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Shinichi and Ran


[edit] Relationship analysis

Shinichi and Ran

Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo are childhood friends and each other's canonical love interest. They have been friends and playmates since kindergarten.[1] Their friendship has received some censure from Ran’s mother, Eri Kisaki, when Shinichi would convince Ran to do things that could be considered dangerous, such as walking to and from their elementary school after dark[1]. They are very close to each other: even as students in their second year of high school, they address each other by first names without any honorific. Ran is occasionally annoyed by Shinichi's obsession with Holmes, and Shinichi is a bit disturbed by Ran's ability to crack concrete when she's unhappy,[2] but they generally get along well. Prior to the storyline beginning, both seem to have been clueless about each other's feelings. However, when Ran first meets Conan (whom she's unaware is really Shinichi), she confesses that despite his flaws, she really likes Shinichi—which causes him to blush and nearly confess his real identity despite his resolution to hide it.[2]

Conan currently lives with Ran and her father, Kogoro Mouri, who is a private detective. Ran treats Conan like a little brother, including often holding his hand or hugging him, once sleeping in the same bed, and once even dragging him into a hot spring bath together (the mere memory of it gives Conan a nosebleed and a healthy fear of Ran ever discovering his true identity).[3] Conan is very protective of Ran and jealous of her receiving any attention from other guys, going so far as to admit to Eisuke Hondou that he is Shinichi in order to forbid Eisuke from asking Ran out (and eventually to go to America with him).[4]

Non-canonically, Shinichi has confessed to Ran in the 4th movie 'Captured In Her Eyes', which she mistook as his attempt to get her memory back due to him unknowingly using the same words Kogoro used to propose to Eri. Canonically, Shinichi nearly confessed to her during the Desperate Revival arc, where it was implied that if he hadn't been interrupted by a murder case and then reverting to Conan, he would have proposed.[5] Additionally, during the visit to London, Shinichi finally revealed his feelings to Ran; while she didn't explicitly respond in kind, Shinichi figured out her feelings by the way she prompted his own confession.[6]

Shinichi continues to hide his identity from Ran because if the Black Organization discovers Conan's true identity, anyone connected to Conan or Shinichi would likely be killed to maintain the Black Organization's secrecy.[7] Ran has nearly figured out that Conan is Shinichi several times in the series, but each time Conan manages to create an alibi that she'll accept, since Ran seems to prefer that Conan not be Shinichi.[8] Ran would not be in danger just for knowing the truth, but as has been seen in the series Ran's behavior toward Conan changes the more suspicious she is about whether he is Shinichi.[9] If it were confirmed, one slip could be enough to tip off the organization, and Conan will keep up the charade rather than put her in danger that way, no matter how much he wants to tell her. However, he still remains in contact with her over the phone using the Voice-Changing Bowtie, despite the inherent dangers of staying in contact.[10]

[edit] Shinichi/Conan and Ran moments

[edit] Manga/Anime

[edit] Episode 1: Roller Coaster Murder Case

  • One the way home from school, Ran is annoyed at Shinichi's glee over his fan-letters and asks why he doesn't settle on one girl to like. Shinichi looks at her with a blush but when caught by Ran, he immediately dismisses it as nothing. Later, at Tropical Land, Shinichi sees a couple kissing, and he imagines holding Ran in his arms as they confess their love to each other. Ran gets angry at his continual references to Holmes and asks why he can't understand her feelings, which makes Shinichi blush and imagine the two of them kissing.
  • As they first ascend to the top of the roller coaster, Ran grabs Shinichi's hand in anticipation of the drop, making him blush again.
  • After the murder case is solved, Shinichi runs off after the suspicious man in black. Ran attempts to chase him but her shoelace breaks, and as Shinichi disappears Ran gets a sense of foreboding that she will never see him again.

[edit] Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case

  • Ran's first reaction to the sight of Conan in disguise is to call him cute and hug him. Conan blushes because he's been pulled against her breast.
  • On the walk home, Ran asks Conan if he has a person he likes, explaining that she does. Intending to tease her, Conan asks if she is talking about Shinichi. To his surprise, she admits that she is, and that despite his faults she really likes Shinichi, but asks Conan to not tell him. This revelation causes Conan to blush furiously and almost admit his identity to her.

[edit] Episode 6: Valentine Murder Case

  • Ran is invited to a Valentine's day party; before she can decline, Sonoko accepts on both their behalf. Conan's expression clearly portrays his jealousy. Sonoko teases that Ran would have declined because of liking Shinichi, which Ran vehemently denies and says she'll go to the party after all.
  • At the Agency, Ran makes chocolates for Valentine's day. Conan asks if she will give any to Shinichi, but Ran states she forgot about him. Because Conan wants to know who Ran will give the chocolates to, if not him, he sneaks in the trunk of the car to spy on the party. He gets annoyed that Ran seems to be having fun. After a while he sneezes and is found, but the party lets him join them. He makes a minor nuisance of himself trying to "protect" Ran from the attentions of the boy who invited her to the party.
  • After the case is solved, the other boy approaches Ran and Conan as they sit on a bench. He tries to get 'his' chocolate from Ran, but Ran gets angry at the idea and scares him off. Conan picks up the box of chocolates himself and sees "Shinichi" on the card. Ran says he can eat it, since Shinichi won't mind and Conan followed her to protect her. Conan blushes and smiles, and they eat the chocolate together.

[edit] Episodes 22-23: Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case

  • When Natsue Hatamoto asks Ran if she has a boyfriend, Conan and Ran both react. Kogoro declares that Ran is too young, but Ran counters that she does like someone, checking with a darkly blushing Conan for confirmation. Natsue asks what kind of person he is, and Ran replies:
Well, he's smart, great at soccer, and you can count on him in a pinch. He's so cool!

— Ran's description of Shinichi to Natsue.

  • Her description creates an elated, but still blushing Conan.

[edit] Episodes 27-28: Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case

  • Ran drags Conan into a mixed-gender hot springs bath, despite his embarrassed protestations and attempt to avoid it. Ran tells Kogoro that they washed each other's backs and innocently assumes Conan's blush and then nosebleed at remembering the experience is due to the heat rather than hormonal, because of his apparent age. Conan privately thinks that if she ever learns his true identity, he's a dead man.

[edit] Episode 32: Coffee Shop Murder Case

  • Ran leaves for a mysterious meeting at a coffee shop early in the morning—to Conan's deep suspicion, she tells him she's meeting Shinichi. Jealous, he follows to figure who her secret date is, but the person turns out to only be Eri Kisaki.

[edit] Episodes 34-35: Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case

  • When Masaru Ohta invites Ran outside (instead of a hopeful Sonoko) to take a walk with him in the rain, a jealous Conan and Sonoko follow suit, watching them from behind bushes. Sonoko then says, "That Ran, she already has Shinichi!" To which Conan replies, in his head, That's right, that's right! Sonoko then says, "Watch out, I might just steal Shinichi away then." And Conon thinks, no that's not happening, with a deadpan look.
  • Ran asks Conan to let her sleep in his bed of their shared room, though she tries to deny that she's scared. She quickly falls asleep, and while Conan tries to continue pondering the case Ran's close proximity completely ruins his concentration. He decides to sleep rather than keep staring at Ran's lips, but isn't sure he'll be able to.
  • When the bandaged man breaks in to attack Ran, Conan gets a twisted ankle in the process of protecting her. Ran treats it and insists on carrying him around piggyback, despite his protests.
  • Masaru Ohta tries to flirt with Ran (again) by assuring her that they can defeat the murderer, prompting Conan to push between them. Ohta dismisses Conan as a brat, but Ran defends Conan and thanks him for trying to save her. Conan shoots Ohta a smug look, before sweetly smiling back at Ran for thanking him.

[edit] Episodes 39-40: The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case

  • When Conan saves Ran from attempted drowning, she mistakes Conan for Shinichi, admitting that she's happy to see him and that he came (to save her). When her eyes close again, Conan panics until he realizes she simply fell asleep.

[edit] Episode 48-49: Diplomat Murder Case

  • Conan calls Ran as Shinichi and she once again urges him to come back. He mentally complains about her contradictory behaviors and that he doesn't understand girls at all.
  • When Heiji refers to Ran as "Kudo's girl", both she and Conan blush heavily. They get mad as he reveals that Sonoko was the one telling him that Ran is probably hiding Shinichi.
  • After Shinichi returned back to his body and appeared in front of everyone, Ran cries and reproaches him, saying she was really worried. Shinichi then asks her to stop crying as "he'll be done soon".
  • After the case is solved, Ran blames Shinichi for being really close to her, yet still making her worried. Shinichi denies this by saying that she shouldn't underestimate him as a detective. He also tells her that he could deduce about her condition just by hearing her voice. Ran blushes slightly after hearing this.
  • When Shinichi begins shrinking back to Conan, he painfully expresses his regret at not being able to tell Ran anything as himself.

[edit] Episode 68-70: Night Baron Murder Case

  • Conan blushes when Ran comes out of the water in a swimsuit and changes his mind that a vacation in Izu is pointless to thinking it isn't all bad.
  • Conan is jealous of Satoru Maeda and Ran's closeness, even barging between what seems like a possible moment between them.

[edit] Episode 100-101: The Memories of First Love

  • Asami Uchida tells Ran that when Asami confessed her love to Shinichi in Junior High, Shinichi turned her down. Conan blushes as Asami relates Shinichi's reply, that he's liked someone "strong-willed and stubborn, though she cries a lot," since he was little. Sonoko realizes that Shinichi must have meant Ran, but Ran is oblivious.

[edit] Episode 118: Naniwa Serial Murder Case

  • Conan and Ran both blush when Heiji refers to Ran as "Kudo's girlfriend".
  • Conan purposefully gets between Ran and Ki'ichiro Numabuchi's knife, saving her from being stabbed. Ran panics that Conan is hurt until it is revealed that the handcuff chain in the protective charm (omamori) that Heiji gave Conan earlier caught the knife tip, and no serious damage was done.

[edit] Episode 132-134: Magic Lover's Murder Case

  • When Conan realizes that Ran might be in danger from a murderer, he runs across a burning bridge over a deep ravine, heedless of the fire starting to snap the support ropes, to be able to warn her. While still on the bridge, he shouts her name, and from inside the lodge Ran thinks she heard someone calling her. She goes outside to find Conan collapsed in the snow from so much exertion while sick. He tells her to run, just before passing out in her arms.

[edit] Episodes 153-154: Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story

  • Ran blushes heavily when Sonoko threatens to send Shinichi a phone-picture of Ran in a bikini. Sonoko also says she will send Shinichi a picture of Ran changing clothes. When it turns out to be a lie, Ran is still annoyed with Sonoko, and Conan is disappointed.

[edit] Episode 162: The Locked Room in the Sky

Shinichi couldn't fall asleep.
  • On the plane to New York when they were 15, Shinichi couldn't fall asleep because Ran was sleeping with her head on his shoulder.

[edit] Episodes 170-171: The Blind Spot In the Darkness

  • Conan is jealous at the idea that Ran might like Tomoaki Araide, particularly that she mistakenly grabbed Araide's arm rather than Kogoro's during the blackout, and she uses that evidence to confirm his alibi for his father's murder. The news that Araide is Teitan High's basketball coach and Ran sees him every day at school makes it worse, as does Araide taking Ran's hand to check if it was injured and Ran asking to have a private conversation with him.
  • Ran's conversation with Araide isn't a love confession, as Conan fears, but Ran asking to borrow Araide's sweater because she thought Shinichi would like the pattern. She uses the sweater as a guide to knit a new one for Shinichi, despite the weeks that it takes to complete the difficult pattern. Her mother asks why bother with so much work, and Ran answers, "He's working hard too, on his hard cases, without complaining". When Conan receives it via Agasa, he wears it despite how huge it is on his child's body when he calls Ran to thank her.

[edit] Episodes 172-173: The Resurrected Dying Message

  • After faking a fall on the ice-rink to separate his Conan persona from Shinichi, who helped teach Ran to ice skate, Conan blushes when Ran offers him a hand up and promises to teach him how to skate.
  • After seeing that Sonoko sent Makoto Kyogoku a phone for just the two of them to talk by, Ran comments with a wistful smile on how they're lucky. In response, Conan gives Ran a cell phone for the two of them, under the excuse that it's a thank-you present for the sweater she knit for him in Episode 171. Ran at first looks surprised or a bit confused, but then cheerfully whistles and spins the phone by its strap as she heads off.

[edit] Episode 174: The 20 Year Old Murder Case, The Symphony Serial Murders

Ran tells Conan not to leave her alone.
  • Ran worries about Conan's safety as he investigates around the cruise ship alone. When she finally finds him, she scolds him for worrying her and asks him to not run off and leave her alone. Ran explain after a moment that she gets scared searching for him on the eerie setting of the ship at night.

[edit] Episodes 188-193: The Desperate Revival Arc

  • When Conan is shot, Ran donates her own blood to save Conan's life - inadvertently revealing to Haibara her recent certainty that Conan is actually Shinichi. When Conan realizes she's waiting for him to tell her rather than confront him, he resolves to admit the truth before Haibara reminds him of the danger and gives him a way to create an alibi.
  • Due to Sonoko's meddling, Shinichi believe that the Knight he's replacing in the play is supposed to hug, and then kiss, the Princess that Ran plays. After he hugs her tightly, Shinichi and Ran nearly kiss, but are interrupted by a scream that announces a murder.
  • Shinichi invites Ran to dinner at a fancy restaurant. He appears to be on the brink of confessing when another murder occurs elsewhere in the restaurant. Shinichi attempts to ignore it and continue what he wanted to say, but Ran waves him off to solve the case first, then come back to her. Unfortunately, Shinichi turns back into Conan just after he solves the murder for Megure, and he's forced to return to Ran as Conan. Ran doesn't want to hear Conan's excuses for Shinichi leaving her again, but after seeing the tears in her eyes, Conan persists that Shinichi said,
Conan cheers up Ran.
Someday... I'll come back. Even if I die. That's why... I want you to wait for me.

— Conan "quoting Shinichi" to Ran, Episode 193

  • Ran cheers up a little at Conan's serious demeanor, and they eat dessert together. When Ran wonders what Shinichi was really going to ask her, Conan blushes and remembers that it was because this was the same restaurant where his parents became engaged.

[edit] Episode 194-195: The Significant Music Box

  • Conan looks at Ran with a sad face because he left her in the last episode

[edit] Episode 228-229: The Murderous Pottery Class

  • Sonoko claims she is making a clay cup for Makoto in her pottery class, so Makoto won't forget her and fall in love with some other woman. This makes Ran worry about Shinichi falling in love with some grieving widow while on a case. Ran decides to attend pottery class to do the same.
Ran's message to Shinichi in her mug.
  • Ran makes a clay cup, and refuses to let anyone see what she wrote on it, despite Sonoko insisting it is for Shinichi.
  • Conan, wanting to keep an eye on Ran, sneaks around pottery class, but is caught by Ran and Sonoko. Sonoko accuses Conan on spying on Ran for Shinichi to make sure Ran isn't "cheating" on him. This claim makes Conan irritated and awkward.
  • At the end of the case, Sonoko asks Ran if she sent Shinichi the cup, but Ran blushes and claims that it was a failure, and she didn't want to send it. When Conan enters Ran's room shortly after, he sees the cup, and on it painted "Super Stupid Case Fanatic". Conan thinks that this is clearly why she didn't send it but then notices that the bottom of the cup reads: "I'm waiting for you ♥". This causes Conan to turn red in embarrassment, but then he spends the rest of the afternoon so cheerful that Ran and Sonoko comment on his good mood.

[edit] Episodes 238-239: The 3 "K's" of Osaka Case

  • Ran asks Ray Curtis, a famous pro soccer goalkeeper, if he could autograph a uniform "To Shinichi". She blushes and denies Ray's question of whether Shinichi is her boyfriend, but Conan, who sees the exchange, blushes anyway at the realization that she remembered Ray was Shinichi's favorite soccer player.

[edit] Episodes 255-256:The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse

  • During a trip to Matsue, Ran and Conan visit a place call mirror pond where it is believed that if someone puts a paper on the pond and it sinks, then the person's lover is somewhere near. Ran tries to replicate the myth with her own slip of paper. As Conan helplessly watches her, stuck waiting for him, he becomes sad and thinks they shouldn't have come.

[edit] Episode 263: The Osaka Double Mystery - The Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle

  • After Kazuha mentions how much she enjoys seeing the triumphant smile and the gleam in Heiji's eye when he's solved a case, Ran admits that she, too, is happy every time she sees Shinichi's face looking like that.

[edit] Episode 268: The Truth Behind Valentine's

Conan sends a picture of sleeping Ran to her.
  • Ran makes a heart-shaped chocolate for Shinichi for Valentine's Day, but doesn't know when she'll have the chance to see him—and to her, giving a Valentine's chocolate on any other day would be meaningless. Conan surreptitiously sees her crying because she misses Shinichi. After she falls asleep covers her up with a coat and takes a picture of her on his phone, then sends it to her phone to prove that "Shinichi" had been there. He pretends over a phone call via the bow-tie that he ate the chocolate because he was hungry while waiting for her to wake up, supposedly unaware of it's significance. Ran blushes when he compliments the taste, and is happy as they talk.

[edit] Episode 270:The Forgotten Memento from the Crime

  • After Takagi mentions that someone stole the files of Kogoro's cases from the police station, Haibara reminds Conan that even though he's worried, he can't tell Ran his true identity. Haibara later says he must be happy to have received Ran's chocolate, assuming Conan told Ran of his feelings. To Haibara's surprise, he says he isn't happy because he hasn't told Ran anything. He explains by saying:
If I said how I feel about her, she would miss me even more... All this time, I've been breaking her heart by keeping her waiting, yet I still can't appear before her eyes. I never want to see her cry anymore, even if it means I no longer exist in her heart. How immature of me, right?

— Conan explaining why he can't confess his feelings to Ran: Episode 270

[edit] Episodes 286-288: Shinichi Kudo's New York Case Arc

  • Ran has collapsed at a restaurant at the end of the previous episode. Conan, in a panic, rushes over and loudly calls her name without any honorifics. As Conan tries to wake her up, Ran's eyes open a tiny bit and she sees Shinichi's face superimposed over Conan's. Just before she faints, Ran thinks to herself that whenever she was in trouble, he would always come to her rescue.
Ran realized her feelings for Shinichi.
  • In her fever-dreams, Ran remembers the trip to New York she took with Shinichi in their first year of High School. In particular, she remembers how Shinichi tried to reassure her self-doubts after a murderer claimed that Ran enabled her to commit the murder, and how he went off into the rain to find the handkerchief from actress Sharon Vineyard that Ran lost out the window of their taxi. When she tried to follow him, she encountered a serial killer, who seemed inclined to kill her but then fell off the stairwell—and when she instinctively tried to save the man, Shinichi arrived to help her pull him up. Shinichi's answered the man's demand of why they saved him is when Ran realized that the earlier murder wasn't her fault... and when she finally wakes up out of the dreams, she remembers how that night was the night she realized her feelings for Shinichi and how important he is to her.
  • When Kogoro asks about Ran's fever-mumblings about "logical mind" and "helping people" (from Shinichi's response to the killer), she blushes and tells Kogoro not to say her "important words" in Kogoro's husky voice. Conan quietly blushes himself.

[edit] Episode 309-311: Contact with the Black Organization

  • Conan is very sad that Ran cries because Shinichi is not with her and he wishes that she notices it him

[edit] Episode 354: A Small Client (Part 1)

  • Conan reminds that, the author of "Golden Demon" died while serializing it and it was left unfinished. So the two characters lost the means to attain happiness for all eternity. Conan smiles at Ran thinking to himself "in our case, I won't let it go unfinished, definitely".
  • The little client, Kazuki asks Ran to hold him in her arm which annoys Conan. When Ran holds him, Kazuki remembered that his mother had a beauty mark near her chest. Because he was smaller back then, the beauty mark might have been a bit lower. Kazuki asks Ran to hold him again but Conan was against it saying that they already know the approximate area.

[edit] Episode 411: The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 1)

  • During Detective Boys' trip on a mountain forest, Conan receives a photo of a woman in a swimsuit from Sonoko. Soon, Conan/Shinichi receives a call from Ran telling him to delete the mail he just receives. Sonoko asks Shinichi not to delete it because it is hers 'Special Sexy Shot' of Ran. Conan suffers a nose bleeding because of embarrassment. Conan lies to Ran that he will delete it which he instead immediately safes it. Soon, the Detective Boys asked Haibara to delete it which made Conan ranted.

[edit] Episode 426: Love Letter to Ran

  • Conan is jealous when Ran receives a love letter. When Sonoko teases him about him caring, he tries to refute her vehemently before conceding that he cares a little and wants to know who it's from. Conan and Sonoko both surreptiously arrive at the place where Ran is to meet her 'secret admirer', Conan arrives thinking he'll hear Ran's true feelings and wonders if they're about him, Shinichi.

[edit] Episode 429: Two People Who Can't Return (Part 1)

  • Ran tells Conan that a new transfer student wants to come over. Conan asks why that person want to visit which leaves Ran in dazed. Sonoko teases that Conan is jealous because he thinks Ran is looking for a new guy. When Conan denies it, Sonoko asks if he is planning on telling Shinichi.
  • On the way to Gunma Prefecture, Kogorou warns Eisuke not to pass his cold to Ran. Ran ensures that it is okay because she feels warm from hugging Conan which makes Conan blushes.
  • Eisuke slips on the ground and hurts his elbow which worries Ran. As Ran is going to treat his wound, Conan is a step forward and heals Eisuke's wound with his saliva. However, Ran persists that Eisuke should use a bandage. The jealous Conan takes the bandage from Ran and asks Eisuke to do it himself.

[edit] Episode 473: Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure

Ran want to be called Ran by Shinichi.
  • Conan shares the story of the adventure he and Ran had in the past. While solving the code, Professor Agasa said that he glads seeing Shinichi and Ran hang out together. It has been a while since the two of them getting along. He had not seen those two together which left him in worry because he thought Ran and Shinichi gotten into a fight.
  • At the end of their adventure, Shinichi presumed the code means sunset and enjoyed the sunset with Ran. Shinichi mistakenly called Ran by her first name and changed it to 'Mouri' which upset Ran. Ran wanted Shinichi to call her Ran and Shinichi agreed to it.

[edit] Episode 490: Heiji Hattori vs. Shinichi Kudo: Deduction battle on the Ski Slope

  • Ran and Shinichi both blush when Sonoko teases them about skiing together.

[edit] Episode 508: The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 2)

  • Eisuke Hondou, after asking if Conan knows how to get in contact with Shinichi, declares that he loves Ran and wants to take her to America, and that he wants to ask Shinichi for his permission to confess his feelings. Conan, with a very serious look, declares that Eisuke is not allowed to.

[edit] Episode 511: Deduction Showdown! Shinichi vs. Subaru Okiya

  • At the end Shinichi becomes worried for Ran's safety.
"...Something like that. At that moment this reckless rescuer's safety was all that was on my mind.

— Shinichi thinking about Ran.

[edit] Episode 522: Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears

  • After watching Shinichi's strange behavior over the previous episode, Ran cries because it feels Shinichi is still missing, even though supposedly he's close enough to reach out and touch. When it is revealed that the supposedly amnesiac Shinichi was in fact a disgruntled young man from one of the real Shinichi's early cases, Ran is immensely relieved.
  • When Ran realizes that Shinichi, as the temporary "monster" of the forest who treated her wounds, must have seen her underwear to properly bandage her thigh, she blushes deeply and is annoyed at Shinichi. He is blushing as well, and argues that he didn't have a choice.

[edit] Episode 523: What She Truly Wants to Ask

  • During the drive home, another murder occurs that Shinichi and Heiji are going off to investigate—Ran tries to stop Shinichi from leaving her by grabbing his hand. Shinichi reassures her that he'll come back, and blushes as he adds, "I'm sure the question you wanted to ask is the same is mine."
  • He starts turning back into Conan at the end of the case, but when he tries to leave, Ran grabs his hand and refuses to let go. The wristwatch dart knocks her out to keep the transformation secret, but even in her sleep she won't let go of Shinichi/Conan's hand. Since they were in Agasa's car at the time, Conan had to rip and sew back the seams of his shirt to change his clothes while still holding Ran's hand.

[edit] Episode 532-535: The Scar that Evokes the Past

  • Ran asks Conan to go to the bathroom together since it has been a while since they washed each other's back. Conan becomes embarrassed and said that he did not have any clothes to change. As he was going to accept Ran's offer, Ran already decided not to go.

[edit] Episode 554: Stork Mystery Tour

  • Kogoro and Ran take the Detective Boys to an onsen in Kinosaki, Hyōgo so Conan can heal his sprained ankle. Conan remembers back how he sprained his ankle. While going down the stairs, Conan witnessed Ran and Aradei-sensei having a walk and chatting together. He missed his step and eventually fell from the stairs.
  • After meeting with Heiji, Heiji guessed that Conan was paying too much attention to Ran until he sprained his ankle which Conan denies it in embarrassment.

[edit] Episode 576: The Alibi of the Black Dress

  • Ran and Sonoko go to shop for gothic clothes and drag Kogoro and Conan with them. Despite a murder case, they still decide to dress up together. Ran shows Conan her dress and asks whether it looks weird. Conan instantly turns red and thinks to himself that Ran looks very cute.

[edit] Episode 592-593: The Detective Memoir of Monkey and Rake

  • Flashback on the Shiragami case where Ran wanted to ask Shinichi what he thought of her.
  • Due to a Rooster Day festival love fortune that says to act a 'proper woman' and forgo 'tomboyish' behavior to capture her desired love, Ran decides not to use her karate on two occasions that could defend either herself or other.
  • Later, Ran's actual love fortune is revealed when a culprit is about to attack her with a knife. The fortune tells her to stay just as she is to "capture the heart of her brilliant-minded man". After hearing her real fortune, Ran easily takes care of her attacker. Sonoko finds the fortune open and reads it aloud; Conan is seen blushing in the back ground.

[edit] Episode 608-609: White Day of Betrayal

  • On White Day, Sonoko and Sato expect return chocolates from Makoto and Takagi, but Eri and Ran expect nothing from Kogoro or Shinichi. At a party, Ran's palm is read; she is told that her marriage line is Y-shaped, which means she is not able to bond with Shinichi because of numerous obstacles. However, there is a good chance that they will get reunited at the end of a dramatic event. She tells Ran not to argue too much with Shinichi.
  • After the case is over , Ran and Conan are heading home where they see Sato and Eri receiving White Day gifts. Ran tries to not expect anything from Shinichi, but when even Sonoko receives a gift from Makoto, Ran can't help but be disappointed. Conan, seeing her crying, directs her attention to an envelope at the door—to her surprise, there are cough drops from Shinichi with a letter that she sounded a bit sick over the phone so he sent them for her to get better. Ran eats them, happy to have a sign that her feelings were received.

[edit] Episode 617: Holmes's Revelation (Love is Zero)

Shinichi and ran.jpg
  • After calling Shinichi for help with a case, Ran realizes that his previously blasé attitude about her being in London is because he apparently is also in London and didn't tell her. Angry that he didn't tell her, after all the effort she put into wanting to bring him pictures and souvenirs, Ran tracks him down and corners him in a phone booth, not realizing that Conan is the one hiding inside. To keep his identity secret, Conan takes his second temporary antidote and greets her as Shinichi. She tearfully confronts him over his behavior, but when she inadvertently mentions Minerva Glass, Shinichi seems more interested in what she knows about the case. He tells her to calm down, prompting Ran to demand,
If you're a detective, you should be able to deduce what's in my heart! Idiot!

— Ran to Shinchi, for not figuring out why she was sad and angry, Episode 617.

[edit] Episode 621: Holmes's Revelation (Zero is Start)

Shinichi confesses his feelings for Ran.
  • Shinichi chases Ran as she runs away, still crying, and catches up to her under Big Ben. In answer to her previous confession, he declares:
You're a tough, troublesome case, you know! With all these distracting emotions... Even if I were Holmes it'd still be impossible to figure out! The heart of a woman whom one loves... How can anyone accurately deduce that?

— Shinichi's confession, Episode 621.

[edit] Episode 625-626:The Screaming Operation Room

  • Sonoko, hearing from Ran that Shinichi confessed to her, thinks that under the circumstances of the situation Ran forced him to confess, and that because she didn't tell him she loved him too Shinichi probably thinks she rejected him. Conan hears Sonoko and thinks to himself, with a blush, that he knows Ran loves him because of the way she made him confess in return.

[edit] Episode 646-647:Deduction Showdown at the Haunted Hotel

  • When Sonoko asks Ran whether she gives yet the answer to Shinichi's confession in London, Ran becomes shy saying that she feels uneasy talking to Shinichi directly. Much to Sonoko's annoyance, Sonoko tells that Shinichi might be depressed thinking Ran already has someone else in her heart and cries until his tears is used up. Conan said to himself that he is not like that.
  • When a pervert touched Sonoko's butt, Ran mistaken the guy in the blue hat as a pervert. She apologizes to that guy and he forgives her saying she is his type. Conan becomes panic. After hearing that the guy is also heading to Haido Hotel, Conan though to himself that he better not making that up.

[edit] Episode 648-650:The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency

  • At Professor Agasa's house, Detective Boys mention that they saw Ran with a guy they don't know. They are unsure if that guy is actually a girl or not. Haibara asks Conan to check it out after watching Conan's worried face.

[edit] Episode 652-655:The Design of Poison and Mirage

  • When Heiji told Kazuha that Yui might have already confessed to Kansuke without telling her, Ran and Conan got reminded of Shinichi's confession, causing both to blush deeply.
  • Upon hearing that Shinichi has confessed to Ran, Kazuha told Ran to give a final push to claim 'victory' by confessing her feelings to him.

[edit] Movies

[edit] Movie 1: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

Conan and Ran (and Shinichi)
  • After rushing into a collapsed building intent on saving Ran, Conan (as Shinichi via cellphone) walks her through disarming a time bomb located where she's trapped alone. A red and blue wire are unaccounted for in the blueprints Conan has for it, so he tells her to just cut her favorite color, which is red. Right before the bomb is set to go off, Conan realizes that he's instructed Ran to cut the detonator wire but there's no time to tell her. However, the bomb doesn't go off because Ran cut the blue wire instead—to her, red is her and Shinichi's lucky color, and cutting the red wire would have been like cutting the 'red thread of fate' that connects them together.
Don't worry. I'll stay here until you cut it. If we die, we die together.

— Conan to Ran, waiting for her to cut the last wire, Movie 1

[edit] Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target

Conan and Ran "kissing"
  • When a bomb goes off inside the underwater restaurant, Conan realizes that Ran is nowhere to be seen above the rising water. He grabs an empty wine bottle and dives after her, to discover that her foot was trapped by a car that had been on display in the restaurant. When he uses the bottle to give her air, Ran thinks she sees Shinichi at first before realizing that it's Conan. Conan tries to move the car, but gets trapped himself and runs out of air. Ran gives Conan a 'kiss' of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and faints again when he revives from having sacrificed all of her air. However, Conan is able to quickly free himself and then use the Elasticity Suspenders to lever the car off and get them both back to the surface. Ran recovers and thanks Conan, causing him to blush.
  • When the culprit is identified he grabs the still-unrecovered Ran as a hostage and orders Conan to bring him Inspector Shiratori's gun. Conan does so, but only to take aim and graze Ran in the leg to make her a useless hostage, and so save her. As he does, Ran sees an echo of Shinichi in Conan, and she believes that Shinichi would have done the same in that situation. Ran tells Kogoro that she'd held the Ace of Spades card the culprit had intended to represent Shinichi while she was hostage, and she'd felt like Shinichi was protecting her. Conan recalls the air she gave him earlier and thinks to himself that he was the one who was saved.

[edit] Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century

Conan about to admit he's Shinichi
  • When the assassin Scorpion attempts to kill Ran, Conan yells Ran's name (without Conan's -neechan) and bodily knocks her out of the way. Ran sees an overlay of Shinichi for a moment when he does.
  • After the events in the castle, Ran confronts Conan over whether he is Shinichi. With no way to fool her, Conan recalls his earlier fortune that "A secret will be revealed", and resigns himself to telling the truth. He's saved only by the appearance of Kaitou Kid disguised as Shinichi, but Kid walks back out while Ran hurries to get him a dry shirt, and vanishes back into the rain just as she runs out after him. Ran angrily threatens to karate-chop Shinichi the next time she sees him for just walking away without saying goodbye, and Conan decides that for the time being he's better off not telling her that he's Shinichi.

[edit] Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes

Conan's confession to Ran
  • Via flashback, Ran and Shinichi share a moment together at Tropical Land—Shinichi surprises Ran with being in the center of a water fountain display, part of his gift for her winning the karate tournament. When they attempt to toast with sodas after the performance ends, the carbonation produced from when they were running to arrive at the fountain on time causes the drinks to soak them both, to their mutual amusement.
  • During Ran's bout of trauma-induced amnesia, Conan saves her from being run over by a train by jumping down onto the tracks where she'd been pushed and dragging her to safety in the nick of time.
  • While running together from the culprit through Tropical Land, Ran asks Conan why he keeps protecting her. Conan smiles at her replies, "Because I love you. I love you more than anyone else in this world."
  • A soda in Ran's backpack gets hit by a bullet and starts to fizz out, causing Conan to remember the events in the flashback above. He lures the culprit to the fountain just in time for another performance, and the sight of the gun poking through the wall of water triggers Ran's memory of the culprit shooting Detective Sato through a hole cut in a clear plastic umbrella. As her memory returns, the first two images are of Shinichi at Tropical Land the first time announcing the start of the fountain display, and then Conan, laughing.
  • Conan disarms and seemingly knocks out the culprit with a kicked soda can. Ran says his name, and just from the way she speaks he realizes that her memory is back, taking him off guard. The culprit seizes the chance to grab Conan and is about to stab him with a knife, but Ran kicks the knife in half to protect Conan and proceeds to knock the culprit flat.

[edit] Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven

Ran and Conan about to jump
  • Ran and Conan are trapped high up in the bombed and burning hi-rise Tower A, forced to 'bungee jump' with a fire hose to the lower floors to reach safety. Ran hesitates at the edge, but Conan's encouragement give her the impetus to take the risk, and they land safely together.
  • Conan goes back into the building after the trapped Detective Boys, and is forced to gamble with using the remaining time bombs set to go off to provide enough lift to fly a car from the height of Tower A to the rooftop pool of shorter Tower B. During Conan's phone call explaining his plan, he promises a worried Ran that he'll survive and come back to her.

[edit] Movie 6: Phantom of the Baker Street

Ran's sacrifice
  • Much of the virtual Victorian London, and Conan's behavior within it, remind Ran of Shinichi. Her memory of Shinichi quoting Sherlock Holmes, that Holmes would happily die if it meant stopping Moriarity, leads her to sacrifice her (virtual) self to allow Conan to survive and complete the simulation in order to save everyone trapped in the game.
If I were assured of your eventual destruction I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept my own.

— Shinichi to Ran and Ran to Conan, both quoting Holmes to Moriarty, Movie 6

[edit] Movie 7: Crossroad of the Ancient Capital

Shinichi and Ran in the woods
  • Conan reminisces to Heiji a time prior to his shrinking when he accidentally forgot a promise to meet with Ran, and arrived two hours late. Rather than be angry, Ran was relieved that Shinichi was all right. Heiji suggests that Shinichi realized his feelings for her then, but Conan thinks to himself that he knew she was more than a childhood friend much earlier.
  • As Ran runs through the woods, worried about Conan, Shinichi grabs her to prevent her from being found by enemies. Her happiness and relief at seeing him reminds Shinichi of the other time she waited, and he smiles. When he knocks her out to prevent her from seeing him revert to Conan, he catches her in a hug.

[edit] Movie 8: The Magician of the Silver Sky

Conan talking to Ran as Shinichi to assist her
  • When Kid impersonates Shinichi, Conan is particularly annoyed by his friendliness with Ran and tries to interfere, even acting like a little kid to do so.
  • While trying to land a pilot-less plane, Ran is overwhelmed by the pressure of responsibility for the lives of everyone on board. Conan has Sonoko replace him as co-pilot, and uses the ship's comm system to talk with Ran's headset as Shinichi. He promises to protect her and guide her through a safe landing. Ran objects at his carefree confidence, and how he's never more than a voice when she needs him, and if he does appear he leaves again to leave her behind… which she hates because she really likes him (好き suki). Before Conan can reply, they are interrupted by the chance to land the plane safely.
  • After the landing, Kid checks on Ran in the disguise of a Medic, and compliments her on the landing. When Conan calls Ran's phone as Shinichi, she's convinced herself, to her relief, that the 'Shinichi' that helped guide her through the landing and seemed to be there on the plane with her (close enough that she heard Conan yell during turbulence) was Kid, and her secret is safe. Shinichi asks about the secret, but she tells him to deduce it, since he's a detective. Shinichi demands how he could, and she replies that he should arrest Kid and ask him, then. The movie ends with Shinichi protesting.

[edit] Movie 9: Strategy Above the Depths

Ran teasing Conan
  • Ran, Sonoko, Conan, and the Detective Boys play hide-and-seek. Conan initially doesn't want to play, but when Ran mentions that his refusal is just like Shinichi once did, he immediately changes his mind. During the game Conan is distracted by a volleyball, and after it ends Ran announces that she knew it was Conan. She taps him on the nose with a smile, causing him to blush.
  • Ran tells Sonoko about a time when she and Shinichi were in first grade, and during a game of hide-and-seek she got stuck in a storage area in the school's gym. When no one could find her, Shinichi, who had originally refused to play, easily deduced where Ran had hid based on his observations of her. When he explained how he knew, Ran declared that he was always taking care of her, causing young Shinichi to blush, deny it, and run off. In the present, Ran blushes and smiles at the memory, then blushes more when Sonoko declares that Ran thinks only Shinichi can find her, and uses young Shinichi's denial that the blush is only the sunset.
  • After Ran is trapped on the sinking cruiser, Conan has a feeling that he's in danger of losing something he can never get back. Alone, Ran asks Shinichi to find her, just like last time. Conan realizes she's under the deck, and rescues her with Kogoro. A helicopter comes to provide an airlift, but an antenna prow hits them as they rise and Conan drops back to the ship. On the last chance to be rescued, Conan jumps and misses Kogoro's hand, but Ran grabs him before he can fall, saving his life.

[edit] Movie 10: The Private Eyes' Requiem

Heiji teasing Conan about Ran
  • Kogoro's client holds Ran and the Detective Boys' lives hostage to force the cooperation of Kogoro and Conan (whom the client knows is Shinichi due to computer analysis of fingerprints, but not that he's currently Conan due to being nearly blind and Conan using the bowtie). Conan promises to solve the case and begs for the release of the hostages, but the client's only reply is to mention how painful it is to lose a loved one, and Shinichi should do his best to prevent that outcome.
  • Conan fractures his leg during the case, and Heiji teases him after the danger passes that the best medicine for Conan is to be carried piggyback by Ran. Conan blushes deeply and swipes at Heiji from where Ran is carrying him while Heiji laughs.

[edit] Movie 11: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

Shinichi came to lend Ran the umbrella
  • Ran and Sonoko go diving while the Detective Boys and Conan go treasure hunting. Partway through, Haibara informs Conan she saw a bleeding figure in a wetsuit carried out of a boat that left the diving area. Conan immediately abandons everything to rush to the island's clinic, arriving out of breath to discover with relief that Ran remains unhurt.
  • Treasure hunters kidnap Ran and Sonoko to help them reach some hidden treasure supposedly belonging to legendary pirates Anne Bonnie and Mary Read. Agasa doesn't even try to dissuade Shinichi from to rescue Ran, and Conan arrives with his inflatable soccer ball just in the nick of time to save them from being shot. When they try to escape the underwater cave, an earthquake causes it to start flooding. Conan gives Sonoko and Ran mini airtanks given by Agasa, and lies that he has a third in his pocket when Ran asks how he'll breathe. His face gives Ran a flashback to a memory of Shinichi, and when the ship bearing them to the surface floods, Ran uses her minitank to give Conan oxygen after he passes out from lack of air. After the police and Kogoro rescue them, Conan asks how Ran knew he didn't really have a tank. Ran explains that in middle school, Shinichi lent her an umbrella during a surprise rainstorm and promised he had a second in his schoolbag. He didn't, and ended up catching a cold, and Conan's expression reminded Ran of Shinichi's back then, which convinced her that Conan was lying.

[edit] Movie 12: Full Score of Fear

Ran and Shinichi was listening to Amazing Grace
  • When the concert hall's outer pillars are bombed, Conan first concern is whether Ran is safe. When he and Reiko Akinawa managed to enter the hall, Conan checks for himself that Ran is undisturbed due to the hall being soundproofed and silently begs her to wait for him.
  • To prevent the final explosions, triggered by pressing a certain organ key enough times, Reiko interrupts the current performance by singing "Amazing Grace". Ran realizes the song is familiar, and she recalls a time in Middle School when she and Shinichi heard a similar performance while walking home from school together—just hearing it was enough to make the argument between them at the time forgiven and forgotten.[11]
  • After the culprit was caught and the day was saved, Ran heard a distant violin rendition of "Amazing Grace" and searches for the musician, expecting to find Shinichi. She finds Conan holding a violin instead, and he tells her that Shinichi had been there to play the song but already left. Ran declares she knew it was Shinichi, because he has a particular habit when he plays the violin. Conan is surprised, and later plays the violin alone in his house's study, trying to figure out what the distinctive mannerism is.

[edit] Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

  • Irish has the upper hand in a fight with Conan when Ran dives in to the rescue, despite an injured Conan telling her to run. Irish threatens her with a gun, but to protect Conan, Ran remembers a lecture Shinichi gave on how someone could try to dodge a bullet, and has the confidence to try and succeed. Irish still nearly manages to beat her in hand to hand after she's shocked to see his disguise rip, until Conan calls encouragement in Shinichi's voice and distracts him.
  • In the aftermath, Conan informs Ran that Shinichi already left, but that he finished the one dangerous case Conan earlier used as an excuse for her to not call him and that she 'could call him again'. At Ran's narrowed eyes, Conan quickly corrects himself to say Shinichi specifically asked her to call, and Ran smiles and says just hearing Shinichi's voice is enough for now, since there are other people who also can only meet once a year (the myth of Orihime and Hikoboshi).

[edit] Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky

  • Due to a gamble by Kaitou Kid after Ran deduces his identity despite a disguise, Ran spends most of the movie believing that Shinichi is and has always been Kid. When Sonoko fantasized about receiving a kiss from Kid, Ran blushes and strongly objects but refuses to explain why.
  • When Conan gets thrown out of the blimp by the head terrorist, Ran nearly dives after him, only stopping when the still-disguised Kid goes out the window before she can reach it. She whispers Shinichi's name as she watches them fall, and is very relieved when it becomes clear that Kid succeeded in saving Conan.
  • After Ran believes she is infected with the terrorists' deadly virus, she tries to keep Conan away from her to keep him safe until he happily explains that the 'virus' is a reaction to lacquer, and she's safe.
  • After the danger is over, Ran finds 'Shinichi' and begs him to stop stealing, going so far as to embrace Kid from behind. Kid implies that he'll do it for her, for a kiss, and she willingly goes along until Kid puts his hand on her butt – proving to her that Kid is not Shinichi. When Conan tries to figure out what Kid did, she only blushes and tells him that Kid did something Shinichi would never do, which Conan doesn't get.

[edit] Movie 15: Quarter of Silence

Ran begs just-rescued Conan to wake up
  • While browsing the inn's souvenir shop with Conan and the Detective Boys, Sonoko convinces Ran to call Shinichi about what souvenir he would like from there. Conan runs outside before his phone can ring, only to be forced to hide behind a nearby tree because Ran also walks out to make the call. She wishes Shinichi could be there to see the way the trees have been illuminated in the dark, and she unknowingly shares a moment with Conan as he appreciates them as well. Conan writes the souvenir options she gives him in the snow and circles his choice, but then forgets to erase it as he runs off to try to keep Genta, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko out of mischief. Ran discovers the list and wonders if Shinichi came to the lodge too, without telling her.
  • Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Agasa, Takehiko Muto, Mizuki Tono, and two dam workers watch from a car as Conan succeeds in causing an avalanche to try to save the village from the approaching flood. As he tries to outrace the snow on his snowboard, Ran screams for him to "LOOK OUT!", which Conan, impossibly, hears. He sees her worried face in the distance and thinks her name just before the avalanche overtakes him. As the 15-minute mark that denotes a poor prognosis for an avalanche victim approaches, Ran calls Conan's cell and digs until her fingers bleed. Unsuccessful, she tries to call Shinichi's phone as a last desperate gamble, since she thought he was in the village area. The ring-tone pulls Conan back to consciousness, and he signals his location with the soccer ball belt. Ran digs him free and pulls him into a hug, crying for him to wake up, which he manages to do with a weak smile.

[edit] Openings

Clips are often re-used between openings - only the first instance will be mentioned. Clip shows of episodes mentioned above are omitted.


  • Ran nearly falls to her death, but Conan manages to save her and then smiles in relief.
  • Ran tightly hugs Conan from behind, and his shocked expression is mirrored by the background image of Shinichi's face.


  • When Ran answers the phone, she starts to cry from relief, and continues to look worried as Conan talks to her via his bowtie as Shinichi.


  • Ran is taken hostage by the "faceless culprit", but Conan frees her by kicking a soccer ball in the culprit's face.
  • The image of Shinichi and Conan on opposite sides of a mirror zooms out to reveal Ran illuminated only by the glowing mirror, which she clasps in her hands against her chest.


  • Ran runs after Shinichi, who is standing with his back to her in the distance, but is interrupted by the appearance of Conan running toward her. He trips, and she catches him in her arms and then smiles toward where Shinichi had been, with Shinichi's face in the background.


  • Ran kneels in the rain in front of newly-shrunken Conan, with Shinichi's house in the background, and reaches out as if to touch Conan's face.


  • While talking with their friends at school, Ran and Conan each look up as if aware of each other, despite the distance between then.


  • A vortex pulls Ran and Conan apart, even as they reach and call out for each other.


  • A photograph of Shinichi drifts down to overlap with a photograph of Ran; they both react with surprise at seeing each other.


  • Shinichi's hand tightens around Ran's, which she remembers alone on a bench with a melancholy smile as she holds the hand to her chest, and Shinichi recalls alone on a street at night and leans against the wall in frustration.


  • Conan reaches out and calls for a melancholy Ran as she is moved away from him. He continues to run after, and turns into Shinichi calling and reaching for her.
  • Ran turns to see Conan and happily goes to meet him. Conan has removed his glasses and bowtie when she kneels down in front of him, but to his surprise she replaces the glasses and smiles at him.


  • Conan runs through a maze of stairs look for Ran, only to trip and fall when he turns and sees her standing below, but she raises her arms with a smile to catch him.
  • Ran and Shinichi meet on a beach, and Shinichi says something with a soft, fond expression.
  • Conan runs through Tropical Land and spots Ran riding the Ferris wheel alone, in the clothes she wore on the day Shinichi shrank. She glances at the empty spot beside her sadly.
  • At night, surrounded by fireflies, Shinichi carries Ran as she sleeps. When she wakes up, he smiles at her.


  • Ran leans against a wall in her room, talking with Shinichi on his cellphone. Rather than him walking through the streets like she imagines, however, it's Conan on his bowtie in the other room, leaning against the same wall.
  • Conan "wakes" from the memory of how he shrank to see Ran smiling at him, holding his hand as they walk to her home from Agasa's, as in Episode 2.
  • Ran runs through falling autumn leaves after Shinichi, but he vanishes into thin air as she tries to hug him. Her disappointment is interrupted by Conan, who smiles at her.


  • Conan meets up with Ran as the sky finally clears of rain and smiles. Shinichi is shown between them as they look at each other.


  • At a train station with Kogoro and Kazuha, Ran gets a surprise call from Shinichi, and blushes when Kazuha notices. At the other end, Conan uses his bowtie to talk as Shinichi, than stops at Heiji's teasing grin and turn around with a faint blush.
  • Conan runs off, and when Ran reaches after him she's reminded of how Shinichi similarly went off and then disappeared.


  • Ran smiles as she speaks to Shinichi on the phone, who is actually Conan with his bowtie.
  • Back-to-back, Ran and Conan watch shooting stars fall and then glance over at each other and smile.
  • Shinichi and Ran stand beneath Big Ben in London, as seen in Episodes 616 and 621. Conan appears in the sky above, watching.

[edit] Endings


  • Conan and Ran have tea in London with just the two of them.


  • Standing at the edge of a field, Ran loses her hat to the wind and runs after it. When she realizes that it came to rest at Shinichi's feet, she smiles, and although by the time she reaches him he's become Conan, they smile at each other as he offers her hat back.


  • A framed photograph of Ran and Shinichi together in their high school uniforms sits on Ran's desk.
  • Shinichi and Ran watch the sunset together, surrounded by cherry trees.
  • Ran stands in the falling snow outside Shinichi's house, looking melancholy, but her face lights up when someone unseen covers her head with an umbrella. Ran falls asleep writing in her diary about the incident, with the aforementioned photograph beside her. The last image is Conan alone, holding the closed umbrella across his shoulders and smiling.


  • Shinichi's face is covered by a hand, but vanishes from beneath it. The hand is revealed to be Ran's, and she hugs it close to her chest, looking vulnerable and sad.


  • Ran and Shinichi are spotlit amid darkness, walking sadly in opposite directions. Ran abruptly stops and turns as if called, and sees Shinichi smiling at her for a moment before he turns into Conan, still smiling.


  • A montage of photographs show Ran smiling and blushing faintly when she sees Shinichi fall asleep in class, and she holds onto Shinichi's arm at a skating rink. Shinichi and Ran pose together in a park, but as the scene turns into a photo Shinichi turns into Conan standing beside Ran.


  • A red shroud covering Conan is blown off by the wind, allowing Ran to see him, and she smiles; in the background behind Conan as they face each other, Shinichi's face fades in with a soft smile of his own.


  • Ran turns around to see Shinichi as the Knight from the play. He removes the helmet to give her a smile. She runs toward him with a delighted look, but then runs right through him - when she turns around, Conan stands in Shinichi's place and smiles.


  • Young Shinichi helps young Ran get the momentum up for a bike that she can pedal on her own, then jumps onto the back; later young Ran admires young Shinichi as he practices juggling his soccer ball.


  • Ran walks alone through the falling snow, until she sees Conan. The smile at each other, with Shinichi in the background.


  • Ran sits on a swing with a daisy, pulling petals in the classic 'he loves me, he loves me not' manner. On the last petal, she looks disappointed, but suddenly Conan presents a full bouquet of daisies with a smile.


  • Ran stands in the falling snow, and Shinichi appears with an umbrella. She smiles, and covers his hand with hers to help hold the umbrella. As they walk through the street, she pulls herself closer in toward Shinichi, so that it covers both of them better. Shinichi looks surprised for a moment, then smiles at her.


  • Ran sits in her room at night, looking at her phone, while Conan sits against a building elsewhere in the city. Conan's bow-tie turns into a butterfly and flies toward the Agency with him chasing after it. As the sun rises, the butterfly alights on Ran's open phone and reverts back to being a bow-tie just as the picture Shinichi took of her when he picked up her Valentine's chocolate shows up on the phone's screen.


  • Ran dreams of running through a large hall, chasing after the shadow of Shinichi. She finds him hiding behind a large Ace of Spades, and silhouetted behind the card Shinichi offers his hand, which Ran takes.


  • Ran finds a bottle washed up on the beach. When she opens it, a fairy turns into Conan and offers her his hand. Together, they fly off on the magic skateboard toward the moon.

[edit] Trivia

  • Fans sometimes call the Shinichi-Ran couple "ShinRan".
  • Shinichi realized that he liked Ran first—no later than Junior High—while Ran first realized her feeling during the trip to New York in the first year of High School.
  • Both can play an instrument very well (Ran with the piano and Shinichi with violin), though Shinichi demonstrates an inability to read sheet music in Episode 11.
  • Shinichi and Ran are the first (and most important) couple in Detective Conan to be introduced as childhood friends who developed strong romantic feelings for each other. Others shown since then include: Kaito and Aoko, Heiji and Kazuha, Kogoro and Eri, Takagi and Sato, Agasa and Fusae, Shiratori and Sumiko, and Chiba and Naeko.

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