actually I don't, I'm just curious, I've found math very fun at several points in life )
  4. Here's one I really like: "Obstacles are there to signify how bad you want something"
  5. I would liked to express my fear of Five nights as Freddy's. And how I still love to play it.
  6. I found out what resistors are
  7. Wouldn't young people's interset in math make some kind of important statistics therse days?
  8. Hey SW! Welcome to the DCW community, hope you enjoy your time around here! PS: Indonesia is on my countries to visit-list
  9. Are you saying you like math?
  10. Oh Kaito charachters? i'm pretty bad at that, but good to know that And yes it would be pretty interesting to hear the full story of how Yukiko and Yusaku met. It might let us know more about shinichi and whether he would a suitable partner for Haibara..(totally not a connection to main topic attmept)
  11. why does math have to butt in on everything?
  12. A milion ways to die in the west. Only made it halfway though.
  13. And the worst part is that we probably won't be able to watch an understandable version till months after that date.... why you do dis to us DC people.... D;<
  14. Yea that's true...let's at least hope the future romantic couples aren't childhood friends...it would be enough of a twist for me xD
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