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    First, let us look into the current status of DC. The only ending I can imagine right now is of Gosho. Lol This is my version of Ending of DC. It is made to be exciting, interesting, disturbing and no comedy at all. Bring some popcorn. Please don’t hate on me. Criticism is appreciated. Now you can read at your own risk, you have been warned. Once seen is never unseen. Beginning~ It has been many years since the last time Conan saw the Black Organisation. After convincing Bourbon that Akai was dead, no one ever heard from the Black Organisation. FBI couldn’t find out any significant information nor did CIA share any information with them. Conan was now growing up, mentally that is. He still has a 7 year old body. He convinced everyone by bribing a doctor to diagnose him with Dwarfism. Though doesn’t protect him from being called a shorty. This phase was especially hard for Conan since hes a dork and kids barely get impressed by deductions nowdays. Conan : I see you had Peanut Butter sandwich for breakfast. Girl : Wat? U tokin 2 me? How did u kno? Conan : Well, I can see the brown stain on the collar of your shirt, so you were eating something. The consistency of the stain was rough, so it was either.. Girl : Omg shut up. Your not my father, u geek, no one tells me wat to do. Get sweg. Conan : …………… This tough period started when Detective Boyz got disbanded. That little bald spot on Genta’s head everyone loved, well it was a stage 2 Brain tumor. Genta died and Conan started investigating his death. “Maybe his parents wanted to kill him” Conan murmured. Ayumi and Mitsuhiko knew it was time to leave. They now live in Osaka. The only one from Dbz left is Haibara. Shes beautiful, intelligent and beautiful so she owns the school. She made Conan, her brother so his geekiness wouldn’t affect her reputation, also she can blame Conan for being a dwarf. Br0z0ned Sato and Takagi got married. Soon Shiratori married that Sato-faced school teacher. No one cares about Chiba. Next would be Ran. Shes in her third year of college. She is aiming to be a lawyer like her mother. She is also dating a guy from college. She lost hope on Shinichi when he refused to Skype with her. Her best friend is still Sonoko. Why? Shes rich. Sonoko is so rich that she got into Harvard and sent a dummy to attend the college while she does more important things in Japan like cosplay, origami.etc. Now to the Current timeline :- Conan and Haibara are returning from school. Conan : Can you give me the APTX antidote? Haibara : No. Conan : Please. Haibara : No. Why? Conan : Because today is Ran’s birthday and I want to surprise her by going as Shinichi and telling her to wait for me Haibara : You’re stupid. Next thing, you’ll do is transform into Shinichi to go to a Strip club. Conan : Shes important to me. Haibara : I dont care. Conan split ways with Haibara, upon reaching Café Poirot, he got a message from Jodie, FBI. Kir’s dead. Conan still had to buy a gift for Ran so left his bag at home and ran downtown in search of a perfect present. Took him a long time to pick a dress for her. He was late for the party. No one was aware Conan was late except for Haibara. He finally came, saw she had already cut the cake and now was opening her presents. He ran to her and gave her the present “It is from me and Shinichi”, she wasn’t really happy to hear his name. She opened it and held the dress before her, it was a beautiful yellow. There was a shatter of glass and the yellow dress slowly developed patches of red. It was Ran. She fell to the side. Conan couldn’t comprehend the situation. He knew what happened, but he didn’t wanted to believe it. A face he saw from the shattered window, which was enough to haunt him for the rest of his life. Everyone gathered around Ran, pushing Conan to the side. He still couldn’t move. “Tell Shinichi, I…” he couldn’t hear anything else. He fell on his knees. Without a second thought, he picked a knife and ran outside. There they were, Gin and Vodka. They were entering their Porsche. Conan was thinking about following their PORSCHE with his SKATEBOARD but unfortunately for him, it was night. So he ran to a taxi. Conan : Follow that Porsche! Driver : Wheres are your parents, child? Conan : Follow that car or I’ll slit your throat with this knife. *Driver leaves car and runs away* Conan : Shitttttt. Conan got in the driver seat and started the car. He turns the radio on. CAR CHASE. On the way, Conan ran over 3 Civilians, 2 Dogs, one kid from his school. His skills from Midtown Madness were clearly visible in this hunt. He made a steep turn and saw 4 BO members. He rammed the car into them, killing them instantly. It turned out they weren’t BO members but they were from the Blues Brother convention nearby. He slipped through the commotion and escaped before the police arrived. The story of a 7 year old threatening and taking his cab didnt really work for the Driver and he was arrested for Hit and Runs. He arrived early morning to Mouri’s Place. Everyone was present there. “Kudo, I am sorry” Heiji said. Sonoko told Conan that the funeral was in the afternoon. “What were her last words?” Conan asked. Her last words were :- Tell Shinichi, he was too late. He almost cried but he stopped. “I will only cry when I tear that bastard who shot Ran, with my own hands” he told Sonoko. There were 2 people missing there, Agasa and Haibara. END OF PART 1
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    There was never a case involving that trick in Detective Conan. It sounds like something Kindaichi would do.
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    Read the latest ACs here. For some reason, my uploader won't let me show the pictures unless they're shrunk down so tiny that you can't see them. http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12705&start=120#wrap
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    in ep345 after she took conan as a hostage and fled, she got a text from "the boss" and if I remember it right, the boss said "I've given you too much freedom. Come back to me." So I am guessing she's more of a lover than a daughter or wife, but that's just my opinion.
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    Your drawings are so cool that I'm speechless! Can't wait for more from you! +1!
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    The drawing is really good +1 for you
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    Awesome drawing. +100... if I can.
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    Jovan/Jofan/Granoith/Lupin! You're amazing as always! Tell me your secret, haha! give a tutorial
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    Some of my drawings which I drew when I was 7.Hope you like them. Feel free to comment. 1)Conan and Genta 2)Mitsuhiko and Ayumi
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