Soshi Okita

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Soshi Okita

Soshi Okita Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 沖田 総司
(Okita Sōshi)
Age: Unknown (second grader of senior high school)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Okita Sōji I (ancestor)
Occupation: Kyoto Senshin High School student
First appearance: Manga: File 314
Anime: Episode 263
Appearances: Chapters: 3
Chapters: 10
Episodes: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 94

Soshi Okita VI (六代目 沖田 総司 Rokudaime Oikita Sōshi?) is one of the final antagonists of the Yaiba manga. He is the grandson of the historical Okita Sōji. He appears in Yaiba manga chapters 248-250. Due to the Yaiba anime ending about halfway through the manga's story, his first anime appearance was in Detective Conan's episode 263.


[edit] About

Soshi Okita is a participant in the Oda Nobunaga tournament who has a very laid back attitude. He made a promise with his grandfather that he could quit practicing kendo if he won the tournament. Soshi disliked kendo because he found it too easy. He encounters Yaiba in the fourth round when Yaiba trips over him while he is sleeping in the grass. When the two fought, it was clear that Soshi was the better fighter. Yaiba refused to give up and his death termination eventually led Soshi to forfeit the match. Soshi then decides that he will continue to practice kendo.

[edit] Appearances in Detective Conan

In The Naniwa Swordsman Case (Episode 263), during a kendo tornament in Osaka, Heiji is seen hiding in the restroom reserving his energy for a fight against Soshi in the finals. He claims that Soshi must be sleeping behind the gym somewhere doing the same thing. In a previous tournament Soshi had managed to cut Heiji behind his ear, which started bleeding heavily and the field doctor ended the match. This time a murder case occurs and prevents Heiji from participating. While Kazuha is watching the matches, she sees Soshi win against one of his opponents. Once the case is solved, Heiji and Kazuha see their defeated teammates leaving, realizing they had missed the final match.

In the Kendo Tournament Murder Case, a kendo tournament is held in Tokyo. While watching the matches Kazuha explains to Conan and Ran that Heiji's team had lost in the team competition the day before, but now in the individuals tournament Heiji might have a chance if only Soshi hadn't shown up. While Conan and Ran are looking for a bathroom, they encounter a murder victim. Minutes later Soshi walks up and introduces himself.

[edit] Techniques

  • Five-piece thrust

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Okita's appearance in Detective Conan episode 263.
Soshi Okita in Detective Conan.